Mythic Prelude for July, 2010:

Heroic Choices

Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for July, 2010. With this issue, the UFC begins its 13th year since it first appeared in July 1998.
As you know if you saw last month's UFC, this month's Mythic Prelude was supposed to feature the next scene of Exiting the Garden, and its questions about whether there might be an alternative scenario of the Expulsion from Paradise, in which Adam and Eve were meant all along to leave the Garden of Eden because as long as they remained there, they would never evolve by having to develop their capacities in response to uncertain, very challenging conditions -- such as the conditions we are facing right now. You can see Scene 2: Taking a Bite in a special supplement page to this prelude.
This frees us to take one more look here at the events of this summer before they come to their peak of intensity, and to affirm yet again that we have a choice, and we create the events if we are willing to act intentionally and skillfully within a full understanding of the premise that has been stated so compellingly by David Wilcock and others: that the universe itself is a kind of hologram created by the collective consciousness of human and other sentient beings. This means that those who see the world only in passive and reactive terms, as something they can neither shape nor change, will likely suffer a paroxysm of rage and stark dread over the next two months. Those who see the world as our artist's medium, and see this moment as the one we agreed long ago to come here and co-create now, will see the months ahead, no matter how turbulent they are, as the ultimate proof of why the Chinese character for crisis consists of elements that mean danger and opportunity.
Why is the theme of Heroic Choices so fitting now, so inescapable? Because one does not have to be a mythographer like the late Joseph Campbell to see that individually, and collectively, we stand now at that moment in the hero's journey when a difficult decision must be made at very high stakes. What differentiates the hero from ordinary human beings is that he or she does not make the safer, lesser choice of avoiding the risk of suffering or defeat. The hero has to accept the challenge, even if it may bring complete ruin, because the remorse that comes from the failure of courage is unbearable. The hero also knows that daring the deed must and will change him into something new: a greater warrior if he succeeds, a disgraced or dead one if he fails.
One way or the other, the heroic man or woman must either learn something new before braving the challenge, or learn something from having mastered it, but must in any case grow and be changed by the experience. In the weeks to come many of us, even if we've never thought of ourselves as heroic types, will be in the hero's position of daring to do the thing we feared to do, even if it is only a seemingly humble act of speaking our truth, or defending another from a lie, or extending our compassion in new ways. Heroic choices will call us, some will be made at the moment of opportunity -- and the ones we don't make will come round again sooner than we expect.
Though we don't know yet how the summer will unfold, the months to come will surely tell us whether there is anything to astrology. If July and August proceed placidly and cheerily, and the dire conditions that face us somehow get so much better that we see not only one deus ex machina, but a whole pantheon of rescuer deities popping out of the stage machinery, then it will be clear that astrologers, this one too, are nowhere within a light year of the truth, or that a predictive system that has proven so uncannily accurate for so long has gone way out of whack. Or -- if the events of this month and next do prove to be what we'd expect from what some doom pimp astrologers are calling the "meanest, nastiest" and "worst" alignment in thousands of years, then even some alleged "scientists" who violate their own empirical method by damning astrology without bothering to test it will have little choice but to concede that there may be something to what is, after all, our oldest science, based on a body of data compiled over 4,000 years.
Much is being claimed and shuddered now about the momentous alignments that are called the Cardinal Crosses because the planets in them will align in the early degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These alignments are extremely rare, powerful and transformative. Nothing like them has happened in centuries, and much fear is being stirred about them. The purpose of what follows here is to present the basic facts and the likely scenarios of this astounding piece of astral grand opera, and to suggest how we can best play it. The easiest approach is to start with the Four W's that good newspaper stories used to cover:
WHO is affected by this alignment? Everybody, directly or indirectly. Those most directly affected will be people who have planets in their natal charts in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The more planets one has in the band of 0° - 6° in these signs, the more strongly he or she will feel the effects of this alignment, in the areas that the affected planets govern. People who have their Moon's Nodes in the early degrees of the Aries-Libra axis, for example, can expect transformations in their relationships. People in their mid-60's who have Neptune in early Libra, as I do, will be challenged to maintain equanimity under conditions that may provoke anger, which may turn into depression when repressed. Uneasy sleep, disturbing dreams and ascetic living choices may also be ways in which stresses to Neptune early in cardinal signs may manifest. As Neptune also rules fraud and deceit, we may also have occasion to notice in our own behavior, and that of others, the truth of the premise that dishonesty is invariably the product of fear.
