Dan Furst
Author, Actor, Astrologer
Teacher of Literature and Theatre Arts
Hospedaje Beho, 141 Calle de Ruinas, Pisac, Cusco, Peru Phone: 0051 - 84 - 203001
e-mail: dan@hermes3.net, dan@kevcom.com, URL: http://www.hermes3.net
I. Writing and Editing
2009-2010 Book-signings of Dance of the Moon: Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of the Earth (see next). This Living by the Moon Tour of book signings, talks, ceremonies at the dark and full Moons, and astrology/astrocartography readings covered a total of 46 cities throughout the USA, with return engagements in four for a total of 50 events, from Nov. 3, 2009 through June 16, 2010
Published Dance of the Moon: Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of the Earth with Llewellyn Worldwide. For detailed information, including a chapter outline, click here.

A book-signing tour of North America will begin in November 2009.

Two more books are now in preparation: Surfing Aquarius: How to Ace the Wave of Change; and Double Harmonies, about the sound science, music therapy and resonant sacred spaces of Ancient Egypt.

1998- 2009 Creator of Hermes 3 Website (http://www.hermes3.net), home of the Universal Festival Calendar; Sacred Sounds; When It Rained in Egypt and other holistic theatre works under the aegis of The Play of Freedom; and other projects in spiritual evolution and ceremonial art and performance.
1985- 1996 As journalist, wrote regular columns on theatre for the Mainichi Daily News and Asahi Evening News, and contributed occasional pieces to Japan's other two English-language dailies, the Daily Yomiuri and The Japan Times; wrote theatre column for Kansai Time Out monthly magazine and short plays and other theatre pieces for Kyoto Journal and Tokyo Journal; covered theatre and other performing arts in Japan for American Theatre, High Performance, Metropolitan Opera News, Edinburgh Festival Souvenir and other magazines; wrote a variety of pieces on the arts, politics, society and religion for these publications and others such as Winds (Japan Airlines), Hong Kong and Sedona: Journal of Emergence.
Corresponding Secretary to Rev. Kyotaro Deguchi at the Oomoto Foundation in Kameoka, Japan. Managed communications with religious leaders throughout the world, and assisted with development and planning of interfaith activities in Japan.
1991-1995 Edited English programs for the annual Osaka International Music Festival; also was Editor-in-Chief of Kyoto Visitors' Guide monthly magazine.
II: Astrology:
1980-2009 Professional astrologer for 30 years, doing thousands of Astrology Readings for clients by personal appointment, voice recording and written report, and by Skype. Specializing since 2006 in Astrocartography locational readings.
Extensive writings on astrology at Hermes 3 and for various publications. "Dan Furst is one of the best astrology writers out there," according to Rob Brezsny at Free Will Astrology (August, 2006)
III: Performing:
1978- 2009
Have worked for 32 years as an actor, singer and fight director, in theatre, film, TV, radio, and commercials. Highlight credits:
A. United States (2009 - 2010)
2009-2010 Performed An Evening with Rumi with music by Alauddin Ottinger and Dwight Frissell (Kansas City, MO, Dec. 2009), with Erika May (Silver City, NM, Feb. 2010) and with Marko Zonka and Richard Williams (Ashland, OR, Feb. 2010)
B. Egypt (2005 - 2009)
Played Nepalese singing bowls and led an interactive performance of ancient Egyptian chants at Catweazle in Oxford, UK.
Collaborated with Osama Khattab on the first orchestrations and recordings of music from When it Rained in Egypt. See especially "Have You Seen Osiris?"
2008- 2009
Founded The Dahab Orchestra with Sergei Shchegolkov, and guided its growth into an ensemble of players from Russia, the UK, Greece, the USA, Japan, Sudan and Egypt. Produced the group's initial performances at Rush in Dahab, in Sinai.
2005- 2007 Appeared as singer and didjeridoo player with Fathy Salama and the Sharkiat Band at Beit El-Harrawy, the Cairo Opera House, and the Cairo Goethe Institut.
Appeared as guest singer in Cairo Christmas concert with Trygve Seim and Source
Produced, composed music, played and sang in Music Medicine, an international concert for peace and planetary healing with Naseer Shamma, Rahalla, Manal Mohei el Din, Svemir Vranko, Scott Huckabay and Willow Chang at Sakia El Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo
C: Hawaii (1995 - 2007)
2007 Performed An Evening with Rumi, sponsored by the Honolulu Academy of Arts, with music by Steve Rosenthal and Reggae McGowen, as a featured cultural event in the International Year of Mevlana.
