November, 2009
Mythic Prelude:
Comunidad Intencionada
Hola, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for November, 2009. What's with the unusual English words in this month's title? Is Quentin Tarantino's new film Inglourious Basterds having an even faster and more corrosive influence on our spelling than we had feared? Not really. The words are in Spanish, because our theme this month is the gentle art of Intentional Community as it is being softly but brilliantly practiced by Circle of Sound and their friends and neighbors in the town of Capilla del Monte, Argentina. The title phrase of this prelude did not exist only a few years ago, but it spreads like wildfire now as two of the key ideas of our Aquarian moment have made a love match that had to happen sooner, not later, between the building of community that engages so many of us, and the manifesting of what we want for ourselves and our planet by practicing the arts of attraction and intention. No one had heard of intentional communities in 2000. Now they proliferate in abundance.
Capilla del Monte is one of the most accomplished intentional laboratories on our planet, doubly remarkable for the modesty of the practitioners who do not think of themselves as teachers because they just do it, and do it surpassingly well. The name of the place means Chapel of the Mountain because near the sacred mountain of Uritorco is the mythic power center and acoustical jewel of the church of San Antonio de Padua. It is said officially to have been built in the 17th century by the descendants of conquistadores, but a persistent legend says that the "original" building -- perhaps erected on a much older Quechua temple, like so many churches in Peru -- was put up by none other than the Knights Templar.
It certainly does look like a Templar church, in everything from the octagonal design of the vault, echoed in the octave motifs of a stylized
Templar cross in the skylight window and circles of eight gold medallions in the floor tiles. The Templars' double windows -- symbolizing the mystic friendship that bound
members of the Order together -- are here too, and there are even plaques with gold Maltese crosses under the Stations of the Cross.
If the myths about this church are true, they would mean that when almost all the French Templars escaped from the trap that Philip IV set for them in 1307 -- while Grandmaster Jacques de Molay remained behind to defend the honor of his Order at the kangaroo trial that ensued-- some of the knights did not stop at Scotland, but sailed all the way across the Atlantic nearly two centuries before Columbus, then made their way inland to the beautiful valleys between the pampas and the Andes. The rich have been coming here for centuries to get away from the fetid steam room of summer in Buenos Aires, and many others have been drawn here now by the vibrational pull of Uritorco, the mysterious grotto of Ongamira, the meditation space (complete with a pyramid) at Dique El Cajon and Posta del Silencio, all of which are so loaded with quartz and other high-frequency stones that there are times when all of Capilla del Monte seems to be one pulsating crystal city. It is no wonder that this place is so perfectly suited to sound and intentional work with quartz crystal singing bowls, and that it is one of the seven "primary sites" in the global Circle of Sound network.
Circle of Sound was born in 2003 when Don Hugo Jaime, the wisdom keeper and custodian of Posta del Silencio, first heard a crystal singing bowl played by Daniel Brower, and told his American visitor the story of the Comechingone people, who are said to have evaded the Spanish by reteating to the underground city of Encuentro de Remanentes del Kosmos Sideral (ERKS), the "Gathering of Cosmic Sidereal Remnants," where this starseed race carries on in its Temple of the Spheres the work of interterrestrial communication by means of three "mirrors," and keeps the keys to the regeneration of the human species. The area abounds, naturally, in tales about UFO's and a bluish-purple band of light that opens at sunset when interstellar voyagers -- some of them said to be from the Pleiades -- travel to and from their underground base between the mountains.
Over the six years since 2003, Daniel -- shown here with his partner, Maria Waka -- has delivered sets of seven chakra-tuned singing bowls to the seven "primary sites," all of them locations of underground cities, to which Hugo Jaime guided him. The fruit of his work has been to establish bowl circles in dozens of countries, which play together in synchronized global meditations at the solstices and equinoxes. When my friend James
Marcus and I linked up after our respective journeys from Hawaii and Peru, and drove the highway from Cordoba to Capilla del Monte, we did not see any Palacio Pleiadiano resorts or Tavernas de los Templares -- but give it time -- we knew we were on our way to the most ambitious Circle of Sound event yet, attracting people from over a dozen countries.
