March, 2010


Mythic Prelude:

Singing Down the Moon . . . Intention 103

Hello, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for March, 2010. The plot continues to thicken and the shaking accelerates, as you know from the news of the earthquake in Chile on Feb. 27. It occurred as the Full Moon in Virgo aligned opposite the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces, the Neptune-ruled sign in which important ocean events often come. Though the much-dreaded tsunami proved to be only a three-foot water surge on Hawaii's beaches, size does not matter. More waves will flow and flood this year in the wake of turbulent events as the momentous Summer of 2010 comes nearer to the horizon.

The astral dynamics remain consistent. This is the 12th consecutive month since April 2009 that will crest in the middle with a powerful Dark Moon, this one on March 15. It links Moon, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus in a brilliant five-planet stellium in Pisces. The Moon and Sun also align with the Moon's Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer. The upshot of all this is that the weekend of March 13 - 14, and on into Monday the 15th, will be yet another of the superb opportunities that Lady Luna has served us since last spring for visioning and strengthening our intentions at the moment when our psychic receptivity is greatest, we fuel our aims with emotional force to drive them home, and, most of all, we can join with others in rites of intention for our own highest good, and for the health, peace and harmony of all beings.
The time for this is at hand. The scientific basis of it is brilliantly presented in Lynne McTaggart's The Intention Experiment (Free Press, 2007), which not only shows how thought and intention can affect our lives and the world around us, but also describes how the human body can act as a conductor and amplifier of frequencies, including frequencies of sound. This is why World Sound Healing Day and other global mantra and chant ceremonies have grown in numbers and scope since the Harmonic Concordance of November 2003, when Princeton University's Global Consciousness Project measured the effect of an Om sounded simultaneously by millions of people worldwide.
And, as you know if you're a regular reader of the UFC, each Dark Moon in the extraordinary sequence of 13 that began in April 2009 becomes the focal point for ceremonies of sound and intention like the ones I've done on my Living by the Moon tour in Albuquerque NM (Jan. 14) and Grants Pass OR (Feb. 14). The next Dark Moon Ceremony, which I'll do in a workshop on Living by the Moon at Eye of Horus Metaphysical in Minneapolis on March 14, is no longer daring or unheard of, as such things were only a year ago. Now more and more groups are gathering to set and send planetary intentions close to the Dark Moon -- that is, the moment when the Moon and Sun align at the same point in the zodiac, two days before the New Moon appears -- because at this time we are most intuitively aware of others who are linked with us nonlocally, even over great physical distances, just as our sense of sight expands when we are in a dark room, trying to gather whatever light we can perceive.
As each group attunes itself in its own meeting place, we may see with our eyes only the people who are here with us now in this room, but we somehow also see in some theatre of the soul the thousands of groups now meeting all over the world at this same moment, aware of us as we are aware of them, holding the same intentions for the awakening and healing of our world and our people, and linking across all time and territory in an intentional community that grows each day and continues its work of creating the world anew. The more we do this, and we observe the friction and fear that seem to rise around us by the month, the more clear it gets that two societies now exist in our "developed" countries, and in some other parts of our world.
One society perceives physical things in a world that is as it is, and has always been this way and always will be this way. This society believes there is nothing we can do to change ourselves, much less the wider world around us, because human nature is inherently sinful and vicious, corrupt and e-word. This society, which sees reality in the physical solidity of things, is rife with ideas of duality and separation, and is determined to hold to what it thinks is still true, even as old opinions crumble and disintegrate. This society is easy to identify from the ever more frequent twitches that play across its face as it struggles in vain to control what it thinks it can, even as ground that once felt firm keeps crumbling away, and control looks increasingly like the madness and mirage of desperate men.
The other society perceives the world as a domain of energy that moves and recombines within a field of consciousness. This world is mutable and evolving, and it's becoming increasingly evident to open-minded people that "human nature" is a negative, disempowering myth created with the aim of controlling human beings through fear. The actuality is that each person, each individual conscious human, can evolve from the lower emotional band of greed, hate and cruelty to the higher band of generosity, love and compassion. We've seen it happen many times, and we know every human being has the capcity to do it.
It's also increasingly evident that we are engaged together in this evolutionary process, in a web of conscious intention that connect us all, as we discover and invent the strategies of unity that can help us see what Einstein meant when he said, "A human being is part of the whole, called by us 'universe': a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest -- a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness."
The implications of this, then, are wonderful, if it's true that the awakening of more and more individuals must effect the evolution of the entire conscious field. The more of us continue to wake up and connect, the more our conscious evolution must accelerate, so it's no wonder that we feel those booming sounds of the wind in our ears, and that thundery crack of breaking through our own personal sound barriers as we rediscover our own voices, and that heady, often scary sensation of having them heard by others. The good news here is that when we awake, we don't go back to sleep, so that our numbers expand daily, and no matter how wild the waves and the wind get, time is on our side.
The tough news is what the late Ryan Edwards, who taught me in New York back in the 70's, had in mind when he said that "90% of singing is knowing you can do it, and the other 10% is getting it done." And this was back when singing was an active, participatory, joyous social experience that people did even when they weren't paid to do it, and music had not yet become a passive habit of receiving one's private playlist through earbuds from an iPod that is usually shared with no one else. The wired soundscape of high-tech societies has grown even more sonically stunted than it was when George Ritzer wrote his classic Enchanting a Disenchanted World -- that is, a world that has literally lost its song.
Even when we actually get to hear music live, our experience is utterly unlike the singing the ancient matriarchies must have done to welcome the New Moon when she appeared again, or to praise her in all her glory at the Full Moon. We sit in the dark in fixed seats in a music hall, or chairs in a live music club, and make little or no sound as a performer moves around and sings in the light up onstage. Could the wise women of the Age of Cancer ever have begun to imagine such a thing? Or that their descendants would ever have to deal with the bizarre aphonosis -- soundlessness -- of people who don't want to sing because they feel their voices are ugly, or others will laugh at them? We can't be sure, but we can speculate that if anyone in one of those ancient Age of Cancer societies had ever said, “I don’t want to sing,” or “My voice is ugly,” she would have been escorted to a tent, or something with thicker walls, until the medicine woman could examine her and assure the disenchanted one and all the worried others that she’s not crazy. It's just that some clueless parent or unhappy teacher or fake friend she won't keep for long has made fun of her voice, so now she's afraid to sing. All she really needs is a little love. So please. You've all done the right thing by asking me to make this tent call. But next time this happens, tell her how beautiful she is and how much you appreciate her. And you, the one who thinks you can't sing, take two hugs and call me in the morning.

