Mythic Prelude Supplement for July, 2010:

Leaving the Garden, Scene 2:

For Scene 1, see A Talented Species in the UFC Prelude for June, 2010.
Scene 2: Taking a Bite
Scene: the grass at the base of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve have just made love, and are lying happily side by side.
Eve: That was beautiful.
Adam: Mmmm. It always is.
Eve: (After a very long pause.) Adam?
Adam: (Half-asleep): Mmhm?
Eve: Are you happy?
Adam: Yes. Are you happy?
Eve: Yes. I am. I think so.
Adam: You're not sure? What do you feel? Tell me what's on your heart.
Eve: It is so perfect here. The birds sing, the breezes caress me, the water in the streams is so nice. I love the way you kiss me and caress me, and having you inside me is wonderful. Always.
Adam: Then you are happy.
Eve: I don't know. I have no name for this feeling I have now. I feel that our life must have something more than this. Every day that great yellow thing comes up, and our bodies glisten. Then it goes down and we see the great white thing that changes, and the little lights. I wonder what is up there -- and out there. Have you ever wanted to go as far as we can walk, and see how big this garden is, and see if there's a place where it ends?
Adam: No. Not really. I'm as happy as I can be right here, in the middle of the garden with you.
Eve: And I love being with you. It's just --
Serpent: (In the Tree, eating fruit:) Mmmm. Delicious. So good!
Eve: See? The fruit's not making the Serpent "die," whatever that means. I just wonder -- are there any other beings like us? Can we see them and talk to them? Is there ever anything different from what there was the day before? Every day here is perfect here . . . but it's also perfectly the same.
Serpent: (Eating loudly:) Mmmm! Splurp! Ahh! Spuck! The best! Glurp!
Adam: I wonder why he is eating that way. I never heard him say a thing until now.
Eve: As though he wants us to hear him and notice him.
Serpent: (Louder still:) Ohhh! Shhleeooop! The best ever! Ummm!
Adam: Hey! Serpent! Really enjoying that fruit, are you?
Serpent: Oh, yes. Don't you love it too?
Adam: No. The Lord said we must not eat it.
Serpent: (Amazed. Laughs:) Really? How is that? How are you the only ones here who can't eat the most delicious thing in the garden?
Adam: The Lord said that if we eat of this Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, we will die.
Serpent: Oooo. Sounds really scary -- if you had any idea what fear is. Did the Lord tell you what it means to die?
Eve: No.
Serpent: Did you . . . ahhh -- ask him?
Adam: No. And I don't want to.
Serpent: You never wondered, not even a little, what it might mean? Or what "good" and "evil" are, and what happens if you have "knowledge" of them?
Adam: No, I have never wondered about this, whatever "wonder" means.
Eve: But . . . I have --
Adam: Eve, no. Please.
Eve: Adam, are you telling me I may not ask a question?
Adam: I am not telling you, Eve. I am asking you. Please don't do this.
Eve: But why? What harm can there be in just asking a question?
Adam: I don't know. But something in here (Points to his lower abdomen) tells me we must not do this.
Serpent: She's right, you know. Do you think the Lord is so unjust that He'd be angry at you for asking a simple question?
Adam: No. But if the Lord wanted us to know what these things mean, He would have told us.
Serpent: Then why did you not ask Him? Lord, what does it mean to die? See? (Coiling his tail around the branch, and swinging from it) I've just asked it, and I'm as strong as ever.
Eve: Serpent, what does it --
Adam: Eve, don't!
Eve: Adam, I want to know.
Adam: No! I beg you!
Serpent: Good luck with this one, sir. Trying to stifle your woman is a --
Adam: Be quiet! Eat your fruit and leave us alone.
Eve: Serpent --
Adam: NO!
Eve: You be quiet! (To Serpent:) What does it mean to die? (Adam moans, shakes his head.)
Serpent: It means that we change. It means that we are no longer the same as we were, and we are now different in some way.
Eve: That's all?
Serpent: No. Not really. But that's the core of it. It means that we now see ourselves, and the world around us, in a new way.
Eve: What's wrong with that, Adam? Would the Lord want us not to --
Adam: The Lord wants us not to eat of the fruit of this tree. You heard Him.
Eve: (To Serpent:) What is knowledge? (Adam lies back, holding his head between his hands.)
Serpent: Knowledge means that we know: how the green things grow, how the animals live and the birds fly, how the breeze blows, what the great lights in the sky are, and the little lights that make us feel awe when we look at them.
Eve: What is "awe"?
Serpent: Awe is what makes our eyes open wide and our mouths drop open. It is one of the feelings you have every day in the Garden. (Pause.) One of the few.
Eve: Then there are other of these "feelings" that we can't have here? (Adam moans again.)
Serpent: Oh, yes. Worry and grief and pain and anger and compassion and so many more. You have such a richness of feeling in you. But for as long as you stay here, you'll never need any of these things.
Adam: But we love being here!
Serpent: So do I. I also love being able to go to other places too.
Eve: (Wonderstruck:) There are other places?
Serpent: Oh, yes. There are --
Adam: (Exasperated:) What's wrong with this place?
Serpent: Nothing. Did I say there was anything wrong with this place? All I said is that as long as you stay here, you'll never have to know very much, and you'll never feel most of the feelings that are in you.
Eve: What are "good" and "evil"?
Serpent: Good means you experience all of the capacities the Lord gave you. You invent and explore. You discover and question and wonder. You make the effort. Evil means that you don't try any of these things. You just stay where you are and never try anything new.
Adam: Then I must be evil. I'm happy being with Eve in this place. I don't feel any need for anything new.
Eve: But I do. (Rises, begins to reach for the fruit.)
Adam: No! Eve, don't do it!
Eve tries to climb the tree. Adam jumps up to stop her. The Serpent wraps his body around a fruit, and it drops into Eve's hands.
Serpent: Here! Catch!
Eve takes a bite of the fruit, then another. Adam snatches it from her. Their eyes meet for a very long pause, then Adam sighs, and he eats the fruit too. And FOOF! The Lord appears.
Lord: At last! Congratulations! Well done, good and faithful Serpent.
And FOOF! The Serpent vanishes, and Lucifer appears in his place.
Adam: What? Lord, You told us --
Lord: Yes, and I am so pleased that you did.
Adam: I am simply . . . amazed, my Lord. I cannot take credit for what has pleased you so. Eve was the first to eat the fruit.
Lord: Yes, I know.
Lucifer: There's that word again. You will use it a lot from now on.
Lord: Yes. Finally. The evolution has begun.
Adam: But Lord -- why -- did You --
Lord: Adam, do you believe that I
made you to live here forever, to know nothing but warm breezes, bluebirds and smiles? There is so much more.
Adam: We were so happy here.
Lord: You were, Adam. But Eve was already begin to long for something more, was she not?
Eve: I was, Lord.
Lord: Good for you. And to your credit, Adam, you joined Eve once she made her choice.
Adam: Then . . . we are going to "die" now?
Lord: Not all at once. It happens in many ways. It only begins now. Some light!
Without a sound, a column of fiery yellow light appears in Lucifer's right hand.
What happens now? See Scene 3: House of Water, Horse of Fire.
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