In some ways, this first open sound ceremony in the center of town was typical. In the inner circle are some seventy members of the core group -- about a third each from abroad, from Buenos Aires, Cordoba and other places in Argentina, and from the Circle of Sound group in Capilla del Monte -- playing singing bowls, bells, didjeridoos and flutes, and around them hundreds of friends and visitors who know not just from leaflets along the covered shopping street, but also from the amazing intentional radar that operates here, that when Circulo de Sonidos gathers to play, one makes a point of being there.
Not that the sound is the only attraction, even when so many bowls -- 46 in this first circle of the week, growing to 70 at the largest public circle in Ongamira -- are singing so majestically in response to the touch of skilled, sensitive players. From the beginning, Circle of Sound has applied the core principle of energy medicine that has perhaps been most succinctly stated in the famous formula of sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman: that Sound + Intention = Healing. As it so often happens now as ancient alchemical practices are rediscovered, there is really nothing new going on here. Jesus was only one of the many masters who articulated in their different ways the same essential point that "By your own faith shall you be healed."
The new element in all this, though, as 21st-century technologies and Aquarian networking now enable millions of people to link up in global meditations and ceremonies across adjoining time zones and all over the world -- and as more of us also see the sacredness of all living things and even things that seem to have no life -- is that for the first time we can aspire to individual, communal and universal healing in ways that are simple and fun. Every Circle of Sound event features signs in many languages that players carry around the circle, all showing the same message of "Harmony, Acceptance, Unity, Joy and Compassion among all beings on the planet." Here the author, in his usual dignified posture, holds the five intentions in the Hawaiian language the day after he was initiated into the Cosmic Clown Society, whose members pledge themselves to generate and spread joy in every interaction they have.
It happened with this Circle of Sound gathering, as it often does when committed alchemists spend a week enveloping one another in powerful frequencies of sound in magnetically charged places, that physical emergencies can occur, as they did for several people in the group, including me. One never knows when it's going to hit. In the morning of the sixth day I was singing like a cathedral organ in San Esteban at the chapel of the Senderos del Monasterio -- one of those countless places where the Spanish missionaries understood the power of brilliant choral acoustics for enticing souls -- and by the next morning I was near respiratory shutdown, hardly able to move, even to breathe. On the next day, the surprises began.
It was no surprise that a devoted heart warrior like Alejandro Simbron (standing at center in the circle above) came to my room the next day, asked how I was, and told me I wouldn't need to go to the hospital because an EMS van was on its way. Nor was it surprising that an angelic teacher like Maria Clara Rothberg, who specializes in working with children with learning disorders, did reiki on me while we were waiting for the hospital team, and interpreted between us when they arrived. The first surprise came when I asked Clara how much I should pay for my cortisone and oxygen. Nada, she replied, and the two EMS workers laughed when they got the scenario, if not all my English. Yes, it turns out that now, as the bitterest fury and the most toxic, relentless lies burn and slither through the country of my birth around the question of who is entitled to health care and whether their government should help them pay for it -- my EMS treatment in Argentina cost me not one centavo.
Then the stranger surprises began. When I walked into the herbiary near the hotel, the man behind the counter, whom I had never seen before, asked if my breathing was getting any better. As I continued down the covered shopping street, other locals came up and asked Como es su respiracion? Somehow people I had met briefly only once a few days before, and whose names I couldn't remember, all knew that Dan had been in a really bad way the night before. How did the word about my condition get around instantly like this, unless half of Capilla del Monte had gotten up before dawn to make sure everybody else knew, and all of them were holding the thought that I get better fast? It couldn't have happened by phone, and nobody uses Twitter here yet.
Then it suddenly hit me. Electronic communications are redundant among people who hold intentions with such strength and skill that they don't even need to be spoken, but fly at once in the new Aquarian telepathy that enables many to align like a flock of birds who make not a plan or even a peep about where they're going, but turn in an instant as one. The rest of us are only beginning to learn how to do this. But Circle of Sound, and all of Capilla del Monte, is working not just as an intentional community, but even as an intentional university whose masters practice their arts of service with a devotion that is as effective as it is silent and swift. I will go back to learn more about how they Keep Holding That Frequency.

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