Astral Prelude


   The Full Moon on Oct. 20 (below) is a planetary moment of extreme importance as an opportunity to accelerate the awakening of Earth's people. The celestial dynamics of this Full Moon alignment certainly favor a chance to hold the frequencies of love and joy in ways that vibrate the planet toward awakening.

   This month it is best to cut to the chase, and save the main scene. The burning practical and immediate question for October 2002 is: To go to war or not go to war? Those who are hell-bent to launch before lunch find the delicate business of herding far too many cats more exasperating by the minute. Others who are heaven-bent to slow the rush to war, even avoid war altogether, often prove successful now in bringing more light and love than rage and hate to the proceedings. Communications of love and peace are favored now.

For peacemakers who are interested in the astral dynamics of this moment, the encouraging news is that only a moron will go to war with Mercury retrograde (until Oct. 6) or Mars in Libra (Oct. 15 - Dec. 1). The sobering news, on the other hand, is that the number of morons in America seems to increase geometrically by the week. Lest this calendar appear merely to argue that those who disagree with the author are stupid -- this cheap ad hominem rhetoric is best left to loud white males who rule TV on Sunday afternoon and Fox News and radio at all hours -- it is better and more useful to make sure we understand exactly what kinds of folly are involved here.

The simple actuality is that both ends of the intelligence spectrum are sparsely populated. People who are truly imbecilic by nature or mishap are almost as rare as geniuses. Why, then, does it seem sometimes that imbeciles are proliferating all the time? Because for every person who really is stupid there are many others who may as well be, for they are either asleep and uninvolved, and thereby show why the Greek word from which we derived the English "idiot" literally means a person who does not participate actively in public life -- or they are the most dangerous fools of all because no one knows how immense their mistakes will be, and how steep the public cost -- they are the brilliant fools who are deaf to their own intuition and unlit in the heart, so the only thing they can use is their intellect. The good news is that their intellect is acting as a self-appointed police force only for the present emergency. The disturbing news is that their intellect knows how to prolong the emergency indefinitely. It happens all the time. Kennedy and Johnson had a number of these unaccompanied intellects designing misery in Vietnam. Now Bush and Cheney have new experts. These are the ones who can do a power of damage. They are simply too smart for anyone's good because they will not employ the intellect in love.

One does not have to be the author of the Peter Principle to know that this unfastened rogue intellect type is most common on the highest tiers of corporations, churches and governments, and this is why the destinies of entire nations are in the hands of people who can't speak in intelligible sentences, or don't know how much a quart of milk costs, or lose sensitive documents or send them to the wrong places, or would likely walk around a supermarket -- if they ever actually wound up in one -- looking in vain for the toast.

It's lonely up there where people who don't know how to make fire or find food in a forest are in charge of national arsenals, farm policies and a court system. It's terrifying for those poor, brilliant, isolated souls. So it's best for the rest of us, who try every day to gain some understanding of why such powerful people behave so cluelessly, to see that ridicule is too easy, that anger and blame continue to accomplish nothing, and that compassion is the only resource that will serve us. Imagine what it is like to be Mr. Rumsfeld, Ms. Rice, or Mr. Cheney in the hour before sleep, and to brood in the dark about what Winston Churchill meant when he said that he did not become prime minister in order to preside over the dissolution of the British Empire. The Bush regime, and all who lead the predatory corporatism that traditional republican capitalism has now become, at least in the United States, may keep a brave face, even a nervous grin, to cover their inner reality. But they dread history's stark verdict: that these were the ones who lost it, lost the whole map and market. It was on their watch that the power elite lost control, and the global pie slipped out of America's hands. If this thought is not enough to put some ice in one's groin, what is? And if fear is the true cause of dishonesty, is it any wonder that the government has fabricated a crusade campaign worthy of Bernard of Clairvaux? (For more on him, see most recent UFC listing for Aug. 20.)

The rogue intellects must be shivering with fear if they are lying this much, so let us proceed in love, and see October 2002 for what it is: a month that either is, or may as well be, designed for the sudden awakening of those who have been asleep, and the encouragement of those who are stuck in the coldest fear. This is a month when many can and will awaken, and it is up to us who are committed to this goal to stay consistently in love and serenity. Keep holding that frequency. Here are some dates and details:

10/6:   Mercury "goes direct" on the day of the New Moon, when the Sun-Moon conjunction is sextile (60° from) Jupiter in Leo on one side, and Pluto in Sagittarius on the other; Jupiter and Pluto thus form a very favorable trine (120° arc) that grows stronger through the month, becomes exact on 10/27, and continues into January 2003. This trine represents an ability to achieve inner spiritual insight and integrate it into the outer fabric of social action, and the alignment of Sun and Moon at the center of the trine clearly embodies, among other things, what master astrologer Reinhold Ebertin termed "an appreciation of the need for social or religious regeneration". This potential for personal and collective awakening begins at the New Moon, and continues through the month.

