MAY, 2004


Mythic Prelude:


 The Mirror of Venus


   The main themes this month are not astrological -- though the Full Moon of May 4 is auspicious and complex -- but come from the realm of primary myth as we focus this time on Venus and the Spring of 2004, and two ceremonial events, exactly a month apart, that define a moment when humanity is awakening, and assisting the healing of the earth.

As all mythmakers and hearers know, mid-spring Taurus month (April 21 - May 20) belongs to Venus the Lover, and manifests her generosity in profusions of flowers and fresh green leaves, lovers who are outdoors again, and all the rest of the Taurean energy that carries in joyous stamina all the green and pulsing vitality of the Earth. While endorphins are not specifically a Taurean phenomenon, they may as well be, as they kick in for those who commit breath and heart to the surge of the body toward love in action.