Mythic Prelude for September, 2010:
Fire Thieves
Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for September, 2010.
A momentous, much-dreaded summer is now behind us, and, as we anticipated in the August, 2010 UFC, this moment is, for many of us, a time of wondering . . . What Happened? Or, How Come Nothing Happened? The Cardinal Crosses of July and August, which doom pimp astrologers called the "worst" planetary alignment of the last 2,000 years, did not trigger, or at least coincide with, the economic crashes, political turmoil, violent social unrest and cataclysmic Earth changes that so many fear-flavored voices predicted. Nothing seems to have happened. After all, we'd have heard about it on TV, right? Even if corporate-owned media had obediently carried out their craven mission of reporting only what their masters want the herd to believe -- the elites and their mainstream mouthpieces couldn't have succeeded in suppressing everything. Could they?
They could, but this is beside the point. The whole actuality of what constitutes an important event has shifted now, in ways that we are only beginning to perceive. The main changes and the big news are not in the "real" field of historic events that appear external to us because we're not conscious of having created or caused them, and all but a few of us see ourselves as unable to shape the flow of events, so that our position looks purely reactive. Most of our people see the toppling walls and burning bridges on the 6:00 news, but have no sense that they can influence the world and its history in any way. That is how the universe looks, and the world in 2010 continues to look, to those who do not see our lives as opening, unfolding and moving within a Field of energy and intention that is, in fact, our artist's medium to co-create and transform proactively in the manner of our conscious, communal choosing.
The summer of 2010 has in fact been immensely eventful and consequential, even if we have not yet clearly seen and understood what has shifted, and how. Some of the likelier items predicted here in previous UFC preludes have transpired, or begun, right on time. One of them is the courageous breakout move of financial journalist Dylan Ratigan in reporting not only on the “vampire” banks who “have assumed control of our government,” but on the massive fraud committed by the Federal Reserve cartel ever since it was founded. Yes, Ratigan's work is neither as shocking nor as comprehensive as "Empire of the City," which will never appear on MSNBC and may not be available much longer on YouTube if another trend forecast here continues to snowball. But Ratigan's plain speaking is stirringly brave nevertheless.
As you already know if the freedom of the internet is of any concern to you, the last two months have indeed been, as predicted here, a showdown point that seems to many to hang on the decision of one government official, but is in fact our decision, as to whether the internet will be a free medium of information and communication in which anyone can communicate peer-to-peer with anyone else, or whether it will now become a kind of corporate library-for-a-fee in which access and movement are controlled by media corporations. The concept of "net neutrality," as explained by Tony Bradley of PC World, simply means that the internet remains free of charge to all, and one can keep accessing it without having to buy a ticket from Google, or Verizon, or anyone else. But the ticket price, as usual, is not the point.
My good friend Tim O'Hanlon is not overstating this issue by a single calorie or inch in asserting that "Net Neutrality is not just about having an affordable high-speed connection to the Web. It’s about freedom of speech, religion, the right to forcibly oppose tyranny, the right to assemble – all of the rights to which all Americans are legally entitled." That's why he urges everyone he can reach, as I do too, to get up to speed on this matter and lend their votes to an online petition to FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski, recommending that net neutrality be strictly maintained, and the internet, and everything it represents and protects, remain free.
The events of this summer have been exactly what many of our prophetic voices have anticipated, and the astral clock has been perfectly on time, as always. The net neutrality controversy heated up right when the last of the Cardinal Crosses formed around the Dark Moon of Aug. 9 -10, though it was soon overshadowed by a much more explosive story that came in perfect synchrony with star time. As astrologer Eric Francis noted in his Planet Waves article "Clearing the Smog of War," the now-famous WikiLeaks website was launched on an October, 2004 date that is in very close harmonic resonance with the World Trade Center attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It is also worth noting here that Jeremy Scahill's "Wikileaks and War Crimes" ran on Reader Supported News right at the Leo New Moon of Aug. 12, as the Pentagon and other US government agencies launched their campaign of lies and threats against WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Paul Assange. This brings us to our mythic topic for this month, the Theft of Fire.
Prometheus Rebound
Mr. Assange has been assailed in recent weeks by Pentagon legal moves, threats by US politicians to "render" him (i.e., kidnap and detain him indefinitely, which used to be illegal in the USA) and even rape charges. As Raffi Khatchadourian's New Yorker profile on this secretive and extremely wired and mobile man makes clear enough, such accusations are even less credible than the rest of what governments say. But the truth of what prosecutors will allege hardly matters when their target is off the color palette of possible threats.
Can Julian Assange truly be considered a Promethean figure? To answer this, it will help us to review briefly the legend of the titan Prometheus, especially as related by Aeschylus in his tragedy Prometheus Bound.
Prometheus was one of the titans who ruled Earth before they were overthrown by Zeus and the Olympian gods. But unlike the other giants, who were not punished by anything more than the loss of cosmic power, Prometheus was singled out for cruel and unusual punishment because he dared to give human beings the secret of fire -- stealing it by hiding embers inside a fennel stalk in defiance of the Thunderer's express command. And that wasn't all. He also taught us the arts of mathematics, writing, farming and medicine. So he was one of those universal teachers who are as beloved by grateful human beings as they are hated by insecure deities who want to control us by keeping us in perpetual darkness and ignorance, illness and fear.
What was even worse, as Aeschylus related it, was that Prometheus had the power of prophecy, but refused to reveal to Zeus the name of the hero who would one day dethrone him. For this hubris Zeus bound his enemy to a crag where he had to endure every day the double agony of being burned by the Sun, and pierced by an eagle who ate Prometheus' liver, which grew whole again each night. This went on until the eagle was shot by an arrow fired by Herakles, son of Zeus by Hera (thus his name), who did not depose Zeus, but did free Prometheus from what happens to one who loves humankind more than he fears the Lord of the Lightning.
