June, 2009


Mythic Prelude:

The Park of Love
Esta noche he sentido por primera vez bajo mis manos la hermosa intensidad del mar.
Tonight I have felt for the first time under my hands the beautiful intensity of the sea.
-- Eduardo Chirnos
Hello, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for June, 2009. The exciting news from Hermes 3 at the top of this month is that we're now a few weeks away from a major moment of fruition. On July 1, my book Dance of the Moon will be published by Llewellyn Worldwide. The book is not only a distillation of the UFC's best material. Its climactic chapter -- "The Year According to Those Who Know" -- organizes the Earth and star lore, the holy days and feasts of all our religious traditions into a single design based on the esbat cycles of Celtic and neo-pagan lunar time. And it is not only a mythic history spanning the last 9,000 years, from the matriarchies of the Age of Cancer to this moment, when the Water Carrier of Aquarius comes to pour the water of truth into us not a moment too soon, in the middle of today's inescapable planetary water crisis. The book is also a practical guide to Living by the Moon, with all that that implies in reaffirming our physicality, rediscovering
our intuition, honoring traditional wisdom and re-balancing the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, and living in reverence for water and all life on Earth, in a spirit of communal celebration of the eternal mythic truths that hold our lives together, even amid turbulent change, in the order of the heart and the alchemy of love.
With this issue, the UFC completes its 11th year since it first appeared in July 1998, as one of the many initiatives that were launched at that time to address a specific problem and target a specific goal. It was obvious back then -- at least to an astrologer -- that many ceremonies, pilgrimages and metaphysical teaching events were being done at precisely the times that were least likely to favor them, so there was a real need for better timing. The UFC -- and several neo-pagan and Wiccan websites that keep providing valuable guidance today -- were directed toward a simple premise: that spiritual events that aim to align more of our people in the same transformative intentions, linking us simultaneously across several time zones, even linking us worldwide in pioneering efforts like Barbara Wolf's Global Meditations, will have their best chance of success if they are aligned with the four great Sun festivals of the solstices and equinoxes, the lunations of the Moon and the celestial dynamics of the planets.
There was nothing new in any of this. The ancients had known how to do these things from the time when the Babylonian star priests plotted the courses of the wandering stars against news from the daily couriers about birth rates and epidemics, buildings and burnings, raids and trades from all over the empire, and beyond the frontier. It was just that our lives at the end of the 20th century, falsely timed to an arbitrary Gregorian calendar, to clocks and flow charts and billing cycles, had become increasingly separated from the markers that always guided us, even from our lunar intuition and from what had always been unmistakable before: the pulses and rhythms of our own bodies. By 1998, we were finally beginning to apply in practical terms what we had first begun to notice at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987: that if the reason why so many of us are sick and crazy and perpetually half asleep is that we're living in a false and toxic misreading of time itself, then one possible cure for our condition is to reset our rhythm by aligning again with our breath and birth cycles, the Earth beneath our feet and the Book of Light in the night sky.
The question, then, was which new time standard we would accept and use. The 260-day sacred round of the Tzolkin from the Mayan calendars? An Earth calendar based on the eight great Sabbats of the witches' Wheel of the Year? Lunar Time? The creative ferment of the late 1990's was heady, as we began to perceive ourselves in the middle of a 25-year phase of spiritual awakening and transformation that began with the Harmonic Convergence and would climax with the moment of liberation and ascension into galactic consciousness in 2012. And, as though the stage machinery of the sky had somehow been set to confirm and direct our new understanding, the planets proceeded to send down the runway a spectacular set of signs and wonders. The Taurus Stellium or Grand Planetary Alignment of May, 2000. The Harmonic Concordance of November, 2003. The Venus Transit of June, 2004 and the Grand Quintile -- an alignment not seen in more than 2000 years -- of October, 2004.
We also knew that beyond the horizon of our seeing, there were other magnificent events, worthy of a cosmic grand opera, that were still to come. The return of Neptune to his home sign of Pisces, beginning in 2011. Another Venus Transit in mid-2012, followed by the eagerly awaited moment of Maya Cosmogenesis -- the term coined by John Major Jenkins as the title of his most influential book -- at the Winter Solstice of December, 2012. It all seemed so marvelously progressive and purposefully smooth, like a divinely crafted paraglide that would bring us, no matter what happened and what got in the way, to the sublime chord of morphogenetic resonance that we all intended together eons ago, to the moment of liftoff into peace, freedom and the enlightenment of all sentient beings.
La presencia des tus ojos impidio que llegara la luna hasta nosotros.
The presence of your eyes impedes the Moon from coming toward us.