Appeared in the December 2007 Caravan of the Mevlevi Order of America, as MC and presenter of Rumi's poetry at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts and Royce Hall at UCLA.
2003 Created title role of the Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi in An Evening with Rumi, with Sangeet Gellhorn, Nuri Martin, Ivan Krillzarin, Larry Ward and Valerie Noor Karima, at the Arts at Mark's Garage, Honolulu. Other highlight credits include:
  • The Heart of Hafiz at A Dark Night at the Red Elephant
  • The Three Musketeers (as Richelieu), dir. Paul Cravath
  • Rain (as Davidson), The Actors' Group, dir. David Starr
  • The Rocky Horror Show (as Narrator): dir. Paul Cravath
  • The Great Dock Strike (as Lorrin A. Thurston), Hawaii Public TV
  • Moon Over Buffalo (as George Hay), Po'okela Award nominee, Best Actor
  • The Annexation Debate (as John Tyler Morgan), dir. David C. Farmer, script Victoria Kneubuhl, Bishop Museum production for 1998 Petition Exhibition
  • Way of a God (as Earl of Sandwich), Kumu Kahua Theatre, dir. Harry Wong
  • A Nation Within (Voiceovers), Public TV documentary by Tom Coffman
  • A Wonderful Life (as Potter), Po'okela nominee, Best Supporting Actor
  • TV Commercials for GTE, First Hawaiian Bank, HMSA etc. Detailed commercial and radio spot list available on request
D. Japan (1984 - 1995):
Was named one of the People of the Year by the city of Kyoto in its 1200th anniversary year of 1994, for contributions to cross-cultural theatre and international understanding. Highlight credits include:
  • Undesirable Elements ("Gaijin"), directed by Ping Chong, at the Tokyo International Theatre Festival
  • City White Paper (as Dietzer) with Issey Ogata, on NHK TV
  • Going Up? (as Ape Man) , Beauty Bare (as Endymion) and `Mid Hell Smoke (Chorus Leader), Parnassus Dancetheatre Productions, directed by Joseph Houseal
  • Curious Fish (as Einstein), with Kan Katsura, Osaka Theatre Festival
  • Threepenny Opera (as Mac the Knife), Kyoto and Kobe
  • F/f Parasite (as Postman), directed by Shigeyuki Toshima at Hachinohe Theatre Festival
  • The Twins' Story (with Omicho Theatre) at Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • Black Rain, Paramount, directed by Ridley Scott, with Michael Douglas and Ken Takakura: English dialogue coach to Tomisaburo Wakayama
  • King Lear (as Kent), Kyoto and Kobe
  • Lone Star (as Roy), featured production at Kyoto Literature Conference
  • Studied Japanese Kyogen (classical comedy) with Shigeyama Sennojo, performed kyogen in Japanese and English at noh theatres, shrines and cross-cultural theatre education events at schools and universities throughout Japan
  • Industrial video narrations, promotional films, TV commercials for Nippon Steel, Osaka Gas, Daiwa Bank, Ono Pharmaceutical, Omron, Takashimaya Dept. Store (Singapore) and many others. Detailed credits available on request
  E: New York (1978 - 1984)
  • Scaramouche (as Commedia Scaramouche), Encompass Theatre
  • Unseen Pigeons, The Arabian Nights and The Three Musketeers, Chameleon Theatrix Productions, directed by Amy Marashinsky
  • Mrs. Warren's Profession (as Praed), dir. Terry Dudley
  • The Bear and The Jubilee, dir. Katherine Sergava
  • Jazz Evangel, with David Simons, at La Mama ETC
  • Baby Island, dir. Jorie MacKinnon, WBAI Radio
  • Independent and industrial films, radio plays, voiceovers and commercials. Detailed credits available on request
IV: Theatre, Music and Environmental Event Production:
Created and led numerous Sacred Sounds music ceremonies and sound healing circles in Egypt at the Temple of the Sun in Abu Ghroub, the Red Pyramid at Dashour, the Solar Cross at Giza, the temple complex of Imhotep at Saqqara, the sacred sound chamber of Amenemhet at Beni Hassan, the Temple of Isis at Philae and other ancient sacred sites, as well as Wadi Degla, the Insight Inside holistic center and Community Services Association in Cairo; the Nour Center in Alexandria, Mt. Sinai, Wadi Gunai and the Gateway Center in Dahab.