How apt are the comparisons between Prometheus and Julian Assange, and Zeus and the Pentagon? Both of the latter show that "new-born power is ever pitiless," as Aeschylus put it, but Zeus, unlike the Pentagon, was so unerringly accurate with his thunderbolt that no one ever imagined him being inept enough to miss his intended target, and kill instead some dozens of women and children who are wiped out, for the crime of attending a wedding or a funeral, by pilotless drone bombs falling from the blue. And no one ever said that Prometheus had compromised the security of Greek armies by giving fire and light to everybody. Mr. Assange, though, by having posted thousands of classified Pentagon documents, is accused of endangering US soldiers by demagogues who invariably fail to see -- or won't admit they see all too well -- that the best way to protect the fine young men and women in one's armed forces from harm is not to send them on pointless military misadventures based on nothing nobler than lies and deceit, and the desire of death merchants to hold the fields where the oil hides and the opium poppies grow.
No matter what happens to Mr. Assange and the American army, it's inescapable that yet another celebrated Greek myth, that of Pandora and her box of secrets, now applies. The genie is well out of the bottle now, as other stories have recently come to light. As though with deliberate, impeccable astral timing, WikiLeaks revealed on the Full Moon of Aug. 25 -- when the New Moon impetus of Aug. 11 pulsed into fuller fruition -- the notorious CIA Red Cell Memorandum of February 2010, which acknowledges that the US government has long maintained a policy of "exporting terrorism and terrorists," though the memo emphasizes, not surprisingly, that this fact should be kept under wraps. On the same day this bombshell burst, Aug. 25, the New York Times' Brian Knowlton wrote that a "top Pentagon official has confirmed a previously classified incident that he describes as 'the most significant breach of U.S. military computers ever,' a 2008 episode in which a foreign intelligence agent used a flash drive to infect computers." A flash drive, like the ones you and I have.
Should it surprise us any more that US government computer systems are about as secure as Egyptian condoms? No, this should not surprise us at all. While we don't yet have proof of it -- though this could be coming before we know -- how can it not be evident to us that all over the world, not just in the United States, the computer systems of military organizations, tax agencies and other wasters and predators must be under constant cyberattack? How can we doubt that everywhere from East Sunstroke, Nevada to Fu Fat, China to Rennes le Nuit, France, young hackers with frayed jeans and coke bottle glasses, who are far more clever and creative than their adversaries, are dreaming of being the one who will plant the Dies Irae Worm right in the disk drive of the beast?
Responses to the danger are predictable, and characteristically if unintentionally comic. One classified memo that was revealed Aug. 31 by Reader Supported News was a blunt warning by US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper that "blabbing secrets to the media is not 'in' as far as I'm concerned." When a memo demanding an end to leaks is leaked to the media at once, we can well imagine how much money the US could save by equipping its intelligence agencies with state-of-the-art sieves, or more tastefully with Chinese bamboo steamer baskets, in lieu of hugely expensive computer systems and security software programs. Better yet, the spooks could get with the Aquarian program by seeing that an era of transparency has just arrived, and by and by there will be no need to leak anything because more and more of us will be telepathic. A pipe dream? Not at all. It could even happen in my lifetime, and I'll soon be 66.
Sunbows and Circles of Sound
The seismic shift that occurred in the summer of the Cardinal Crosses, as more of us see now, is in the collective mind field of human and other conscious beings. This is where the main action has always been, but only now do we begin to perceive more clearly how evolutionary surges in the tone and flow of our consciousness will then manifest in the physical "reality" of things. In our dualistic Third Density, amid the huge assortment of human mental and emotional states ranging from wisdom and love to ignorance and fear, this awakening must happen, and is happening, in two stages. The first stage is individual and negative, as we come to understand that our financial, political and religious institutions, to whom we have long given our faith and credit, have lied to us, robbed us, used us and hurt us so cynically that they are no longer worth any of our belief and support. Just as a bank must fail when it loses the confidence of its depositors and they withdraw their money, public institutions must fail when they lose the trust of their customers, constituents and believers. Is it any coincidence that more banks are failing now, at the same time that WikiLeaks is exposing the viciousness and malfeasance of corrupt authorities? No. These two trends must happen in tandem, and in resonance with each other.
As this shaking intensifies in the thought field, it also has to happen in the Earth. Here in the Sacred Valley where I live, it is the middle of a dry season that should continue into late October -- yet the lightning flashes and the rains come every day now in Cusco and Pisac. The same things are happening elsewhere in our Solar system in the hot summer of 2010.
We have lately seen a dramatic increase in gamma ray activity, solar flares, meteor storms, and coronal mass emissions from the Sun. He is said to be hitting our planet with a photon storm, so temperatures rise and fools exclaim. We have also seen unusual solar displays like this Sunbow that Sharda Gustafsson captured when it appeared here in Pisac on Aug. 3. Many of us have seen Moonbows, even double ones, as I often did in Hawaii. But solar anomalies like this, rare as they usually are, appear more often now.
Even more spectacular was this solar image that appeared in Anhui province in China on Aug. 23, as reported by Pamela Stansfield. Claims burgeon as to which deity or deva chose to appear here, but sights like these are obviously not frisbees, weather balloons or swamp gas, nor are they an indication that the Chinese have found a way to turn their most abundant resource, air pollution, into an art form. No, something else is going on here, and it could even signal the next stage of awakening.
The second stage, in contrast to the first, is communal and positive, as more human beings see their individual capacities, the potential of their collective synarchies, their common aims and values, and their responsibility to link with one another in a spirit of love and cooperation. We will see before long that this is what the time from 2010 to 2012 is for, and by the time we get there, we will have an opportunity to co-create the ultimate medicine theatre, to be played by a new human community with the production values of a New Earth.

