Mythic Prelude for October, 2010:
The Lord Captive
Hello, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for October 2010, a month that clearly shows -- in the manner of the concluding "2012 and Spiral Time" chapter of Dance of the Moon -- how specific events and themes come to reprise at given intervals of time after they first occurred, or happened before, only they do so now on a scale that is greater and often more urgent. Just as a spiral is created by opposing forces that first meet head-on, then slip sideways to turn round each other -- as hot and cold fronts collide and spin to form tornados --the issues and the grand, embracing myths we saw a year ago in The Sorceror's Intern have come round again in ways that range from the simple and the silly to the truly ominous, both in the seriousness of their colors and in their importance (literally a bringing in or an arrival at the door) in giving us an image of what is to come.
In the October, 2009 UFC prelude, we looked at the Swine Flu Scam, and the cultures of lies, manipulation and greed that grew it like a virus in a petree dish, and the disinfectants of courage and truth that saved many of us from wasting our money and risking our lives. These choices arrived within the context of larger, heavier questions: Are we on our way toward, or are we already in, some dire Malthusian experiment that reptilian corporatists are now conducting for their purpose of depopulating our planet, infecting and removing billions of us, so they can gain control of what they perceive as scarce and precarious resources? Or -- are we on the brink of awakening to limitless abundance in the ever-resilient body of Mother Earth and her energetic Field, and in our clearer grasp and playing of our own astonishing powerful capacities?
As always in our relentlessly dualistic Third Density, nothing is written in stone, stars or science, no matter how some aggressive, dogmatic prophets may insist that it must happen this way on this day, or else. It all waits, as it always has -- though less patiently now and in the years ahead -- for us to get it, to see and accept our role and responsibility in not just watching and enduring the cosmic opera that now begins, but in finding and committing to our jobs as archetypal lead singers, chorus and orchestra, set builders and painters, costumers and cosmeticians, lighting and stage crew, house and box office staff, and whatever else it will take to pull off together the contract we dreamed and signed so long ago. The rest of 2010, and 2011, will show us just how ready or resistant we are to accepting the inevitable: that time and the world are ours to create in a music of passionate attack and fearless joy.
October, in the Northern hemisphere, always includes the somber scenarios that come as the Libra month of harvest home gives way to Scorpio month and all that it implies: life at the extreme edge of risk, ruin and glory, cycles of death and renewal that begin in cold wind, falling leaves and branches that have just begun to leach from Earth tones into the black and white of winter. Not surprisingly, as the scent of death now rides on the air and Earth enters her annual phase of decay, rites and symbols of illness and ministers of healing fill this month and early November: Dead Moon and her greener sister, Ivy Moon; the Yoruba and Santeria feast of Orunmila, the Orisha who protects us from ills of the body and soul (Oct. 4); the Hindu Navaratri that honors Durga and other protector devas (Oct. 9 - 18); two festivals of Sekhmet the destroyer (Oct. 16 and 31), the feast of St. Luke, evangelist and physician (Oct. 18); and, the day after the Sun enters Scorpio on Oct. 23, the feasts of St. Raphael, archangel of healing, and Erinle, the Orisha who ministers to the sick and injured. And as we can see in Samhain, Hallowe'en and the Dia de los Muertos (Nov. 2), festivals can be solemn as well as giddy, especially when the Danse Macabre hides within its music and under a mask of mirth a theme much darker than the dance.
Comic Relief
October, then, was a month for chills and warnings about illness long before anybody started calling it the flu season. What's different about this year? It's less alarming than 2009, for sure, and almost comforting.
The flu pandemic that fearful consumers expected a year ago never did quite materialize, despite all those warnings about how you'd better get this shot that we haven't really tested yet, to make sure you don't get this flu that we don't actually understand yet either. In 2010, though, the magic of the market has turned flu vaccine into a seasonal favorite, just another non-prescription product like nose spray, cough syrup or those other pills and liquids that actors in white coats impersonating doctors sell on TV. And as the fetching heart on this Walgreens flu shot coupon shows, it doesn't matter whether the "medicine" is effective, or if a disease it's meant to address even exists. What does matter is that for only $29.95, you can feel good protecting someone you love from something that might be out there.