I've been a priest and clown of the Moon for decades now, and I've done sound circles and festivals with thousands of people who are acutely uncomfortable with having to sing at all, and for whom the prospect of singing alone, without a whole choir of other voices to hide in, is truly terrifying. Working with such voiceless ones is an art that requires patience, compassion and enough humor to fill a whole set of seven quartz crystal singing bowls. I used to tell the group that if you won’t open your voice and release it this time, and you won’t do it when the next chance comes, and the next, and the next, and you spend your life stuffing your voice and refusing to let it come out and play with the other voices, then sooner or later you’re going to reincarnate as a guy like me who tries to get you to open up your voice again when it's the last thing you want to do. So please -- spare yourself this painful and unnecessary condition, and let that eager little singer in you loose.

If there's been one really stunning surprise in my experience of being on a book tour for four months now -- apart from the hugely energizing effect of getting to work with so many luminous, brave and creative heart beings in one intentional community after another, so much so that metaphysical bookstores now seem to me to be what churches used to be -- it's that now, suddenly . . . almost everyone sings! And does it willingly, and wants to do more of the ancient Egyptian songs and other chants. Even when the groups are small, and can be expected to be as inhibited as small groups are, the people sing. One would almost think they're being fortified and tuned by all the other groups we can't hear or see, who are all singing at this same moment too. One can even imagine that before long, they'll be ready to Sing Down the Moon again.
Singing Down the Moon
We've all heard this phrase. It was ancient and famous long before it became the title of an "Appalachian Wonder Tale" by Scott O'Dell. But few of us have given the words much thought. Does "singing down the Moon" mean that a number of singers, even a small group led by an enchanter, could cause the physical body of the Moon to descend from her orbit in the sky and sit on the surface of the Earth, ideally right on top of the home of Dick Cheney while he is in it? Alas, no -- or our planet would be cratered with sites and legends of Moon-mashed tyrants.
What does it mean, then, to sing down the Moon? One clue is in Robinson Jeffers' free translation of Euripides' Medea, when Creon tells the enchantress she has to leave Corinth, and why. "Men say you can sing down the moon from heaven," he claims in his list of Medea's dire skills. As we see here, it's likely that some energy or quality of the Moon is being sung down, and it's not hard to imagine what it might be. Those who try to sing down the Moon never seem to do it in the precincts of the city, and by the light of day. Rather, it's in the woods under the Full Moon that they dance with their bare feet on the living loam of Earth to the cry of the flute and the beat of drum. It is the Moon's power of imagination, fantasy and intuition, the urge to break free of all rule and restraint, the sheer wildness of the Moon, that the singers and faeries long to call down from the lunar sphere, and into themselves. No wonder the King is scared.
Not surprisingly, more and more of us are doing this now, as we always seem to do when oppressive forces tighten their measures of control, as they do now in their last, agonized rush to shore up what they think is theirs before the summer of 2010 comes. A few months from now, the governmental, corporate, military and religious powers that normally fit smoothly into a seamless power elite will begin to turn against each other. When they do, the momentum of awakening that is already underway will be unstoppable, and the house of cards will begin to whisper and whirl away, not with a bang, but with a collective sigh of relief. The change will not wait until the rebuilding year of 2012, or the experimental year of 2011. It comes soon, only months from now.
How best to assist this salubrious process, and help it to go smoothly? By singing to the Full Moon as always, as in the above images by Henri Rousseau and Gustave Dore. But also by remembering why Luna is usually shown as the New, crescent Moon, for she represents the courageous, resilient new beginning after toil and disappointment, heartbreak and pain. As we've seen in all the UFC preludes since last November, the crucial moment for ceremonies of intention is now coming each month at the Dark Moon, when the Moon-Sun conjunction links to one powerful planet alignment after another. The next one is on Monday March 15, so the preceding weekend is a natural opportunity.
And there's other momentous news on March 15. On that day Hay House will publish Jonathan Goldman's The Divine Name, which presents the name of God not as an awful secret to be hidden, but as healing sound to be intoned. The book is an astonishing and epochal tool for planetary transformation. The time for sacred chanting is here. Keep Holding That Frequency.
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