This page was first posted here in 2002, not long after the launching of the Hermes 3 site as an online vehicle for the Universal Festival Calendar. Now, five years later, a Cairo branch of the Sacred Sounds holistic music group has formed in Egypt, and is doing monthly sound medicine circles at the new Insight Inside center.

2007 marks a double anniversary for Sacred Sounds, as it's now been 10 years since didjeridoo master Kimba Arem and I first formed the Angels of Sacred Sound group in Honolulu, and began doing sound ceremonies and events that soon led to an interactive performance at the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles. Over the years Sacred Sounds in Oahu group has evolved into a loosely-knit group of didjeridoo and bowl players, drummers, singers and ceremonial artists, some of whom add to the medicine mix their skills in reiki, crystals, herbs, aromas and shamanic practices, all combined within the frame of the famous and effective principle of sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman: Sound + Intention = Healing.

The many methods of sound healers all over the world differ on whether sound should be used by itself as therapy, or other healing modalities can or should be combined with it. A word of caution is in order for those who are beginning their experiments in multisensory holistic medicine. Applying light and color, sound, aroma and other elements -- such as Sacred Sounds' Rocka da Chakra herbal tea mix -- may produce in some of the people very strong releases of emotional toxins. Awakening of kundalini, and emotional traumas that resemble rebirthing experiences, may occur. This why the participant group should be advised that they are about to encounter some potent medicine; and the practitioner team should include experts skilled in guiding others through the spontaneous emotional crises that can occur when all the senses are stimulated at once.

This may happen, for that matter, when sound is the only medicine being used, especially if a large group is giving and receiving sound that may include electronically amplified music. The idea that music, that sound in general, should be used responsibly is almost unheard of now in this iPod age of any music anybody wants, all the time. But since ancient times, sacred musicians and sound shamans have understood the power of bells to invite or dispel spiritual energies in the heart field. And we gain a better understanding, as didjeridoo and crystal bowl players also proliferate through the world, of the effect that consciously used. spiritually-aimed sound may have in altering the energy field of the group, the community and the world.

This page started out as a brief introduction to the didjeridoo, but now it's a portal to the pages below that list Sacred Sounds events in Cairo; provide more about some of the main instruments we use, and tell more about the sound science of the ancient Khemitians (aka "Egyptians") and the general topic that applies to all sound healers now, even if our methods vary widely.

It is clear to us all that the time to resonate the planet and our people with the frequencies of love, serenity and joy is here. And that as the sound waves spread and more people contribute to them, sacred sound will be one of the essential pieces -- if not the main piece -- in the coming time of spiritual transformation as we approach 2012. Our sounds will align in ways we do not yet hear. But align they will.

Keep Holding That Frequency.




Copyright 2007 Dan Furst