You just never know. But one thing we can believe in is that few stories in this season of weird and alarming medical news will contend as strongly for the Comic Relief prize as the suggestion of Dr. Darrel Francis -- not an actor in a white coat, but honestly, a real doctor from Imperial College, London -- that fast food restaurants should be able to give out statin drugs, like packets of ketchup, to counter the harmful effects of burgers and fries. As Mike Adams the Health Ranger points out, the problem here is not just that statin drugs cause "extreme muscle pain and weakness, kidney failure, the loss of CoQ10, . . . liver damage, erectile dysfunction, constipation and much more." The point is that if we're serious about our health, we won't order the Belly Bomb Burgers and Cheez Taters in the first place, but we'll make instead the food choices that helped Bill Clinton drop 24 pounds on a no-meat, no dairy diet.
Other recent health-related news has some people very alarmed, especially from rumors that in signing Executive Order 2010-14613 last month, Barack Obama has committed his country to adopting the notorious, much-dreaded Codex Alimentarius. We've seen this term before in the UFC, most recently a year ago in Sowing the Wind. Codex Alimentarius was first written in 1963 by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization in an effort to create international standards for food purity and safety. But like so many other initiatives that were meant at first to serve worthy goals of public health, this one too has been shanghaied by corporatists, notably German and other European pharmaceutical firms, the same ones who have been penalized in the last two decades for price-fixing and other collusion, false advertising and the marketing of unsafe products. Codex Alimentarius has since gained momentum in a rising gale of bribes and fear propaganda as the pirate Flotte races toward the prize that the synthetic drug industry has dreamed of since it was born in the 1870's, a century before it metastasized into Big Pharma.
What prize is that? Only this: that if and when Codex Alimentarius is enacted into law by the multinational corporate interests who own and operate what are often still perceived as sovereign "developed" nations, then the only food and medicines that will be allowed into the market will be the "scientifically" certified products -- including genetically-modified foods -- manufactured by or allied with the synthetic drug cartel, and their servants in government, the medical establishment and the rest of the Illness Maintenance Industry (IMI). While it is not strictly true, as Patrick Jordan wrote, that "The US is Adopting Codex Alimentarius," Executive Order 2010-14613 does contain "specific plans to ensure that all Federal health care programs are fully coordinated with science-based . . . recommendations by the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" (Sec 5f). The Order also specifies that the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council and its Advisory Group will follow "science-based guidelines" and prepare "science-based initiatives" in creating policy and setting program standards.
The nub of the whole business, then, is in the question of who defines science, and what constitutes acceptable "science-based" research, and evidence of product safety. Unless we can imagine herbalists, aromatherapists, energy medicine providers, Reiki masters and other holistic health practitioners all getting fitted with colored lights, buzzers and electrodes that can measure in acceptable numbers how many pulses of chi or watts of light per second are flowing through this meridian or that acupuncture node, then it's obvious who will decide what is "science-based." It will be Monsanto. It will be Pfizer Pharmaceutical, which, along with the Carlyle Group munitions combine, is one of the pillars of the B--h family's wealth. It will be our friend Dr. Francis, whose training is no doubt "science-based," and that's why we can count on him to make sure the meat in those Bacon Bonanza Burgers that he'll serve with statin drugs will be certified pure by science-based inspectors.
Now just a minute. Isn't all this rather alarmist, and not terribly respectful of the achievements of modern science -- would you prefer a witch shaking her painted toad skin at you, Dan? -- and frankly a little too acerbic to promote good digestion in the physical body and serenity in the other three (mental, emotional and spiritual) bodies? Perhaps. Yet we are now in the month of Scorpio season, when the speaking of one's truth can get uncompromising and astringent, and may carry that stinging sensation. This is why so many great satirists -- among them John Cleese (Oct. 28), Kurt Vonnegut (Nov. 11), Dick Smothers (Nov. 20) and Voltaire (Nov. 21) -- were all born under the Scorpion. Are the signs and warnings of danger that are coming now from so many quarters mere hysteria and fantasy?
Look Out! Pomegranate Juice Alert!