People who do not have natal planets in the early degrees of cardinal signs will still be indirectly affected, as they will be having to deal with the fear, rage, panic and other emotional storms that the Crosses of 2010 will trigger in so many who are already under economic hardship, health issues and other stresses, and will likely flame out in response to too much pressure and change happening much too fast. Many of us who have thought of ourselves as keepers of frequency are already being tested to see how well we'll model in our own actions the composure, compassion and communal service we recommend to others. The testing will continue, and the bar will go up.
WHEN does it happen? We can imagine this event in concentric time frames that look like a set of Chinese boxes or Russian nesting dolls:
1. The 2-month Box: The effective period of this planet alignment has already begun. The crisis in the Gulf of Mexico is only the most dramatic sign of the stresses and cracks that will widen and intensify from now to late August. From then, as the faster-moving planets in the Crosses begin to move ahead, the stresses will start to abate, and we can apply new approaches to the conditions that will demand our active attention and intention in the next two months.
2. The 1-month Box: Within these two months, the most intense phase of the alignment will be within the month from mid-July to mid-August, most of all from the Cancer Dark Moon of July 11 - 12 to the Leo Dark Moon coming after a full lunar cycle.
3. The two-week Box: Within this month, the 15-day lunation phase of July 24 - August 7 will be especially turbulent, with the planets in the crosses forming exact 90° and 180° angles to each other.
4. Show Time: The moment that some astrologers are calling the "Cardinal Climax" thus comes on and around August 1, at the center of all of these time windows. But the alignment should not be seen, and will certainly not be felt, as a single set of unusual events happening on only one day. It is a shifting set of chaotic circumstances that will push and flow, shift, then push and flow again in different directions, with different effects.
WHERE are these alignments in effect? Planet-wide, and over the months of their forming and shifting, every area of the world will be affected.
WHAT is going on? The simplest way to understand the Cardinal Crosses is to look at the cast of players, and their positions onstage. Jupiter and Uranus are already conjunct in the early degrees of Aries, and will stay so. Opposite to these two, Mars and Saturn will be conjunct in early Libra. And Pluto, in the early degrees of Capricorn, is or soon will be at a 90° angle of stress, transformation, and the triggering of change with all four of the Aries and Libra planets. These Big Five planets of the Summer of 2010 thus form a T-Cross, with two pairs of planets opposed to each other, and another planet angled to all of them at 90°, as the middle leg of the Cross.
Other planets, notably Venus, the Sun and the Moon, will enter and leave this main T-Cross alignment as short-term supporting players. They will also align with the Big Five to form full, four-pointed Grand Crosses, especially at the Cancer Full Moon of June 26, and also on Aug. 6 - 7. While the Sun is the most important figure in anyone's astrology chart, he is a supporting player this time because he moves through the zodiac much faster than almost all of the Big Five planets, whose slower motions can place them in relationship with one another for months and even years at a time, so that the effects they create are much deeper and longer-lasting than solar effects that last only a few days, and lunar effects that may last only a few hours.
What does this planetary event mean? We can expect severe turbulence and change in the areas ruled by all five of the main planets in the Crosses:
Jupiter and Saturn rule institutions of authority. While their spheres of influence overlap, we can say that Jupiter is the King, his legal system and his money, so he refers especially to governments, courts of law, investment banks and other large financial institutions. Profound changes in these areas are already underway, in the extreme polarization of political life and the rise of the Tea Party, the vengeful fervor of anti-incumbency that strikes at politicians everywhere, and also the most acute maldistribution of wealth in the history of "developed" countries, especially the United States. Jupiter also rules long-distance travel. We can thus expect that the brief chaos of the Spirit Air strike will ripple through the rest of the airline industry, and the travel industry in general. People planning to travel between now and the end of August had best expect cancellations, delays and improvised changes of itinerary. It's best to travel very light, and check in online.
