Mythic Prelude:

Places, Please

Anyone who has ever acted in a play, or done a dance or music performance, knows what these two words mean. When the opening music and the curtain are only a few minutes away, the stage manager notifies everyone that it's time to take their places for the top of the show. Extraneous conversations stop. Distraction ceases. All attention goes to the play. It's time for each one to go within, get into character, shift our focus off of our own needs and wishes, away from the affections or dislikes or other little resonances that link us only to this person or that. Once we're at places, we live for one thing: the passion and the beauty that everybody, the whole cast working together with all differences set aside, is about to uncork for a full house.

The days before the "Harmonic Concordance" of Nov. 8 - 9 feel a lot like this. We are in fact taking our places for the start of the show. It is obvious to those who have interest in these things that the star design that rules this month, and the rest of this year, is of extreme importance. Some people who may or may not be experts are claiming that this month's alignment has never happened before, and even that the magnificent Star of David / "Grand Sextile" design in the zodiac will be the trigger for the moment of ascension itself, when those who have the eye to fly and love in the glove will all lift into the fifth dimension, achieving freedom, bliss and love, making Nov. 10, the day after all of this, anything but Blue Monday.

It may happen. The Great Shift, the End of Time, the Zero Point, whatever we choose to call it, is attainable, and it will be Nice Work if We Can Get It - but it's best to place no bets at a time when the casino, the rules, the percentages, even the colors on the chips are dissolving and transmuting as we think and speak. All bets are off, and this month the UFC makes no predictions at all.

In fact, it's not much of an exaggeration to say that information itself is largely irrelevant at this time. Does this mean that no useful material has been, and is being, created about the Harmonic Concordance? No, certainly not. Excellent scouting reports continue to appear. On the Harmonic Concordance website you can find charts of the star alignment for 13 different localities on Earth. See These charts, and the much simpler chart in the UFC's Mythic Prelude for October 2003, show you how the planetary layout looks, at least in two dimensions. You can also google Rob Brezsny, Philip Sedgwick and other insightful and eloquent astrologers. You can get a book of interpretation to help you plumb the dozens of relationships in the design. Count 'em: One hexagon or Star of David. Two interlocking grand trines. Three oppositions. Six trines. Six sextiles. And that's counting only the six planets in the Star, without the other planets or the two Moon's Nodes.

For those who just love more and more information, and don't mind what Yeats called the "bitter furies of complexity," the Harmonic Concordance design, coming to us at the dawn of Aquarius in the technologies of light, is the best thing ever. It's a platinum mine as big as Brazil. It's the novel Joyce would have written after Finnegans Wake. It's enough to make Dr. Frankenstein's obsession look like a fondness for butter brickle.

The point here is not that information about the Harmonic Concordance is worthless, but that only a little is really needed. That's why there will be only minimal analysis here of the astral and mythic meanings of the Star of David / Grand Sextile design. Suffice it to say that the solar energies of masculine intellect and electricity (the Sun), the lunar energies of feminine intuition and magnetism (the Moon), the Warrior (Mars), the Ruler (Jupiter), the Mystic Teacher (Saturn) and the Wounded Healer (Chiron) are all linked to maximum effect and advantage. The Dragon's Head (Moon's North Node) and Dragon's Tail (Moon's South Node) will be conjunct respectively with Moon and Sun, thereby aspecting all the other planets in the star in relationships that are both karmic and collective, giving the Earth, her people and other species a chance to light each other up and love each other into bliss for the fullness and freedom of all. This planetary moment specifically disfavors male acts of chaos, reptilian violence and destruction (Dragon's Tail conjunct Sun), and favors female acts of order and creation, and widespread wise woman activities (Dragon's Head conjunct Moon).

Astrologer John Mirehiel, who coined the term Harmonic Concordance, saw clearly and chose well. The words are specific in their meaning. At the Harmonic Convergence (Aug. 17, 1987), a number of energies intersected to mark a spike in collective human awareness. At the Harmonic Concordance, the awakened and awakening people of the Earth will meet and do something together in the heart, as concord means "hearts together". The word is rich in associations, including the karmic and aka cords that bind us together, and the tonal chords that we can produce to resonate at higher frequencies of consciousness and feeling.

The main premise is that keepers of frequency, and other awakened and awakening beings, have a responsibility to play actively in the Harmonic Concordance, to give their energies to it in ways that will amp its power and its possibilities. There will be thousands of ceremonies and gatherings, great and small, at the Harmonic Concordance. The author will do one in Hawaii. People everywhere can link with the global OM meditation being organized, live and on the web, by Jonathan Goldman, the Sound Healers' Association, World Puja and their team. For more on this, go to

Of course, the polite and spiritually correct thing to say is that nobody has to do anything. No one has any right to interefere with any other person's right to do nothing. But it is time now to ask whether people who are awake, but are not joining the ceremonies of lift and liberation, are people who may as well still be alseep. Those who believe they are awake can simply link with others in intention, without going anywhere, meeting anyone or doing anything.

