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Page One:  Introduction: The Return of the Neters; Lost Wisdoms and Spiritual Sciences; The Egyptian Ritual Play


Page Two:  Multisensory Theatre of Light in the Transformance Space; The Play of Freedom: Theatre of Empowerment


Page Three:  Persons of the Play in Order of their Appearance




Stories of Thoth and Ma'at:


Thoth Introduces When It Rained in Egypt:

The Boat of Ra and the Serpent of Chaos

Atum and the Tone of Creation


How the First Lovers, Nut and Geb, almost crushed the Sun and the Moon, and how the Air created some Breathing Room


Ma'at's Disclaimer: Who Really Heals You?


The Game of Chance: How Thoth got Ra to add Five Days to the Year


How Osiris, Horus, Set, Isis and Nephthys Were Born





When It Rained in Egypt


Act One:


 Scene One: Isis Leads a Conspiration, and the Play Begins


 Scene Two: Set Throws a Skin. Conflict Begins.


 Scene Three: The Eternal Triangle, for the First Time -- and A Surprising Offer from the Queen


 Scene Four: Should We Tell the Grain Secret?

If We Don't, when will Set Use It Against Us?

 The People's Choice: Cast Your Vote on the Grain Secret (Referendum I)



 Scene Five: In the Flowers with Osiris


 Scene Six: Sometimes the Nose Doesn't Know:

Eternal Triangle Becomes the Usual Rectangle

 How Anubis Was Born



 Scene Seven: Uncle Set Wants You!


 Scene Eight: We're All Free! We're Sure of It!

How Accurate Do You Really Want It? (Referendum II)



 Scene Nine: Will Set Get Revenge in a Box?

 The Neter News Original Broadcast:   

  The First Murder and What Came Next



 Scene Ten: The King is Apparently Dead




Act Two


Scene Eleven: Have You Seen Osiris?

Is Osiris Really Dead inside that Box? Ma'at and Anubis on the Fifth Dimension



Scene Twelve: A Tree Grows in Byblos


Scene Thirteen: Follow the Swallow

Our Men Need Focus, Lady: How Isis and the Army Crossed the Desert


Let's Make a Deal: What the Harpist Said


The Neter News Entertainment: The Famous Magic Tree Hits Byblos!



Scene Fourteen: No More Secrets! What's Behind that Curtain?


Scene Fifteen: Hyssop and Rue


Scene Sixteen: The Mystery of Seeds

Isis on The Map of Love: the Summer Sky and the Education of the Virgin



Scene Seventeen: Will Isis Blow her Cover while she's Looking for a Lion?


Scene Eighteen: In the Fire Now


Scene Nineteen: Outside the Box




 Act Three


Scene Twenty: I'm Your Father?

How Anubis Treats Osiris with Sound


Scene Twenty-One: Think You Can Handle This?


Scene Twenty-Two: For a Moment . . . Love is Everywhere.


Scene Twenty-Three:

Family Values in Trouble Again


Scene Twenty-Four: Set Finds Osiris' Cave


Scene Twenty-Five: Picking Up the Pieces

Neter News Gossip Report: For Mature Audiences Only!



Scene Twenty-Six: The Rain is Free!

Neter News: Penis Watch. Details at 11



Scene Twenty-Seven: Horus is Born!




Act Four


 Scene Twenty-Eight: Bang that Thing!


 Scene Twenty-Nine: I'm Looking Forward to You


 Scene Thirty: I'm Not a Clown, Mother


 Scene Thirty-One: The Map of Light


 Scene Thirty-Two: The Neters in the War Room


 Scene Thirty-Three: Time for Isis to Get With  the Program


 Scene Thirty-Four: How Will Horus Ever Shake  That Red Land Rhythm?




Act Five

Neter News Sports: Doom in Dunqul



Scene Thirty-Five: I'm Here for Action, I Fly For Joy and The First Battle Begins.


Scene Thirty-Six: Time to Bounce . . . Or Saved by the Truth? An Eye for a Testicle

Set tells The Deadliest Secret in Nature



Scene Thirty-Seven: The King in his Powerhouse


Scene Thirty-Eight: Finally, The Last Battle.


Scene Thirty-Nine: Have the Humans Actually Done It?


Scene Forty:  The Garden of Love


End of Play



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