As this living alchemical Field begins to turn in new ways, singly and in harmonics, the entire soundscape must transmute too. If energies are in motion, after all, they make sounds, and the chords of cosmic music that flow around us must change too because we understand the scope of our creativity in new ways, and see ourselves as creative resources. “All strength, all healing of every nature," Edgar Cayce said, "is the changing of the vibrations within, the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to Creative Energies. This alone is healing. . . . it is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living cellular force to its spiritual heritage.” 

This may be why, though we can always expect a lot of sacred music and communal songs of thanksgiving in the season of the harvest and the month of Singing Moon, September 2010 is a feast of sound, when a huge number of spiritual music events and global sound meditations are all coming at once, not by any coincidence, but as cells within a common intention of re-enchanting our planet: that is, finding our tones of creation and singing them again in ways that are ancient, and ever new. As we'll see, the common feature of the sound workshops and ceremonies listed here is that all of them affirm the power of consciously-directed sound to create anew the entire Field of our being.
"The vedas," according to Bruce Burger, "reveal that the world is sung into being." He will guide The World as Music: Using Mantra and Toning in the Healing Arts at Ananda College of Living Wisdom in Nevada City, CA on Sept. 3 - 5. This adventure in sacred sound teaches the art of the goddess Saraswati, who "sings the world into creation . . . vibrating as an expression of ultimate intelligence, ultimate wisdom, ultimate love, in a universal harmony of praise."
"Our goal is to open hearts," says Morgan Brent, who created Singing Alive in 2007 with a team of players and voices who will sing the music of Kirtan, Sufi, Orisha, Gospel, Native American, "Omward" and other traditions in Cosmopolis, WA on Sept. 3 - 6. These songs, like so many others to be sung this month, are purposefully, joyously co-creative. They "are multi-cultural, coming to us from many eras and lands far and near. Together they tell a perennial story, a Gaian dharma, so often forgotten, yet so joyfully remembered, of the Great work of spiritual evolution, of earth-conscious living and peaceful co-existence. By singing this story we come home to Ourselves and perform the Dream of re-Creation we have so longed to live."
"Your song changes everything," says harpist, singer and composer Ani Williams of Songaia Productions, who will lead a Path of the Magdalene sound pilgrimage in southern France Sept. 14 - 24. She is one of the many musicians who have chosen to align their art with this year's astral dynamics. "The planetary alignments during the summer of 2010," she wrote," are signaling a radical departure from the past for us all. During this time of powerful patterns in the heavens, we have a tremendous opportunity to release, renew and evolve. . . . stretching into greater possibilities for ourselves and the collective whole."

In our next fully Aquarian life, we might be able to join all of these opportunities at once, along with the one I'll do Sept. 20 - 26 at the second World Gathering of Circle of Sound in Puno, Amantani Island and Cutimbo, Peru. One excellent indicator that Circle of Sound is an idea and practice that is no longer ahead of its time is that it grows rapidly. Its first world gathering last year in Capilla del Monte, Argentina attracted 80 people from ten countries to sound circles of 80 quartz crystal singing bowls accompanied by flutes, didjeridoos, bells and voices. This year's gathering is expected to draw 200.

Since it was founded ten years ago by Daniel Brower, Circle of Sound has grown to include more than a hundred sound circles in dozens of countries throughout the world, all of whom align synchronously at the Solstices and Equinoxes in Global Harmonization ceremonies that aim to attune the planet and align its people in the intentions of Acceptance, Compassion, Joy, Love, Peace and Unity.
This could be a month, to borrow a line from Rumi, when we all hear the singing coming this way. The hours of enchantment are here again. Keep Holding That Frequency.


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