Only to those who find a certain comfort in flying blind. The IMI is pulling out all the stops now in advancing its agendas of control, using the natural diversion of an American midterm election campaign to move aggressively on as many fronts as it can. It has been reported in only the last few days that the Federal Trade Commission has censored POM Wonderful for daring to claim that its natural pomegranate juice promotes better health and disease prevention. The U. S. government has also just admitted to having performed secret medical experiments on Guatemalan prisoners in the 1940's. This, as we now know, was only one among hundreds of programs that have been designed and carried out over the last 60 years and more by -- yes, there they are again -- those science-based experts in the National Institute of Health and the U. S. Army. And, in what would be utterly shocking if people in "developed" nations were still shockable by anything besides the sexual hijinks of politicians and celebrities, Bill Gates stated in a recent speech that vaccines can now be used to reduce population by oh, 10 - 15%, thereby helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions too. He actually said this. You can see the TED talks video.
The public response so far is . . . silence. Perhaps this is only to be expected now in the ever more rarefied, silent vacuum that is created as freedoms disappear. The Pentagon tried to buy up all 10,000 first edition copies of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer's Operation Dark Heart, and intimidated its publisher, Thomas Dunne Books, into issuing a sanitized version from which war crimes and other suspicious matters -- including the events of Sept. 11, 2001 -- had been purged in the interest of that universal excuse for all misdeeds, "national security." However -- that magical market being the marvelously supple engine that it is, copies of the original unredacted book are now selling on eBay for the price of a B-1 Stealth Bomber.
As such things occur now but provoke little outrage; as the freedom of the internet comes under attack on two fronts, from corporatist profiteers and legislation that is now in the works to authorize government surveillance of internet communications, including e-mail and social media -- yes, we are, believe it or not, living in a time when it is not incredible that anarchists and terrorists might actually use Facebook and Twitter to hatch and spread their plans -- as local police forces and the FBI suppress peace activism and other political dissent; it is no longer surprising that fixers and demagogues now even dance brazenly on what used to be a third-rail issue by proposing, less than a month before an election, that the USA dismantle the Social Security system that keeps tens of millions of voters from having to dive the dumpster and dine at the soup kitchen. Not even Jonathan Swift, arguably the fiercest of all satirists, could have begun to imagine this. Yet in October of 2010, here we are.
So it makes some bizarre sense, in this darkly comic corridor of the mythic universe that we traverse now, that except for those who habitually spit and roar in self-righteous rage, or seethe with disappointment over the blown opportunity for collective awakening in the summer of 2010, or are just asleep at the switch as usual, there are so many earnest souls who now feel stuck and helpless, merely at the effect of events, but unable to make a dent or a difference, having no power to move, be heard, or see their way out of the morass of their own despair, or to stand against those who throw lies in our faces and sow crimes that shoot up around us like weeds. Many of us have assumed the posture, even if without his composure and the courage of his grace, of El Senor Cautivo: the Lord Captive.
The Lord Captive
He is venerated every Oct. 13 in one of Peru's most celebrated and mysterious festivals, held in Ayabaca, an Andean town so remote that even the Quechua did not build anything here, but placed their nearest temple complex some five hours away by jeep and foot. Ayabaca, the highest place in the region, sits on a mountain ringed with rice fields whose waters rise at dawn and before dusk into clouds that settle in the valleys and even in the streets, so that one can have at the summit of the town the Olympian sense of looking down on the Earth from the seat of Zeus Cloudgatherer himself. It is a fitting place for the Lord, or whatever there is of the Lord or the Lady in oneself, to be. This is why pilgrims from all over South America, even those who walk over 1500 miles from the bottom of the continent and travel the last day on their knees, come here now to honor the divine being whom they would not revere so deeply if they did not see the best of themselves mirrored in him.
This is how he appears on the main float that culminates the procession through the plaza. He has just been captured, having endured at Gethsemane the agony of seeing what is soon to come. He waits, his hands bound, to be taken to the trial that will send him to the cross. When the artist who paints or carves El Senor Cautivo gets him just right, his face is said to express a sadness at the world's suffering rather than the prospect of his own pain, and the serenity of the one who has purified the passive resignation of self-pity into an active, burning acceptance of what must be. In Roman Catholic liturgy, his purple robe is the penitential color of Holy Thursday in the ritual sequence that continues through Good Friday (black), Holy Saturday (white and gold for purification) and Easter Sunday (white and gold or green for renewal). Yet there are more profound dimensions to this symbol, both locally in Ayabaca and universally in the rites of Spring celebrated everywhere.
