Astral Prelude

By the end of this month it will be easier to release the truth about our condition in a gentle, compassionate way. The time between the Autumn Equinox and Full Moon on Sept. 21 and 22 and the October Full Moon is in fact, the year's best opportunity for spiritualizing the planet and lifting it from the frequencies of hate and revenge that will inevitably swirl around the week of Sept. 11. These are the notable preludes to Sept. 21:

9/7: New Moon conjunct Sun in Virgo. This New Moon and the Full Moon (9/21) could not be more conspicuously placed to test whether and how human consciousness has shifted since the events of a year ago, especially in response to shocking changes and ensuing campaigns of falsehood, the lessons we may have learned, and the ways in which we may have evolved in the time since.

The New Moon forms the middle leg of a T-square that also includes the Moon's North Node (Dragon's Head) in Gemini and Pluto and the Moon's South Node (Dragon's Tail) in Sagittarius. The likeliest scenarios for the time are the opening of secrets that will profoundly affect the mass consciousness of the planet, and widespread resistance to the policies and actions of governments. It is most likely that events commemorating Sept. 11 will have a dark undercurrent of seething dissatisfaction with authorities who have overreached their ambitions for greater control, and who now provoke new and unexpected actions in pursuit of freedom, and questions about whether alleged existing freedoms are actually there.

Also on the New Moon of 9/7, Venus enters Scorpio, where she's "in detriment", her energies blocked and not so much weakened as misdirected until she enters Sagittarius in January(!) This very long four-month transit is unusual, as Venus has a faster orbit than Earth, and she usually spends a month or less in any given sign. This time she's got four months in Scorpio, where her taste for thrills leads to depletion and exhaustion, even sexual flameouts to the tune of crash, burn and die for the cluelessly adventurous and flamboyantly erotic. The point is elegantly displayed on the zodiac wheel, where the white sexuality of the Virgin and the black sexuality of the Scorpion are positioned on either side of, what else, Libra the Scales, which marks the balance between the potential of life and the passion of love. As Pure Virgo remains untouched and bears no fruit, and Pure Scorpio likes to seek death by orgasm, neither by itself will contribute much to the birth of new life. But if elements of both are balanced in Libra -- the sign that rules marriages -- life can more easily go on. For the last third of 2002, much of this will whiz right out the window, as Venus is ready and her standards are negotiable.

9/15: Mercury "goes retrograde" (that is, he seems to move backward in his orbit) in Libra (9/15 - 10/1, then in Virgo (10/1 - 7). As Mercury rules commerce, transportation and communications, we expect some confusion, delay and unaccountable strangeness in all these areas, especially the ones embodied in signs through which Mercury is "moving back". The practical effect this time is that in the second half of September, as Libra is the natural Seventh House of Marriage, you will wonder if your spouse is deranged; in the first week of October, as Virgo rules the 6th House of mental organization and service activities, you may wonder if your co-workers, business associates and others have perhaps not gone crazy, but are somehow acting sane at less predictable speeds; and the main strategy may be to assume that your own expectations of routine sanity anywhere may need adjustment. Get it out in the air in September, get it in writing in October.

9/21: Autumn Equinox and Full Moon in Pisces opposite Sun in Virgo. If September 2002 can be said to have an exam week, it comes now, at this unusual and very auspicious time when the Full Moon comes right on the Autumn Equinox. The Sun-Moon opposition is also part of a much more powerful alignment than we saw at the New Moon (9/7), as Sun and Moon form a Grand Cross with Saturn in late Gemini and Chiron in early Cancer. Let the healing begin.

The other main September beat is the ongoing quintile (72° arc) between Pluto in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aquarius. It continues all month, then begins to fade in October. The practical opportunity: continued inventiveness and creativity in the industries of cybertechnology and telecommunications; continued building of alliances between cybercompanies and the film industry, in the interest of protecting both from the control efforts and other invasiveness of governments. The flash point of this Aquarian communication between Hollywood and what we can call Dot.Friend as the new business model is lateral and flexible, linking like-minded individuals in a network is at the Equinox point on 9/21 22. The Sun, entering Libra, forms a quintile (72° arc) with Pluto in Sagittarius. Alliances and plans should be completed by, and celebrated on, the Equinox.

