Astral Prelude

This month the Universal Festival Calendar molts again for the second time this year. The April calendar shifted focus from prediction of dire events and how to ride them to the theme that the more one focuses on destructive results from the lower end of the mass emotional spectrum, the more the predictor, no matter how accurate, helps to bring these events about and thereby contributes to stoking the mass vibration of fear. Ironically, while this calendar has always sought to help liberate humanity and the Earth from forces who want control of the planet through fear, the calendar itself has triggered fear in some readers and has thereby served the fear program of the power elite. The April calendar redirected all of the astral prelude material away from fear toward the consistent practice and service of love.

From this month, the calendar will no longer include long astral preludes with long astrology forecasts and long range trends. The keyword here, you have noticed, is "long". For various reasons, among them the author's imperative of moving more easily on the earth plane by selling creative work, it is no longer feasible to invest as much time in gift work when there are scripts to be written, plays to be done, and festivals to sing and dance in.

Some astral material will still be in the daily listings. And those who want detailed information can still get it through a personal astrology reading.

It is Aquarius now, so it's best to keep wordshafts quick and short. We already know that the main theme of the month is the same as it's been for years now. Conditions are the same as they were in the Universal Festival Calendar for October, 2001:

"This month is the moment of perception following the events of September, the time of crystallization when the veil shifts and it becomes possible to see through the carefully crafted illusion of unity that the rhetoric team of government and media have been polishing ever since Sept. 11 [2001]. The fissures in the screen begin to appear now, as  more people come to understand that unity will not last long or stay flexible unless the truth is served. The themes of this Blue Moon will test the premises of whether freedom can survive without truth, as the astral dynamics have to do with communications, entertainment, hot and dazzling rhetoric, illusion, deception, some of the old lies and many new ones, all now in flood. From now until 2004, one prized quality in a highly developed soul will be the detachment and equanimity to swim in lies without upset or annoyance."

The same flood is cresting now that the American election comes the day after Full Moon in Scorpio, as the dark end of Scorpio is secretive and duplicitous. The Full Moon of this month is always -- though it may not seem so at the time -- one of cleansing and renewal:

The joyous Diwali festival of lights in India reverses now, after three days, into the Kali New Moon that clears away the old and brings the new.

Nov. 5 is the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, which falls this year on the same day as an American election that will either impact or lighten many Islamic countries.

In the Mayan calendar systems, Nov. 5 begins the Uinal of Death, the sixth of the 20-day Uinals in the current cycle of the Tzolkin, or 260-day calendar. This Uinal is ruled by Mictantecuhtli, the Lord of darkness from whom new life must soon proliferate.

Among the Hopi, Pueblo and Zuni peoples of the American Southwest, Nov. 5 may be the year's most solemn festival: Shalako, Return of the Kachinas, celebrated each year from the last New Moon in Scorpio to the next Full Moon. The sacred images are ritually removed from the kiva, purified, then blessed and beautified in dance ceremonies that renew gratitude to the Great Spirit and the ancestors for health, food, babies and protection from dark forces.

The collective likelihood is that this New Moon on Nov. 4 - 5 will be a Scorpionic reversal, in the collapse of one thing and the birth of another, in the purifying and the renewal. The likely election outcome: an apparent disappointment for those who do not want war and wish to dismantle the present system of parasitic and predatory corporatism. The more momentous reality will take longer to perceive: that in places like the United States, where millions of people have already relocated to the Aquarian paradigm and no longer give their energy to the corporatist two-party shell game, elections only convey the opinions of some of the people who are still beating the dying horse of Piscean American money hierarchy. The elections do not reflect the inevitable fact that the Aquarian people now at work in cyberspace, who are not reported in the TV culture or reflected in the election results, will be the ones who create the future not from changing the present system, but from being available to clean it up when it passes away from its own corruption. Then comes the challenging part, when the Aquarians invent something new. Whatever it is, it is likely to have the Aquarian features of equality, friendship, honesty, teamwork, inventiveness, discovery and the values of world community.

A few ideas for this month, then we go to Daily Listings:

Societies are shifting now from the old Piscean hierarchies of control, domination and secret manipulation -- governments, corporations, churches, private armies, cartels of money movers and currency wizards -- to the Aquarian Team of people working and loving as like-minded friends. The energy of Aquarius is Friendship, and that's why both Work and Marriage in Aquarius will move from side to side between good friends, not up and down between the boss and the worker. In the simplest terms, the Aquarian Comedy is Charley Chaplin's: "Give me a park bench, a pretty girl and a cop, and I can make a comedy anywhere." The Piscean Age has been ruled by the cop. The Aquarian Age will be ruled jointly by the pretty girl and the trickster. Their energies are blending, and this is why pretty girls are getting to be better and better tricksters all the time, and tricksters are learning the art of much better presentation.

November will be slickly produced, and will awaken a lot of people all over the Earth.

Tremors in Consciousness, rather than tremors in physical space, come more frequently now, for the moment of Cosmic Birth is coming. As the mother strains toward birth, toxins are released in her body and come out in sweat. The contractions are faster and more painful. We have a choice now between reacting to the birth agony in fear, or welcoming the newborn in love, and visioning what we want the new child and all the new children to be: the builders and farmers, the teachers, tricksters, beauties and clowns of the New Earth, when there will be no countries, no borders, no separatist religions, no passports , no trade barriers, nothing to separate people from each other any more. We will get there, to the Universal Aquarian Freedom, at our own pace. There is no point in trying to push it, though many, including the author, would like to bring it about soon.

The fastest way to accomplish the change will include new ways of teaching the most effective remedy for fear: Love is the medicine, and even though it is the most important thing of all, in most places it is not taught to children except in whatever ways the parents invent or learn from others. The children learn letters and numbers, and social flow and small organization. But they don't learn the practice and life skill of love. Instead, they often learn hate, and they know, even before they can walk, the words their parents use about the people we hate. Their schools, media and toys train them in more hate, until there are whole nations of young people who have never experienced the sublime thrill of love, the comfort and tenderness, but know instead only the cheap thrill of hate.

Our children may not know who they love and who loves them, but they know who they hate. The quickest and fastest cure for this condition is to teach consistent love to our children, even to organize love in creative, playful ways, and to decide we would no more feed our children hate than give them poisonous food. We will give children teaching in the form of both food and love, and they will grow into cooks and lovers who will nourish and green the Earth.

The way to change hate into love is not to kill the hater, but to love him, and behave as we do toward those we love. This is the only way that will work. It is time we did it. Delightful love changes begin this month.


Copyright 2002 Dan Furst



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