The word Ayabaca (also Ayavaca) in the Quechua language comes from aya, which means death but also connotes immortality -- and is thus a perfect match for this Pluto-ruled month of death and regeneration -- and huaca, which means a sacred place. Thus Ayabaca may signify the tomb of the dead, but may also mean the energy chamber of resurrection in which one passes through the portal of death and back into reunion with the unceasing flow of life. In this sense, says Wikipedia, "it must be considered that aya does not only mean deceased or ancestor in the physical sense, . . . but also in the symbolic and spiritual sense of the soul, consciousness and energy that departs the body, temporarily at night and definitely at the end of the life, but continues circulating in all vital processes, as the cycles of water, light and seasons, that move along with the Earth."
For a mythographer, the symbolism of the Lord Captive is measurelessly rich, for in cultures everywhere, the purple that Dionysus, Attis, Adonis and every other dying god wears has less to do with penitence than with the ecstatic self-sacrifice of the one who refines and transmutes the blood of the body into the wine of absolute compassion at the moment when the heart pulses into the richness of perfect love. And a look at those rays that emerge from the Lord Captive's head shows what Osiris and every other green god knew and gave so abundantly in the surge of spring. They are, clearly, stalks of wheat.
What does all of this have to do with us in the autumn of 2010? It's evident enough that many of us may identify with El Senor Cautivo in the years just ahead, as we see that recent revelations on Wikileaks are only the beginning of what will proliferate and accelerate now. We shall need all our fortitude and stillness to brave the herpetarium of appalling secrets that will soon coil and slither through our vision. One way to start inuring ourselves, though some may favor a stiff drink along with this item, is one of the the essential texts of the month for those who dare: Leuren Moret's horrific article "From Hiroshima to Iraq, 61 Years of Uranium Wars," about concerted schemes for depopulation now underway on a much bigger scale than Bill Gates has just spilled. This grim, astounding information, too dark even for the internet, is finally beginning to circulate widely for the first time since it was revealed at the end of 2006.
More to the point is that from the ensuing months of this year through 2011 and 2012, our prospects and the quality of the ride ahead will depend largely on our posture and emphasis, and the compass of our compassion. The way will be bumpiest for those who see only the pain and the horror, and serve only their own interests and most immediate relationships. They are likely to be textbook stories of how fear, and the entire range of fear-based emotions from shame and grief through rage, will weaken and isolate us, and repel our most crucial allies and resources.
Those who can stay in the band of love-based emotions from courage to bliss, or can keep homing to it the way a compass point returns to true north, will find instead that love strengthens and unites us, it attracts the most valuable resources of friendship and community, and, as it keeps our emphasis on what we want rather than on what we don't want, it stokes our ability not just to hold our ground, but to gain territory -- whether in physical, emotional or psychic space -- that we hadn't thought within our reach.
We can be fear-based or love-based. Almost all of us will experience both in some mix and measure, and we may sometimes be distressed to see how we can swing within minutes from one to the other. We can be "science-based" too, provided that we define for our own best aims, and those of our people and our planet, what science is, what it does, and which elements of it serve our aims of awakening and liberation. This is why the other essential text of the month is Dan Winter's "Love is Truly the Cause of Gravity." It is a long download in more ways than one, but perhaps the most useful and inspiring contribution since Spontaneous Evolution (see 2012) to the questions of how our personal and collective intentions within the energetic Field can shape our evolution in ways that are by no means only random or mechanical, but consciously, confidently directed toward goals we determine and realize.
It is all within our vision and grasp if we we will have the courage to trust our capacities. The time that now begins will belong in the end, no matter how faith may be shaken along the way, to those who will speak and sing their truth in the keys of courage and love, serenity and unconditional joy. Keep Holding That Frequency. Keep Holding all the ones that live in the Heart and the Crown.
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