Isis Leads a Conspiration, and the Play Begins


ISIS and NEPHTHYS enter. The two sister goddesses are dressed identically. The ENSEMBLE, as CITIZENS, also enter.


Those of you who'd like to join us are about to appear in a scene with her serene majesty the Queen of Egypt. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Lady Isis.


Thank you. Everyone, this is my sister Nephthys. Good evening to you all, and thank you for coming to create our story. We ask you to join us now in a conspiration. This means breathing together. Long before we had in our languages the word conspiracy, which means to breathe together for some unholy purpose, we had conspiration,  breathing together for some sacred purpose. Before we have any misdeeds on Earth, we breathe together for ceremony. We ask you to join us.

 Please form a circle, alternating female and male energies, and join hands. Hold your hands with the left palm facing up, the right palm down. The left hand receives energy from the person on your left, circulates the energy through your body and energy field, and your right hand sends it out to the person on your right. As you breathe deeply, imagine that you are now feeling through your hands the breath of the people on either side of you, as you breathe with them and align your breath with theirs.

 Now imagine that you are linking your breath together with the breath of the two people on either side of you. Lift your arms up and back until you have the palms of both your hands in the center of the back of the people beside you. You are looking for the back door of the heart. Breathe. You are now holding the back door of two other people's hearts, and two other people are holding the back door of your heart. Breathe.

 Now you can easily feel the breath of the people beside you in their back muscles. As you begin breathing with them, imagine now that you are drawing in each new breath from the heart of the person on your left, and you're releasing each breath into the heart of the person on your right.

 Just breathe. Feel your breath going all the way around the circle through all these other bodies, and coming back to you enriched with the energy of all these people. You are all one breath. We welcome you to open your voices now, if you like.

MUSIC: "The God of Love" melody begins. ISIS, NEPTHYS and ENSEMBLE move among the CELEBRANTS. The words to the Song appear on the walls. As in all choral pieces, the CELEBRANTS are invited to sing.


Ladies and gentlemen, we're starting a crowd scene now. Finally! So we encourage you to join us in the play. You don't have to say anything or sing if you don't want to; the only rules are that yes, you may embrace the King when he enters, but this time only if he touches you first. You must not get in his way when he moves. Those of you who'd like to play tonight can sing with us and match the moves of the Queen and her sister, and join them in the welcoming dance for the King.


Welcome, beloved friends. We are about to welcome Osiris, the King of Egypt. My husband is coming. We like singing about him. The song is simple, as it usually is now. It's only supposed to unite people. To those of you who'd like to sing with us, thanks for taking the risk. Here we go.

MUSIC: "The God of Love" begins as NETERS and ENSEMBLE lead CELEBRANTS in song and movement. The words appear projected on walls during early choruses, then fade out as CELEBRANTS learn the song.


(OFF:) Osiris is Coming! The King!

OSIRIS enters, stands for a moment until ISIS crosses to join him, then the King and Queen walk side-by-side through the CELEBRANTS, arriving at OSIRIS' throne by the end of the song, when the King sits with ISIS and NEPHTHYS flanking, and slightly behind, his throne.

The Lord of Life

He has mapped the stars in heaven.

He has understood the rain.

He has told us where the river ends.

He has moved upon the sea.

He has made all good green things to grow.

He has seen all life's geometry.

He has taught us how to heal.

He has shown us how to teach.

He has drawn the maps of plants and stones

Out of our heads and into our hands,

To clear the land when the flood is gone.

He, and the Lady Isis,

Have led us in the dance.

He, and the Lady Isis,

Have given us the most precious thing.



Lord of Life, Osiris!

Life to Lady Isis!



Thank you all for welcoming me so kindly. As always, Queen Isis, the Lady Nephthys and I live in gratitude to you for doing as wisely and as well you do the simple things that create happiness.


It's a good thing we like to sing! (Laughter.)


And that you're good at it, thanks partly to these two nightingales (indicates ISIS and NEPHTHYS). From the look of things you've been nourishing and moving your bodies while I've been away, your work still pleases and rewards you. You're still married, your children are safely wild. You're still friends. It's good to be home. We dance. We sing. We teach our little ones the stories in the sky. I am honored to be one of you.

SFX: Rumbling, roaring noises, as of volcanic eruption, earthquake and roaring fire, faint at first, then growing loud enough that Osiris pauses after his next line.


We have good news.


What headline is the King about to deliver,

and what's that shaking that sounds too loud for comic relief?

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