Saturn also rules the most conservative institutions of government, such as Supreme Courts, also educational institutions, especially universities, and used to rule conservative commercial banks until the disastrous repeal of the Glass Steagall Act freed them to gamble in the manner of investment banks with credit default swaps and other high risk, poorly understood investment instruments. The financial instability invited by this corrupt, chaos-baiting bargain can be expected to intensify as Saturn is stressed by other planets. Jupiter and Saturn also rule religious institutions. We can thus expect that the Catholic Church will not be the only major religious body to suffer the ill effects of having too many dirty cassocks exposed on too many clotheslines, and that the more hierarchic the church or sect is, the more it will be shaken by the leveling tremors of the Aquarian synarchy now spreading everywhere. 
Mars is the ruler of military organizations, and we can expect that the more aggressively armies and air forces pursue their operations this summer, the more ruinous the disappointments and defeats they will encounter. And the more painful the results of their Mars impetuousness will be, as it was lately when Gen. Stanley McChrystal was taken to the White House woodshed for having criticized his commander-in-chief, and other officials, in a magazine interview. Less obvious until recently is that Mars also rules fire technologies such as the extraction and combustion of petroleum. As the energy of this summer's Crosses continues to build, it is likely that we shall find no rapid, easy solution to the Gulf of Mexico crisis. As our responses to it continue to come from the same level of consciousness that created the problem, many of us will keep heating helplessly into the Mars emotional frequencies of anger, impatience, and outright, berserker-grade fury. Whether we'll also find ways to act in the Mars frequency of courage, and practice the highest Mars skills of protectiveness, self-sacrifice, discipline and devotion, remains to be seen.
Uranus the revolutionary and innovator opposes Saturn, so the irresistible force of change and the immovable object of tradition and habit push against each other yet again. As these planets were exactly opposite on the day of Barack Obama's election in 2008, we can expect the same furious exertion of effort to bring change and stop it, especially now that the Saturn-Uranus opposition is in effect for the fifth and last time in this cycle, and exam time has effectively arrived. Uranus rules innovations in technology and social structures and is also the ruler of electricity, and thus is the planet most directly related to electronic media of communications. Journalistic media will be under terrific stress at this alignment, not least from the ethical dilemma of wanting to tell the truth, but still keep a job. A few journalists may heroically buck the whole corrupt bag of lies that corporate-controlled news has now become, thereby motivating others to do the same.
Pluto is the agent of transformation on the scale of mass movements that can spread through whole societies and regions. He also rules propaganda, and the creation of symbols and language that move masses through powerful subliminal appeals; and his furtive nature, working from his undisclosed location underground, also rules all arts of secrecy, such as espionage and encryptation, including computer codes. We can expect that those who have learned best how to control their people through manipulative images and lies will go all out to fool whoever they still can. Also, as Uranus and Pluto are the two planets most directly related to the internet, it will not be at all surprising if the dramatic events of this summer become a pretext for secret authoritarian attempts to gain control of the worldwide web. Much material has been circulated lately about steps in this direction. It will be essential to maintain vigilance this summer, to insure that the internet remains free.
Much more can be said about the dozens of combinations that these Big Five planets, and the others, form with each other. Jupiter conjunct Uranus is one of the key planetary aspects that J. P. Morgan -- he said "Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do!" -- had his astrologer track for him because when these two conjoin, as they do now, speculation and risk-taking tend to turn out well. And when Jupiter and Uranus link as they do here in Aries, then we are likely to see gambling in its most intrepid form, most of all by fevered, privileged characters who sense in some way that this summer may be the last chance they'll have in quite a while to win big and get away with it, even as other tiers of the house of cards are beginning to slip slide away. But as our purpose is to cover the essentials, we won't look at the details here -- more about them in The Crosses of 2010 -- but focus instead on the essentials of what these planet alignments mean, and how we can best respond to them.
