June, 2010


Mythic Prelude:

Exiting the Garden, Part One
Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for June, 2010.
This is it. As you know if you like to read the UFC, we're now at the threshhold of momentous events that have been mentioned in nearly every UFC prelude since late 2007, when The Crosses of 2010 was first posted at Hermes 3. The terrific astral dynamics of this year's high summer, especially in the weeks of July 24 to August 7, most of all in the "Cardinal Climax" of Aug. 1, have been called almost everything that human longing, fantasy and fear can conjure, and there is little more that can really be said now. Suffice it to say that to the ones who see the world as a theatre of emerging, evolving energies, the next three months will look like churning white water that we know we'll navigate, even if we don't yet know how, if we hold the intention that we'll all come through it together. To those who see a "real" world of solid things, mid-2010 will look like a dizzying ride through jagged black rocks that rise and pierce us no matter how we try to keep the boat of our beliefs afloat, in one piece. One way or the other, we had best brace for unpredictable currents that will challenge even the most serene of us to find gentle new nuances and patient tones to help those who go stiff amid the swirl of fear.
It is essential now that we simplify, and concentrate on the uniting force of empathy rather than divisive tricks of analysis and blame. For those who'd like to relish one last brilliant cadenza about the Situation and the Problem, the essential text is James Howard Kunstler's "Something Happened" (May 18), which cuts through all the sweaty-palmed reassurances economists and politicians so desperately want to have us accept, that the center will hold, and things will go back to the way they were. But they won't. Much will change, and it will change faster than most human beings can respond to it, especially in societies whose reactions have been slowed by entrenched interests and hidebound establishments. The 2010 World Cup, with all its furious action leading to little or no scoring, could prove a perfect metaphor for an American economy that will resemble, in Kunstler's view, "a national Chinese fire drill, a pointless running around in circles in the hope that sheer motion will be an adequate substitute for conscious action."
The signs multiply that changes are at hand. At this writing on May 31, we're still two months away from the summer's main astral action, which will come right at the time when "experts" now estimate that the oil hemorrhage in the Gulf of Mexico can finally be stopped, and the worst environmental calamity in our planet's history may be addressed. A few days ago, on the Wesak Full Moon, highways in Greece were shut down because millions of frogs were on them. We've known since ancient times that massive frog migrations tend to signal impending earthquakes, and we also know that an apparent "plague of frogs" is sure to trigger dire prophecies and claims about divine punishment from those people who claim to talk directly to God and Jesus.
Not only do the silliest voices among us get more excited and self-righteous, but some of the wisest are going silent, either because they have said all they can or need to say before the summer comes, or are moving on to other work. The incomparable Karen Bishop has recently sent "The End of WINGS and the Death of the Old," the last of her Emerging Earth Angels messages, which have long been a model of how to deliver profound spiritual guidance in ways that are compelling and clear. "Many of my writings explain," she said on May 15, "how we get 'kicked out' when we no longer belong in our old spaces. These old spaces become so unbearable that we can no longer tolerate their energies. In this way, we are shut out and encouraged to leave by the very unpleasant behavior of the energies who are still residing there."
This brings us, then, to this month's mythic theme. It is usually called The Expulsion from Paradise, as shown in Masaccio's dramatic, heart-searing fresco from the Capella Brancacci in Florence. The scenario from Genesis is well known. God instructs Adam and Eve to "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion" over all animals living in the sea and the sky, and upon the earth. He then notifies them of the one negative clause in their lease: "The LORD God commanded the man, saying, 'You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall die.'" As we all know, the Serpent tempted Eve, and she ate the forbidden fruit, then Adam ate of it too, and soon they were on their way out of the Garden, which was now barred to them by an angel with a flaming sword. This is how the tale of "man's first disobedience," as Milton called it, leads to a "fall" from a state of innocence and bliss to the mortality, toil and pain of life on Earth. But -- what if this story of what can happen when man questions authority and risks its wrath is now no longer applicable to us, and perhaps was, all along, nothing more than a fable invented for the purpose of controlling men and women through guilt and fear? It's time to look at an alternate story of how humanity had to leave Eden, and why.
Scene 1: A Talented Species
Scene: The Garden of Eden, as shown below by Nicolas Poussin. The Lord is up in the air at stage left with his chief of staff, Lucifer. They look down on Adam and Eve, seated under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Lucifer: And so, my Lord . . . What now?