After the 21st, the questions will grow louder and more urgent. They have already begun to flow, now that the United States has apparently decided that its best response to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg is to ignore and disrespect it, in hopes that it will go away. It did not, and the issues it raised will not. If anything, this just-completed conference has highlighted one nagging question that can only be ignored for so long: Can we hold any realistic hope that United States, in its present form of government and economy, will make any useful contribution to the health, happiness, freedom and creativity of Earth and her people at the dawn of Aquarius? Or has the nation that was once the beacon of liberty for all of humanity now mutated grotesquely into the Boss Frog, who seeks only to maintain his own possessions and power, and blocks all initiatives toward compassionate change? Sooner or later, the bitter and agonizing reality will have to be spoken, we hope by those who care to deliver it most lovingly, so that it will be less painful than it might be.

If Gandhi was correct in saying that poverty is the worst form of violence, and if a country may be said to be violent if it impoverishes others or keeps others in poverty, then it is time to ask if the United States may now be the world's most violent nation, one of those rare examples -- perhaps also with the Roman and British empires -- of a country that enjoys huge wealth, consumes resources as though they are inexhaustible, and produces a whole culture of useless, ego-inflating luxuries, toys, and thrills, all of them sustained by the poverty of Asian, African and South American peoples who work in sweat shops, are pressured to buy addictive and unsafe products, are approved for loans and other aid only if they sell their crops at artificially low prices and accept crippling debt to the World Bank and other control agencies. It was reported today (8/31) that the current salary package of Alex Rodriguez, the star shortstop of the major leage baseball team that George W. Bush used to own, is equal to 80% of the gross domestic product of Cambodia. And some still wonder why they all hate us.

The solution could not be simpler:

1.) The United States agrees to renounce economic violence, and to reduce current levels of economic violence, with an intent to end economic violence, and reverse its effects.

2.) When the United States begins to fulfill its end of the bargain, its enemies agree that they will renounce terrorist violence, and will reduce current levels of terrorist violence, with an intent to end terrorist violence, and reverse its effects.

This can hardly be communicated in the middle of September, when mass perceptions are largely clouded by prejudice, passion and pain. This is why it should be done after 9/21, and even then with the utmost patience, compassion and delicacy.

The persuasion that We Can and We Must Create Something Better will have to be done in the heart, if it is to be done at all. The plays and lessons of freedom belong in the air now. The main themes of water and flow convey the idea that economies flow from people and toward people, and are neither designed nor required to support large institutions of control. We are here to create what we want and need and sell it honestly to each other. Whatever supports that is a positive step toward the new and free Aquarian economy.

Alternative currencies are in interesting discussion now. One example: the Griz currency in Hawaii: one Red Lea is worth two simple meals, maybe $10. One Erica is worth 5 Red Leas. Two Eric as are worth an Orchid. It will not be at all surprising to see local currencies sprout up, and develop exchanges with each other, until the American economic system corrects its imbalance toward the very wealthy, and begins to point instead toward the constitutional goals of basic equity and opportunity on which the American economy is said to be founded.

Until we find the way to shift the focus and emphasis in the human collective mind, the power elite will continue and step up its endless efforts to divert us with hate, rage, blame, and plans to attack those who are "evil". It is in our power to see that the true stories are not of good vs. evil, but of good vs. good, and that we have the power to heal the separation and bring us all into love. Not only can we do it, we are the only ones who can. It's time to tell the story. Once upon a time there was a planet of people who thought that they were unworthy, and that they were responsible for the darkness. They could not see their own goodness and beauty until . . . you take it from there.


Copyright 2002 Dan Furst



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