2003-2005 Was chief Tour Coordinator and Master of Ceremonies for the Makua Lani Ocean Adventures project and Real Hawaii Tours. Led hundreds of tour groups from Japan, Europe and North America on daily kayak excursions to encounter wild dolphins off Makua Beach in Oahu, and on special eco-tours and immersion experiences in Hawaii's traditional culture.
1996-2004 Founded and led the Sacred Sounds music ensemble of Oahu, coordinating meditative music and sound healing events with holistic practitioners and voice artists in combination with players of didjeridoos, crystal singing bowls, drums, harps, flutes, bells and other traditional instruments. Sacred Sounds has been featured at events in Kyoto, Japan; Sedona, Arizona and the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles, as well as in numerous Hawaii events, including such highlights as:
  • The Frequency of Love (1996) with Egyptian temple dancer Solara Zakeli
  • Angels of Sacred Sound (1995 - 96) with didjeridoo master Kimba Arem
  • Singing with Whales (1997), interactive music with whales, human voices and didjeridoos
  • Dream Medicine with Solara Zakeli, Ani Williams and a didjeridoo ensemble at the Arizona Healing Center in Sedona
  • Full Moon in the Gaiasphere (1998), with Pierre Grill and Steven Rosenthal
  • Music of the Spheres (1999) with Bob Burdon and Shen Ballesteros
  • Healing Sounds (2000) with sound healing master Jonathan Goldman
  • Beltaine in the Garden and Water Goddess (2001), spring and summer festivals
  • Whale Ceremony, Meditation and Celebration (2001 - 2002)
  • Festival Priest and Clown at Solstice and Equinox Festivals by Hawaii Fire Tribe; roles of Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Pan, the Green Man and the Top Banana of the Sun (2000 - 2003)
  • Harmonic Concordance (2003)
  • Beltaine at Olomana Gardens (2004)
1994-1995 Dolphin Communication: Led four groups from Japan to swim with wild dolphins and conduct dolphin healing experiments in Oahu. Work included planning and promotion, management, interpretation and event production. The July 1995 group included dolphin research scientist John Lilly; physicians and medical researchers from hospitals in Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa; the director of the Dolphin Healing Center in Kyoto; and artists and scholars from France, the United States and Singapore as well as Japan.
Stage Managed and was announcer and master of ceremonies on international environmental conferences: The Kyoto Global Forum, chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev; and the Conference on Ecological Responsibility: A Dialogue with Buddhism, convened by H. H. the Dalai Lama in New Delhi, India.
1988- 1995

Founder and artistic director of Sirius Productions theatre company in Kyoto, Japan. Music, theatre and other principal productions included: 

  • Artist management for Count Basie Orchestra Japan tour, sponsored by NHK-TV (1994)
  • Rock `n' Roll Kyogen, cross-cultural theatre with kyogen (classical comedy) master Shigeyama Sennojo, featuring music design by Mark Wilcox (1994)
  • Artist management for Rain Forest music group of Edinburgh, in concerts sponsored by NHK Kinki Media Plan (1993)
  • A Night in Havana, production support and publicity for Japan tour by Cuban musicians and Dancers, produced by Dentsu (1993)
  • The Wizard of Jazz, Munich Biennale Festival award-winning play by The New Theatre (TNT) of London, 9-city Japan tour supported by the British Council (1992)
  • Gulliver's Travels, Edinburgh Festival prize-winner by The Lords of Misrule from London, 7-city Japan tour, supported by the British Council (1991)
  • International Fair: produced art and performance festival by European and American artists, sponsored by Takashimaya Department Stores
  • UK 90: assisted the British Council and other cultural bodies with production and publicity support for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Cheek by Jowl and other companies
  • Macbeth, joint production with the London Stage Company, as co-producer, actor and fight director (1989)
  • Fool for Love, Japan premiere in Kyoto; won Best Play and Best Actor awards at the Shin-Kobe Oriental Theatre New Wave Theatre Festival (1989)
V: Teaching:
A: Regular Teaching Appointments
2000-2004 Leeward Community College, Pearl City and Waianae, Hawaii: Lecturer in English. Have taught Writing Intensive courses in American Literature and Types of Literature (Novels and Short Fiction); currently teaching World Literature, Ancient to Renaissance; and Types of Literature (Poetry and Drama); also created the first course in The Art of Storytelling to be developed at the University of Hawaii.