Lord: What do you mean, Lucifer? For Me -- it is always Now.
Lucifer: I mean -- Your work is done, is it not? Your creation is complete. What more is there for You to do?
Lord: That will emerge. This marvelous creation only appears to be so perfectly ordered that no touching or tuning will ever be needed. But in fact, it's full of possibilities for flarings, flamings, collisions, even chaos. (Lucifer is startled.) You shiver to hear this, but it's true. My work will be anything but dull.
Lucifer: Surely, My Lord, now that your new, ahh . . . masterpieces are in it.
Lord: What troubles you about them?
Lucifer: They -- they look so much like angels, but they have no wings, so they are somehow strangely unsettling for me to look at.
Lord: Would you find it hard to be near them, and talk to them?
Lucifer: I can't say. I have no experience of them yet.
Lord: Wait and see. I've compensated them for their lack of angelic logic and clarity by giving them a wondrous thing that no angel has.
Lucifer: And that is . . .?
Lord: Feeling.
Lucifer: What is "feeling"? I don't understand.
Lord: (Laughs.) That's the point. It's beyond understanding. Not even I will ever fully fathom what is going on in there, in that burning birdhouse of the human heart. Something else is puzzling you.
Lucifer: Yes. Permission to speak freely, sir?
Lord: Mm! I like the ring of that question. You do have a way with words.
Lucifer: I just got here myself. I don't presume to believe that I understand Your ways. But what does seem clear to me, my Lord, is that You are pure act, pure construction and affirmation.
Lord: Yes. True.
Lucifer: So then -- I don't see yet why You would put the tree with the most delicious fruit right in the middle of the garden, and then tell Your tenants that they must not eat it! Why would You do that?
Lord: To make sure they'll take a bite.
Lucifer: What?! That makes no sense at all. You gave the humans a law so they would break it?
Lord: Yes, of course. And as soon as possible, I hope.
Lucifer: My Lord, please help me grasp this.
Lord: Well, just look at them down there, Lucifer,
languoring about in the perfect sunlight, with the fragrances of flowers on every perfect breeze, living without a care or a spark or a dream, with never a need or an impulse to grow, or strive, or invent anything.
Lucifer: They seem to have no problem with this.
Lord: Don't you see? I did not give them the faculty of
language just so they could find words like pig and cow and cat, and point up here they way they are doing now and say, "Oh! It's the Lord again." What a waste of superb creative material!
Lucifer: But they're perfectly happy!
Lord: Never for long, even here. Wait and see. They will soon grow tired of this place. They are truly a contrary species. The surest way to move them to do something will always be to tell them not to do it. But I hope you will understand: my aim is not to encourage their willfulness. They will never begin to realize their capacities here.
Lucifer: Then why give them this bliss, only to take it away from them?
Lord: I will not take away anything. They will choose.
Lucifer: You are setting them up for a choice they will regret. I'd expect this from a winding one like the Serpent, not from You.
Lord: Yes! The Serpent! This gives me an idea. But before you can help me realize it, can you understand what I intend? Can you perceive the humans as I do, as a truly heroic species, capable of bold vision and the most valiant efforts, of sacrifice, compassion, courage and devotion, of giving their all for the ones they love, even for ones they have never met?
Lucifer: If You say so. I have no idea what any of these words mean.
Lord: Neither do Adam and Eve. They will never need any of these things as long as they remain here. They have no word for love yet, or even an idea of it. How can they? They are immersed in love at every moment. They can no more see what love is than a fish can know what water is.
Lucifer: My Lord, I accept and obey. What would You have me do?
Lord: Become the Serpent, and get them to eat the fruit.
Lucifer: (Long pause.) How can I . . . become what I am not?
Lord: You will be the first person ever to assume the identity of another, to look and move and talk like him. You will be the first actor ever to appear in the world.
Lucifer: An "actor" is someone who pretends to be what he is not?
Lord: No. An actor is someone who presents an imaginary story in order to tell the truth of the human heart. The art is called theatre, and it is among the noblest crafts that human beings will master. You will, as they say, create the Serpent role.
Lucifer: But how? What do I say?
Lord: Use the conversation we have just had. Play with it in your own way. Discover your imagination and creativity. I'm not the only One who has these things. It would be refreshing to see someone besides the monkeys use some creativity, and be playful.
