Mythic Prelude:

Star of David


   The Full Moon in Libra from a year ago looked this way in the Universal Festival Calendar of October, 2002: "The Full Moon on Oct. 20 is a planetary moment of extreme importance as an opportunity to accelerate the awakening of Earth's people. The celestial dynamics of this Full Moon alignment certainly favor a chance to hold the frequencies of love and joy in ways that vibrate the planet toward awakening."

  If this was true last year, then, the opportunity for collective awakening at next month's Full Moon, on Nov. 8 - 9 is, if anything, some enormous multiple -- 20 times, 50 times, 200 times, who knows? -- greater in power than the October 2002 Full Moon. The Scorpio Full Moon coming on Nov. 8 - 9 is an extremely portentous Star of David Alignment having not only the required six planets in the main hexagon of the design, but also both nodes of the Moon, and another planet aspected to the ones in the Star of David. The design is elegant and beautiful, as this stylized, simplified chart shows. The Star of David has literally dozens of "aspects", or angles of interplanetary relationship that make this design far more intricate than a multiple conjunction (like the Taurus Stellium of May, 2000), or a multiple opposition, with planets in a straight line across the wheel (like the Harmonic Convergence of August 17, 1987), or grand cross alignments (like the two of August, 1999).

Star of David Alignment in Earth and Water:

November 9, 2003 at 1:14am

Greenwich, UK


  Star of David alignments are not extremely rare. One will see several in an average lifetime. In January 1999, there was a Star of David which heralded the major alignments noted above, and others, from summer 1999 through last year. Stars of David and hexagons must consist of three pairs of planets in opposition to each other, and this is why a Star of David normally forms at the Full Moon, when Sun and Moon are in opposition already, so only two other pairs of planets need come into opposition to complete the design.

  This year, the long 3-month opposition between Saturn in Cancer and Chiron in Capricorn (see last month's Mythic Prelude) has been waiting for a Full Moon and another opposition to align with it. This happens when the Moon in Taurus opposes the Sun in Scorpio at the Full Moon on Nov. 8 - 9, and Mars in Pisces moves opposite Jupiter in Virgo. This forms the grand design shown above -- in a rough version that will have to do until a snazzier one manifests -- with six planetary positions spread as shown here, at intervals of roughly 60° around the wheel, with all planets between 10° and 20° of the six "even" signs on the wheel:

  Planets in the water signs of Cancer (with Saturn), Scorpio (Sun and Moon's South Node, or Dragon's Tail) and Pisces (Mars) are shown in blue. Planets in the earth signs of Taurus (the Moon), Virgo (Jupiter) and Capricorn (Chiron) are in brown. Venus is shown in red, as some will consider her position at 24° Virgo close enough to the moon's nodes to draw her into the design as well. Thus all seven planets in the Star, and both moon's nodes, are located in water and earth, in 180° relationships of harmonious tension that stimulate each planet's full energy and creativity. While these faceoff positions on opposite sides of the wheel are considered "stressful" and "difficult" to some interpreters, the main emphasis here is on powerful, dynamic action between mutually nourishing elements, as earth fixes water and water brings life to earth.

  Whatever tensions are present in this trio of oppositions are more than overweighed by the "favorable" and "beneficent" angles of six planets forming sextiles of 60° each, six trines of 120° forming two grand trines, with planets arranged in two intersecting triangles. The moment is extremely favorable, for individuals and the planets, and is the kind of powerful star alignment that will come only a few times in a lifetime. Whether this has any significance for November, 2003 as a moment of major importance in the awakening of Earth and her people is up to the opinions of each -- but rarely does the stage machinery of the sky flash so clear and beautiful a sign that the air and the sky are ready for the most that human beings will dare in a moment of awakening that will be especially convincing because it will leave so many speechless.

  Huge and obvious changes will not be seen at the time of this Star of David alignment, any more than one expects to see changes in a woman's body immediately after she conceives. But the seed will be planted, and will grow in the months to come. It is true of this Star of David, as it was with the one in January 1998, that one of its intimate meanings is that it embodies a sacred sexual geometry in which male and female triangles interpenetrate one another, creating new life -- specifically, a new energy body formed from the combining of two opposite elements. The two main possibilities are a Star of David in Fire (male) and Air (female), which usually signals the consumption of something that is due to burn away, and a Star of David in Earth (male) and Water (female), which signifies the meeting of productive forces to create new life.

There will be much more soon about next month's Star of David, playing on the web, in print and even, amazingly, on mainstream TV. It's easy to figure out all the advantageous pieces of the alignment by looking at a good analysis like Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences. The summary piece is that once again, we have a planet-wide opportunity for linking awakened and awakening human beings in a larger Earth hive mind, and acting in concert with cetaceans and other species toward the awakening of humankind and Gaia. What makes this Nov. 8 - 9 Star of David specifically meaningful is that all those trines are not just placid, or easy, or even dull, as trines can tend to be, without the passion of conjunction or the piquancy of a square. These trines are very strong and energetic, working together like a water wheel, generating enormous power as Water keeps flowing through Earth.

All right. Thanks for November. What about October? Nothing about this month at all?

There isn't much. There are some months that are the tofu of the calendar this time around. They're usually positioned right before the months with the ginger, green onion and chili paste. A few notable features from October, 2003:

10/7 (Tue): Notable, really, only as the scheduled day of the most complicated comic plot to be devised in 300 years, since the Restoration: the California Recall election. On this day the Sun in Libra is square (90° from) Saturn in Cancer, trine (120° from) Neptune in Aquarius and sextile (60° from) Pluto in Sagittarius. Uranus is conjunct Mars. This is the kind of very high-intensity election day on which excitable people will weird out. Listen carefully.

10/9 (Thu): Venus exits Libra, one sign of her rulership as Venus the Mother, and enters Scorpio, where she is said to be "in fall," her energies not so much weakened or scattered (as when a planet is "in detriment"), but somehow misused and literally fallen from their true purpose. The exhausted, oozing energy here is love corrupted, as in Shakespeare's line, "Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds." (until 11/2)

10/25 (Sat): This New Moon is a fitting start to the two weeks that climax in the Full Moon of Nov. 8 - 9. Sun, Moon and Mercury form a double conjunction in early Scorpio, trine to Mars in Pisces and Uranus in late Aquarius, while Mars is quintile (72° from) the Moon's North Node, which is also opposite Venus. Jupiter in Virgo is sextile (60° from) Saturn in Cancer.

The main thrust of this New Moon on Oct. 25 is to settle and focus the mind toward what is coming in two weeks. October and November 2003 either are, or may as well be, designed for the rapid awakening of those who have been asleep, and the encouragement of those who are stuck in fear. The main point of the month is coming into reunion: of earth and water, male and female, sex and spirit, body and soul. Keep Holding That Frequency.


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