There is no getting around the fact that these cross alignments will be bumpy because every planet in them will be squeezed, opposed or stressed in other ways by so many other planets that each one will feel blocked, stifled, hot to break out in any way it can from the jail that other planets will form around it. Thus the cross alignments are, above all, divisive and fractious, sure to stoke existing tensions and spur new ones. One scenario that may replicate and multiply, as we've already seen it begin, is that governmental, corporate, military, religious, technical and media institutions in "developed" nations, which have cohered into smoothly interlocking structures of manipulation, deceit and control, will begin to fracture within themselves and among one another. Each one of them will begin to push so desperately, everyone else be damned, for its own interests and what it perceives as its very survival, that something, and most likely more than one thing, will have to give.
What are a few of the early signs of what we can expect? One is the Tea Party, furiously directing its wrath at natural allies among right-wing Republicans, and defeating some. Another is the thrillingly inept White House official who castigated the Democratic party's natural allies in organized labor for daring to oppose the renomination of Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln. Of greater import is the event that moved British Petroleum to take responsibility for its shockingly risky operating procedures and disastrous mismanagement of the Deep Water Horizon crisis. What finally did the trick, after two months of polite dithering, histrionic dickering, blame games, ass-covering and lies? It was all over when top officials of five other oil companies testified to the U. S. Congress that BP's actions before and during the emergency were not in line with standard industry practices. Once the usual cozy collusion among Big Oil's major players was broken, the jig was up, and BP had nowhere to run.
We can expect more of such fissures to appear, and to get wider, and to play out in comic relief scripts like the one begun by America's two most popular right-wing pit bulls, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, who recently started a feud, calling each other arrogant blowhards and other choice terms. When an insult match like this erupts between two such natural allies, who are so identical in their beliefs, are working non-competitively in different media, and even schedule their shows so they can share the same demographic of howling hate trippers and rage junkies, what does this tell us?
It tells us, among other things, that those who will have the hardest time with what is about to arrive will be those who fiercely resist change, most of all in their own beliefs and behaviors; who are endlessly engaged in attacking the ones whom they see as having caused the problems; and who refuse either to accept any responsibility for what has gone wrong, or to propose any positive steps toward solutions, least of all those that might benefit people whom they perceive as their enemies.
It could not be more evident, then, that those who will best get through this summer's events will do the opposite of all these ego-based, negating habits. Even if we're not comfortable with change -- nobody really is -- we accept it as inevitable, both in the "outer" circumstances that we play proactively, and in the inner work we do on ourselves, for the sake of our soul evolution, both individually and as a consciously evolving species. We either choose our battles wisely -- remembering the advice from the book of Proverbs that "When a man argues with a fool, two fools are arguing" -- or, even better, we see all disputes not compelled by true honor as a waste of time and heart energy, and we take counsel from Will Rogers, who said, "Never miss a good chance to shut up." And lastly, we see ourselves as responsible co-creators of the role we all chose in our soul contracts so long ago, and have come to play all-out now in a spirit of service, compassion, celebration and love.
What else to do? Seek the high ground in all ways, and shed more light than heat on the proceedings. Laugh and dance, and honor Mother Earth and her abundance at Lughnasad, which comes right at the peak of the Crosses in the northern hemisphere, and Imbolc, which falls on the same days in the south.
Play, no matter how counterintutive that may look from moment to moment, as things are going to get complicated, and Captain Kirk was right when he said that "The more complex the mind, the greater the need for play."
Raise your glass to the hard working people the Rolling Stones sang about, for they, and we, are the ones who have kept it all together so far, and will keep doing so now as necessity will be the mother of more invention than we knew we had, more creativity than we ever dreamed we'd awaken, more love than we'd ever imagined could flow toward and around us to embrace and lift us all. Let's drink to the salt of the Earth. Sing to them too. Keep Holding That Frequency.
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