Lucifer: But -- but -- how? When? I can't do this. I have no idea what to do.
Lord: You don't need to do anything at once. Study the Serpent, so you can copy him. And study the humans. Observe how their bodies speak a whole language of feeling. They have such a richness of it, of joy and grief and awe and pain and --
Lucifer: But this is impossible! How can I talk to them about feelings when I don't have them myself?
Lord: You will have to study their feelings. Watch their faces, listen to their voices. You will understand. Then make up a story. There is no hurry. This is Eden.
Lucifer: But my Lord --
Lord: Please, Lucifer. Worry is not yet a sin, but it may as well be. I have complete confidence in you. You are not called Light Bearer, the Gleaming One, for nothing. You will do it brilliantly. Have no fear.
And . . . FOOF! The Lord vanishes in a burst of white light, leaving Lucifer alone and perplexed. The Archangel moves slowly through the air toward Adam and Eve, fading into invisibility as he approaches them.
What happens next? How will Lucifer tell Adam and Eve what good and evil are, and what it means to die? See next month's UFC Prelude Supplement for Scene 2: Taking a Bite. Meanwhile, how best to prepare for this summer, and to play the weeks ahead?
The Grand Cross of June 26
First, by choosing how we'll allocate our mental energy, and when we won't use it at all. We've entered a time when those who want to understand and control their conditions by reading everything that looks relevant will feel disconnected and clueless rather than informed and confident. The rules of the engagement are shifting. "For some of us," Karen Bishop wrote in her farewell message, "our next dimensional leap is into the energies and reality of the heart. In this way, if we find ourselves around anything that does not emit the heart energy, we can become acutely uncomfortable and feel lost, not at home, wounded, abused, and at best, be unable to communicate or connect to anything that does not come from a heart connection."
Clearly, a move away from the hypermentality of control and toward the intuitive arts of surrender is in the works, as Mary Morrissey had in mind when she wrote that "unlike masculine power, which is the power to create those things that can be controlled, feminine power is the power to create those things that are beyond our control, but which our hearts most deeply long for." In short, we'll find ourselves living less by the rules and structures of the Sun, and more by the nuances and energies of the Moon, as we've seen in all the UFC mythic preludes since last November. We may even decide that endless division, distinction, counterpoint and analysis are worth less to us than the values of unity, harmony and inclusion that Jeremy Rifkin presents so brilliantly in his indispensable 10-minute video "Empathic Civilization".
A second way to set our grid for this summer is to look at events on the near horizon that indicate what is likely to ensue later. Guru Rattana notes, "the Capricorn lunar eclipse June 26 is one of the major planetary alignments of 2010." This Full Moon anchors a "grand cross [that] forms 12 squares and 6 oppositions! . . . This increases the intensity of our challenges, but it also increases the potential for quantum leaps and profound transformation of consciousness." The Cancer Full Moon of June 26 will be closely watched because the seven planets in this powerful formation will be in the early degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), and will thus be in the same positions as the crosses of late July through early August. Want to get a sense of what's coming at the Full Moon Grand Cross of July 25? See what happens at the Full Moon Grand Cross and eclipse of June 26. There will likely be a lot more than frogs on the highway, as there were a few days ago at the Full Moon of May 27.
Third, in a time when centrifugal forces are increasing, it's essential that we strengthen centripetal forces by reinforcing old alliances, and forming new ones, in a spirit of cooperation and community. Ideally, we will celebrate our shared values of love, unity, acceptance, compassion and joy in ceremonies like the Global Harmonization that Circle of Sound will coordinate on June 21. The June solstice, with its unifying symbols of water and the Moon, is a natural focus for those who intend to affirm and sound their intentions for planetary healing.
Finally, only a few days from now, the Dark Moon of June 12 is waiting to be used as a resource for linking with one another in the Gemini resonances of sisterhood and brotherhood and of keeping the lines of communication open and humming. This Dark Moon, when I'll do in Orlando, FL a ceremony for the healing of the Gulf of Mexico at the end of my Living by the Moon tour, is the time for setting, declaring and mirroring our individual intentions, and collective intentions that may now be the only effective way of healing the heart of humanity and the stricken bloodstream of Mother Earth. It is up to us now to work, intend and sing together to accomplish what other means cannot. Keep Holding That Frequency.
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Exiting the Garden Scene 2: Taking a Bite
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