1999-2000 Chaminade University, Honolulu, Hawaii: Adjunct Lecturer in English and Drama. Taught 200-level courses in Poetry and Drama, Prose Fiction, Film and TV, and Acting Workshops; also 400-level courses in Early and Late Shakespeare, Chaucer, Literary History and British Literature of the Twentieth Century.
1993-1995 Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan: Taught courses in Propaganda and Persuasion, and The Art of Freedom, using the performance media of poetry, theatre and film; also an intensive seminar in Cervantes' Don Quixote
1988-1995 Osaka Center for Adult Diseases, Osaka, Japan: Taught intensive English courses to research physicians and laboratory technicians, with special emphasis on speech skills for oral and written presentations of research findings at international medical conferences
1990-1992 Kyoto University College of Medicine: Taught intensive English courses aimed at teaching Japanese physicians and nurses to communicate more effectively with English-speaking colleagues and patients
1986-1988 Osaka Seika Women's College, Osaka, Japan: Taught courses in Business English and English composition to women preparing for careers in the travel and international banking industries
1984-1986 Nippon Information and Communications, Osaka, Japan: Taught a variety of English-through- Drama classes; designed and wrote in-house materials in audio and video formats. Principal assignments included: intensive courses in English composition; curriculum design, writing and audio/video recording of training programs in English for academic and corporate clients; Business English courses and special field training seminars for such major companies as Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Nippon Steel, Mitsubishi Chemical and Osaka Gas
1970-1972 Hunter College, New York, New York: Instructor in English. Taught Expository Writing classes in World Literature and Drama
1969-1970 Columbia University School of General Studies, New York: Preceptor in English. Taught Expository Writing classes in World Literature
  B. Special Teaching Activities:
2005-2009 Presented numerous lectures on sound medicine, astrology, tarot, the Mayan calendar and other topics at the Maadi Community Services Association, the Heliopolis Community Association, the Cairo Women's Group for Health and the Alexandria Philosophical Society
1998-2003 Alliance for Drama Education, Honolulu, Hawaii: taught dozens of residencies at elementary and high schools throughout Oahu in the Getting Dramatic! Program, designed to teach confidence, poise and communication skills through theatre exercises and improvisations
"How to Play the Millennium": special multimedia lecture series on prophecy and divination, Honolulu, Hawaii 
Multimedia Lectures on Ceremonial Theatre and Sacred Geometry, delivered in Japanese: "Leonardo da Vinci and the Earthquake" (Kobe, 1995); "The Geometry of Love" (Nine-city Japan Tour, 1996); "Secrets of the Spiral" (Kyoto, 1997) 
1993- 1995 Physical Theatre workshops in Movement, Intuition and Silence at Yoshida Shrine, Kyoto; and drama, voice, public speaking and improvisational theatre courses at Steps Academy for Performing Arts
Assisted director Peter Brook with Kyoto Prize theatre lecture/demonstrations
1992-1993 Universal Comedy and Japanese Theatre Today: series of Lecture/Demos at The New School, New York; the Japan Foundation, Kyoto; and the University of Hawaii at Manoa
Ph. D. in Literature and Drama, Columbia University, New York. Major: 18th-century English literature. Minors: Renaissance poetry and drama. Dissertation: "Desperate Journey: The Race between Art and Death in Tristram Shandy"
M. A., 18th Century Literature, Columbia University Major: 18th-century English literature. Minor: 20th-century European Theatre. Master's Thesis: "Black, White and Motley: Visual Theatre in Tristram Shandy"
B. A., Literature/Drama, Rockhurst College, Kansas City, Missouri. Major: English and World literature. Minors: Theatre and Latin
Special Skills and Certificates:
Fluent in Japanese, nearly fluent in Spanish
Interfaith minister, ordained in the Church of Spiritual Science, New York (1982)
Expert in fencing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and cooking
Resume last updated: June 4, 2009