But why would anyone want to be so unimaginative and uninvolved when all of us who are awake and committed to love will take this priceless opportunity to love and heal our planet, our brothers and sisters, and ourselves, and play it for all it's worth? It is time to get in the game. What to do, and how? In a moment.

It is worth noting here that it is the people of the Americas, especially North America, who hold the big opportunity at the Harmonic Concordance. Why? Because the main alignment, with a lunar eclipse at its peak, happens on Saturday evening across the Americas. The center point of the eclipse comes on Saturday Nov. 8 at 3:13pm in Hawaii, 5:13pm in Los Angeles, 6:13pm in Denver, 7:13pm in Chicago, 8:13pm in New York and 10:13pm in Rio de Janeiro. (All times listed here, and those that follow, except for Greenwich, are subject to adjustment for variation from local mean time.)

It's a different story on the other side of the Atlantic, where the Harmonic Concordance and the lunar eclipse happen at 1:13am on Sunday Nov. 9 in Greenwich, 2:13am in Cairo, 3:13am in Moscow and so on.

In other words, Europe, Africa and west Asia are asleep during the Harmonic Concordance, but the Americas, the Pacific and East Asia are up and more than about. In Hong Kong, the alignment is exact at on Sunday Nov. 9 at 9:13am. It's at 10:13am in Beijing and Tokyo, etc. And in America it's Saturday night, with all that that promises and implies. This point of timing carries more than just a slight suggestion that one of the main objectives of the Harmonic Concordance, if we think of it as the product of divine planning and will, is specifically to wake up the United States, the baffling bipolar country which is at the same time the most materially progressive and optimistic society on Earth, and also the most spiritually reactionary and inert, apparently shifting shape from moment to moment between water and stone, garden and desert, lover and killer, joker and jailer and all the rest. For the benefit of all beings on Earth, something must be done to ease the entertaining but appallingly costly civil war within the heart and soul of what was once, and could be again, the beacon of liberty and the promise of peace for people everywhere. Once America gives up the posture of against, and starts moving with everyone else, and even plays again the beat of freedom that everybody loves, life in third density - at least what remains of it -- will get so much easier for us all.

How to bring this about? Not through antiwar shouting as usual. The good news about the old 1930's-style protest paradigm of angry accusation is that it still has, after all these years, the emotional value of giving indignant and exasperated people a chance to vent. The tough news is that the same old raging and screaming still aren't winning many hearts and minds. How can they, when yelling in another person's face will normally not entice him to open and yield, but will only harden him in his position? How do we know that the usual loud antiwar activity is becoming increasingly irrelevant? Next time you go to or pass by an antiwar rally, get the sheet with all the slogans for chanting, and see if you find the word "love" anywhere. Good luck. Once human beings begin to understand that love is the opposite of war, and that we have to give love to get its serene symptom, peace, we shall get somewhere, and when we do, we shall get there fast.

The idea is not to fixate any longer on how unawakened some people are -- as this will only help keep them asleep -- but rather to envision a planet so thoroughly awakened in love that human beings will use sleep only for medicinal purposes. We will not achieve this by being merely polite. We will have to bring instead a certain brio, as actors who work in the heart do when they go all out to give their audience the best show they've ever seen. The Broadway producer David Merrick liked to stoke the advertising budget for Hello Dolly even when the house was sold out every night for months to come, and that's how he packed the house a year in advance. The Harmonic Concordance deserves, and requires, that kind of vision, nerve, confidence and ambition in the way we play it. We are fully capable of pulling off a planetary awakening of such grandeur that it will be unimaginable until we accomplish it.

If the Harmonic Concordance is indeed a moment of dimensional lift and transition, then we can think of the sky design coming on Nov. 8 not just as a two-dimensional Star of David, but as a three-dimensional figure of the star tetrahedron, representing the double energy field known as the merkaba. As Jonathan Goldman has pointed out, the merkaba field of the Harmonic Concordance is identical to the energy pattern of the syllable OM, whose cymatics -- i.e., sound frequency pattern -- is the same as that of the sri yantra, shown here. So how best to play the Harmonic Concordance? It's easy. Stretch your muscles, tune your pipes and get ready to chant and tone, move and dance.

Make it a full body, full energy field experience. And stay fully present in the preparation and the ceremony, rather than focusing on predictions of what is coming. As Susan Moore has noted in an insightful recent message, "The material world will always conform to the vibration; it just takes longer. Predictions are not useful. Each individual is 100% at choice. The shift is in the fire."

We are all in it together. So is God, whether one conceives of Him, Her, It or They as an ineffable presence far above and beyond human beings, or as an energy frequency that we all create and sustain. Whatever God is, it is time to state our human intention, and ask God to support us. We want to free and care for the Earth. We ask You to help us. We have paid our dues. We are ready for the challenge, and responsible for the result. The time for waiting and preparing and becoming worthy is over. We were born worthy, in the mirror of Your being. It's time to use us in the game. Please play us or trade us. We are ready.


Copyright 2003 Dan Furst