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For Sacred Sounds in Egypt, 2009: See below.

All over our planet, people who play various sacred instruments, including the didjeridoo, gather to make music in experiments to lift the frequencies of players and hearers into altered brain waves and trance states, and expanded dimensions of consciousness. It is also more and more common for sacred musicians to take their didjes and bells, gongs and strings, flutes and drums with them as they travel, and to link up and play spontaneously at meditations and ceremonies. Sacred music no longer stays in the temple. It is on the move.

Sacred Sound is an immense field of experience and study, as cultures all over the planet have developed their own instruments and chants to induce higher states of elation, wisdom and joy.

The Sacred Sounds group of Oahu has played didjeridoos and bowls with dolphins and whales, and has guided sound ceremonies and events for human audiences in Japan, in Sedona, Arizona, at the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles and in Cairo, Beni Hassan and Alexandria, Egypt.

We have played dozens of ceremonies and sound circles and in the Hawaiian islands (shown here: sound meditation at the Oahu Gathering in June, 2002. In some of these we've adapted the Play of Freedom model by incorporating color healing filters, aromas, herbal teas and sacred dance and movement into the sound design.

Information on Sacred Sounds Gatherings in Hawaii: James Marcus, (808) 259 - 9081
Sacred Sounds Events in Egypt for Spring, 2009:
Masalama, Masri! (So Long, Egypt!)
On May 3 I will leave Egypt after 5 years here. I'll go through Istanbul, the UK (Cornwall, Salisbury and Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Wiltshire, Oxford and London), and New York, arriving in Cusco on the Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune Conjunction to open the next chapter of the Sacred Sounds journey in Peru. I'll do two farewell sound gatherings in Sinai before I go:
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Dahab Orchestra Music Performance
April 22 (Wed.), 9:00pm at Rush in Masbat, Dahab
The Dahab Orchestra is 15 or so musicians from Russia, Egypt, Serbia, Sudan, Japan, the UK and the USA who have been playing together since early 2009. We play drums and strings, Siberian vargan and African mbira, flutes, bells and chimes, didjeridoos and whatever else wants to sing. Our sound is a mix of tribal world beat, shamanic music, sacred chant and sound meditation.
Some of our first recordings are now online. Click on these links to hear:
Gorod Zolotoy [Golden City]: 8' 24"
Drums Alatul: 3' 48"
The Players:
Sergey Shchegolkov (flutes, drums, vargan)
Salman Mohamed Ahmed (guitar, drums)
Dan Furst (bells, vocals) Tanya Fokina (drums)
Sergey “Static Spin” (vargan, didjeridoo, editing)
Bob Oldwood (vargan, bells, guitar) Boris Majkic (guitar)
Nikolai Solomahan (kuchara, flute) Sam Galloway (keyboard)
Dmitri Tergoev (rhythm guitar) Ilya Aligojin (drums, vargan)
Noriko Inagaki  (mbira, shakers) Alexander Vajnin (didjeridoo)
Evgeny Khorungiy (vargan, drums) Andrei "DJ Supersonic" (electronics)
Admission: Free   
Information: (English) Dan Furst, 012 - 1161053 *
(Russian) Sergey Static Spin: 010 – 4452745  *
For news on Golden City's shows and recordings, see Static Spin website and Ilya Algojin's Live Journal
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Masalama Sacred Sound Circle
April 24 (Fri.), at Dan Furst's House in Assala, Dahab
At the top of my last weekend in Dahab, I'll have a moving sale, potluck dinner and Sound Circle at my home. The plan, inasmuch as there can be such a thing in Sinai as May approaches:
4:00 - 6:00 Moving Sale: Sale: I have a few possessions left to sell: snorkeling set with black mesh beach bag, small sound system, exercise (Pilates) ball with pump, books and CD's. 
6:00 - 8:00 Dinner: Bring food and drink to share.
8:00 - 10:00 Sound Circle: bring musical instruments,
Information: Dan Furst, 012 - 1161053 *
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