-- Marco Antonio Corcuera
So -- as we are only some 3 1/2 years away from December 2012, we should be on a steady course toward the goal we all really seek. Right? Not on this unavoidably dualistic planet, and not when the ones who think they are drawing the plans are from a species as relentlessly contrarian as human beings. We have now passed the midpoint of the 360-day tun that Swedish Mayanist Carl Johan Calleman has described as the Sixth Day of the Galactic Creation Cycle that will culminate in a once-only, use-it-or-lose-it chance for humanity to align with the Divine Plan on Oct. 28 of 2011, not 2012. As Calleman has been uncannily prescient in forecasting what we can expect in the Day and Night phases we have experienced so far, this 11th of the last 13 tuns that we are in now -- actually one of nine concentric cycles in a majestic time design that begins with the Big Bang and culminates in the last tzolkin of 2011 -- brings with it some increasingly strident calls from Calleman and his most fervid allies for a showdown debate on the "issue" of 2011 vs. 2012. For an intro to the main players in the argument, and their positions, see the 2012 page on this site.
It gets really urgent now, at least in Calleman's view. His newest article, "The Risks of believing that the Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012" claims that his own 2011 schema is based on evidence, while the 2012 model is spun merely out of "belief." He falsely depicts John Major Jenkins' view of December 21, 2012 as "a predetermined 'doomsday' when the world is going to come to an end," when in fact Jenkins has been consistently and bravely optimistic in his view that “Our committed, willing participation in the galactic processes of Maya cosmogenesis, recognizing our place in the great chain of creation, is what ennobles our souls and elevates our spirits to a plane infused with unity and . . . conscious relationship with each other and a creative participation with the Earth-process that gives birth to our higher selves.” (2012: Maya Cosmogenesis, p. 332.)
It is time for someone, and it may as well be the UFC, to tell the most rabid of Calleman's partisans: Enough. Stop it. It is time for an end to this dishonest, divisive rhetoric. It is time to stop unfairly associating Mr. Jenkins with doom pimps when he is nothing of the kind. It is time for us to see that we cannot have it both ways by claiming that we want to overcome all separation, and even presume to teach the art of this to others, when we keep driving intellectual wedges harder and deeper between ourselves and those whose views differ from our own. It is time for us now to stop focusing so insistently on differences of opinion that cannot be decided factually, especially as there are very few comments from the Mayan daykeepers, much less a consensus among them, about when the current Long Count -- and with it, the limits of our third-density consciousness -- will come to an end. It is time for Mr. Calleman in particular to start behaving less like an aggressively dogmatic Protestant polemicist from the 17th century, and more like what he is when his higher self is on its game: a great scholar of truly universal vision who will be able, as soon as he is willing, to walk his own talk and get with his own program of affirmative, all-embracing consciousness.
It is time for us to see that the 2011 vs. 2012 "debate" is not worth the merest pinch of a damn, and to concentrate instead on the greater aims that we are supposed to be holding in common, and working together to achieve. It is time for us to understand that it is pointless to speculate on 11-digit concepts like the Big Bang theory -- which has been discredited anyway --and to squabble over what may happen years in the future, when the time for us to coalesce as beings of love is now. Right now. It is time to realize, not just talk about, how we must be the change we wish to see in the world. It is time to see that 2012 is in every decision we make moment to moment, right now, to act in an ethical, compassionate, loving manner. 2011 is in every step we take, however modest, right now, to heal ourselves and our illusions of separation from others. 2010 is in our generous willingness to act bravely as keepers of frequency, right now, in times of profound change when so many others are knocked off center by uncertainty and fear. 2009 is in our using the current of the Triple Conjunction that we are riding right now, to claim our true power and abundance (Jupiter) and link with the universal heart that unites us all (Neptune) in a spirit of individual, communal and planetary healing (Chiron).
Canta amor mio desnudate bajo la lluvia.
Sing, my love, bare yourself under the rain -- Rodolfo Hinostroza
It is time too for us to start picking up on the cues that the Moon herself has been placing before our eyes in the extraordinary set of New Moon configurations that began last March, and will continue through March 2010. While there are better production values by far in the glorious radiance of the Full Moon, there is a reason why in 2009, and early next year too, the energy, the medicine and and the magic are much stronger at the New Moon. A New Moon is, after all, a time for making new beginnings, and also a time when our intuition and psychic faculties are more open to the new perceptions we must gain in order to make the new moves that are waiting for our action now. As though the Moon herself were inviting us to get more courageous and creative, she offers us one chance after another to see that it is now up to us, not some government or church or somebody else, to create the life and the world we want.
Why is this month's New Moon so powerful? The Sun-Moon pair in Cancer opposes the transformative force of Pluto in Capricorn, the Triple Conjunction in Aquarius is still at its peak, Venus and Mars are exactly conjunct in Taurus, both of them in a 120° trine to Saturn in Virgo, who is also at a 72° quintile to the Sun and Moon. The only planet that is not involved in this very complex and beautiful design is Uranus in late Virgo. And as if all of these "positive" and creative linkages were not enough, the Cancer New Moon of June 22 comes only a day after the Summer Solstice.
