The perfect physical space for The Play of Freedom is called a Transformance Space. Interactive performance theatres have already begun to evolve toward this design, though none has yet created the full multisensory Transformance environment.

      Imagine a theater where you don't have to stay in a seat for two hours.  You can pick any spot, and you can move around during the show. It's easy to go where you want, since the room has no furniture, except for some movable platforms and small seating spaces.

     You don't just sit in the dark, passively watching actors who move in bright light, on a stage so far away that you may need binoculars to see the players' faces. You?re about to meet your Guides: the actors who will lead you through the Play.

     You’re invited to be a co-creator of the Play, to move and sing with everyone else as you create this unique multisensory experience together.

Welcome to the Transformance Space.

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       You'll hear it as you enter the lobby, check your shoe bag and look at the 3D pictures in your program. You're already getting through transducers in the floor, as well as from speakers, the sound frequencies that help you feel lighter, ready to open and play.  You?ll feel the energy of the Transformance Space the moment you enter the room. It'll be hard not to move as the vibrations of music and sound come up through the soles of your feet and go right up your spine to fill your whole body.

         You'll see it as light fills the space, and your guides enter in  luminescent costumes, each one a moving play of light. You'll be amazed as lasers and video images draw domes and pyramids around you, and the mythic images of the story -- whales and dolphins, lions and eagles, dragons and angels -- appear as moving 3D light images that invite you to run, swim and soar with them.

         The play could open this way: a welcoming circle leads to low-frequency percussion and red light that swirls through the space as the center of the room begins to vibrate more strongly, causing the guides to lead the audience out toward the sides of the room as a 3D image of a volcano rises out of the floor. When the Transformance Space is ready, almost any visual effect will be available to live and active audiences.

         The show will be brilliant, but the main effect will be within, and the audience is taken through related frequencies of sound, color, aroma, flavor, movement and sacred geometry, so that when the show is done the chakra columns of the audience will all be opened and tuned, and the audience will achieve a cathartic state of elation. The show works again and again because it is great fun for the audience.



Copyright 2002 Dan Furst


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