Oct. 7 - 11: In the days just following the New Moon, Mercury in late Virgo is square (90° from) Saturn in late Gemini, raising again more urgently the question of how the American media will play the inevitable tension between their natural impulse to tell the story, and their fear of reprisal and pressure from those who want to suppress it. The media will reach between Oct. 6 and 10 the kind of nexus Muhammad Ali had in mind when he said "You can run, but you can't hide". We are about to see whether mainstream media in the United States are here mainly to heel and obey, or to speak their truth in the service of their deepest principles. One very promising development is that the normally obedient publicity vehicle Newsweek has just published an article on how the United States assisted Saddam Hussein during the Reagan era.

If others are emboldened to dig and report -- on the healthy premise that any information that someone wants to suppress is news, and everything else is publicity -- then who knows what could come out? The fool king parade of embarrassing revelations about the suits, the brass and the cops, often forecast in this Calendar, most recently in June and August, swells high as the whole media marching band is out for a showdown and about to face the reviewing stand. Will the David of honest journalism sling his stone at the Goliath of rogue corporatism on Oct. 9 and 10, just before Mercury enters Libra? He wants to, and is gathering nerve.

10/16:   Mars enters Libra, where he is "in detriment", partly because the balancing energy of Libra works against the one-pointed certainty that a warrior needs to start and maintain a fight, and partly because in Libra - as is true also with the other Venus-ruled sign of Taurus - Mars is under the influence of Venus, and is more likely to protect families than to try to kill them. It is exceedingly exhausting to get morale high and keep it there while Mars is in Libra. This month and a half (until Dec. 1) is extremely favorable for teaching principles of mercy and forgiveness to unlikely audiences who will be uncommonly receptive.

The other main ripple at mid-month is that Chiron in Capricorn is square (90° from) planets moving through Libra: Mercury (Oct. 15) and Mars (Oct. 24).. As of this writing (Oct. 1), DEA agents have raided medical marijuana facilities in California, arresting people who are fighting terminal cancer and AIDS, and actually handcuffing them to their wheelchairs. Which group in the system is most likely to perpetrate such outrageously arrogant and heartless cruelty? You guessed it. It's those unaccompanied intellects again, producing their War on Drugs with a stolid fervor that, if it goes on much longer, will begin to rival the Roman persecutions of Christians for the Longest-running Rearguard Action against a Spiritual Force. Is marijuana to the American empire what Christianity was to Rome? It may as well be. It's certainly being treated that way. The ancient and ongoing War on the Plants will continue for a while, though there will be a respite next month when planets are in Scorpio, one of Chiron's medicine animals.

10/21   The Full Moon is the climactic event of the month. It is one of the main elements in an extremely auspicious double grand trine. The Sun in Libra forms a grand trine in air with Saturn in Gemini and Uranus in Aquarius. This piece is very favorable for sudden awakening to spiritual truths, especially those which had been unseen or resisted before, but which can now be faced and integrated or dissolved. Moon in Aries, opposite the Sun, is sextile (60° from) Saturn and Uranus. These four planets thus literally form a peace sign on the zodiac wheel, with the Sun at one end, opposite the Moon, with Saturn and Uranus sextile the Moon on either side, forming the three lines of the leaf at the other end.

This grand trine is linked with another one, which has Mercury in Libra trine Neptune in Aquarius and Moon's North Node (Dragon's Head) in Gemini. This second grand trine is loosely linked to the first through a quintile to Uranus in Aquarius. This represents a time in which the forces of imagination can be used truthfully for awakening mass audiences. Most of all, this Full Moon is an advantageous Day of Power for those who are working for peaceful spiritual transformation into the beings of love that we are meant to become.

Before we close, an Advance Look at the celestial dynamics of the American election day on Nov. 5.

Election day rides in on the Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 4, which squares (at 90° from) Jupiter in Leo. It's likely that this election will bring the beginnings of new things which some powerful people will view as disturbing and unpleasant. Changes at this election will be subtle at first, but pround. Venus in Scorpio is square (90° from) Neptune in Aquarius, meaning that there will be a continuous ooze and flash of disinformation up to and culminating on election day. Mars in Libra will be in the middle of a trine between Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius. The simplest summary for now: Tampering has been alleged -- in Hawaii and New Jersey -- and will continue to be alleged and reported in many places. The election will be no dramatic mandate for one side or thrilling reversal for the other. But it will demonstrate that the 70% approval rating and pro-war consensus are a sham, and that more minds have awakened and see war as a movie or glitter patch to hide all the corporate gangrene. It will be clear on Nov. 5 that more people want to slow war down or not do it at all than want to bomb 'em now. The election result will be an icebag that reduces the war fever, at least for the month. The danger is greater when Mars is in Scorpio, from Dec. 1.

Meanwhile, now, in October, the very beautiful design of the Libra Full Moon on 10/20 - 21 could be explicated to exhaustion, but why? The point now for spiritual workers is, as the supple trickster Scaramouche put it, "Mademoiselle, the time for action has arrived." For those intent on spiritualizing the Earth, the time is the Full Moon, and the iron is hot.


Copyright 2002 Dan Furst



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