There is a practical reason why the sign of Cancer at the top of this famous zodiac from the church of San Miniato in Florence appears smudged in comparison to the rest of the signs, over which countless pilgrim shoes have been walking for almost 800 years. An image gets discolored in this way when people place their hands on it. Why do they? One doesn't have to live and work in the astonishingly fertile soil of Tuscany to understand why Cancer the Crab deserves to be the only sign placed inside a circle, at the top of the wheel facing the sanctuary. The first day of Cancer month, the Summer Solstice, when the light is longest, begins the "female half" of the year ruled by the Cancer element of water and the Moon.
Perhaps, like those visitors to San Miniato who knelt to touch the Crab and ask her blessing on their fields and their little ones, and who had no idea that in our time water would become a matter of deadly urgency, we might consider redirecting our focus in a time of mutability and reminders of mortality -- swine flu, the fall of General Motors and our spreading new awareness that a widespread crumbling and collapse of old systems of control has just begun -- to what endures and keeps us whole as "packs and sects of great ones," as King Lear put it, "ebb and flow by the moon." It may be time to visit the Parco de Amor, the Park of Love.
En las ciudades no hacen monumentos a los amantes.
In the cities they don't make monuments to the lovers. -- Antonio Cilloniz
This scenic pocket park on a seaside cliff in Miraflores is a muy bienvenido respite from the rest of Lima, much of which has the fragrance of the floor of your garage after an oil change that has gone terribly wrong. The Parco de Amor, where all the lines of poetry on this page are placed among tiles with symbols of love, belies Antonio Cilloniz' claim that
the only ones who get memorialized in the Plaza de Armas and other public squares are the generals on horseback, the politicians and captains of industry, the famous composers and poets. This is one of the few parks in the world that is not only a favorite romantic spot for lovers, but was built in their honor.
No one knows why the lovers chose this spot, among the many that dot the Miraflores coast, long before the walls were built and lamps were put in, and the whole park was crowned by the giant statue that leaves little to the imagination. Other promontories are just as green, and offer nearer and better views of the pier and the surfers below. How is it that this place is the one that has drawn the lovers even for centuries before the Spanish came, like a song that comes in the night while you sleep, in another bit of Inca poesia on the wall of the Parco de Amor. It's a mystery, like many other things that we perceive in the realm of imagination and intuition that stretches everywhere under the Moon.
Just as there is a mystery in water, in myth and rhythms that transcend all measurements of time, that tell us this place is sacred and the holiness of this time lives in something much older and deeper than the physical, visible fact of a solstice as the Sun's turning in a new direction at the start of a season and a hinge point in the Earth year. What outlasts all the fame and the glitter, the controversies and lies and dramas of the day, is more to be felt and dreamed than it is to be spelled out. And it is to be played and sung. Maybe this is why the solstices have long been much more celebrated with music than the equinoxes have, and while many of the songs of the Winter Solstice have always had an awe and stillness that befits the Return of the Light, the songs of the Summer Solstice tend to be lighter and more rhythmic, like the dances that women do in honor of the Water Goddess in the month of the Moon. Not that all of this late June music is a badinerie. Some of it is rich and deep, like the sounds made by crystal bowl players all over the world. I'll join them at Sacsayhuaman, in another of the Global Harmonization ceremonies coordinated by Circle of Sound to join people in more than twenty countries in the intentions of Acceptance, Unity, Love, Compassion and Peace.
And some of this month's sounds are piercing, like the notes of this flute player who was wheeled yesterday along the main street of Urubamba, by his brother and a long-nosed clown in a hard hat, in the annual festival of Senor de Torrechayoc. No one seems to know who the Lord of Torrechayoc was before he was identified with Jesus, depicted with his face streaked with blood, and wearing below his crown of thorns another crown of gold set with jewels. Like many other churches and mosques, the shrine of Senor de Torrechayoc -- it is called, significantly, a Templo rather than an Iglesia, or church -- was likely
built on the site of an older sacred place, this one probably a Quechua site honoring Wiracocha the Creator, or Pachamama the Abundant Mother, under whose grace this Valle Sagrada, the Sacred Valley, has produced for millennia what has been acclaimed by people all over the world as the finest corn grown anywhere, and so many varieties of potatoes -- 3,500? 5,000? -- that no one can count them.
There are times, it seems, when debating what we think we know seems far less useful to our happiness, even our survival, than accepting what we don’t know, and even putting it to music. Strangely, we don’t have to understand the mystery to sing it well. Keep Holding That Frequency. 
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