Theatre 2011 is indeed, as it appears to be, a spaceship in the shape of a merkaba. It is included here to show one of the vehicles designed to carry  The Play of Freedom.

(Click on Theatre 2011 Craft for full-screen close-up)


As shown here, the basic design of the space is simple:

  • The inner sphere contains geometric planes on which guides and co-creators will move on magnetized shoes.
  • The outer sphere provides open space where those who are not now in the center of the show can enter, exit, join and watch the show.

   This design suggests a space in which a weightless audience can see the show from any angle they choose. The audience can go anywhere by pulling themselves along and between the plastic/metal tubes.

    These tubes are not only banisters for the audience. Inside is a laser, whose beam intersects with others to form glowing balls of light and holographic images that will light the space from within, thereby freeing us from problems in communication between actors who are in the light and viewers who are in the dark. As one of the main themes of The Play of Freedom is the journey into light, it is essential that everyone in the show who chooses to be in the light will get there.

     The technologies to build the ship, based on counter-rotating fields of electrical and magnetic energies, are understood. The only obstacle to doing it quickly is a lack of agreement on whether a theatre spaceship has promise or value.
    The Play of Freedom is based on a belief that as humanity begins to move beyond the Earth, one thing we will choose to take with us is theatre, if not only for the clarity, health and pleasure that it brings us, but also because we shall need stages on which we can interact in the imaginary realm with other civilizations from other star systems and other dimensions of perception and experience. Theatre 2011 is designed to fill that need.


Copyright 2002 Dan Furst


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