Mythic Prelude for July, 2008:

Barack Obama's Astrocartography

Part 1: The USA

Welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for July, 2008.
In one respect, this page is like a zillion others that have appeared in the weeks since the correct birth time of Barack Obama was discovered just last month, and we now know that he's Leo with Aquarius rising. Most of the astrologers in the USA seem to be writing about him now, and there's also some basic Obama astrology lore on this site too.
In another respect, though, this page aims to do something that no one else has yet published as of the Summer Solstice of June, 2008. This month and next, we are going to look at some of the key astrocartographs -- world maps, not astrology charts -- that can now be prepared from Obama's complete birth data. These maps will show us where his friends, allies, mentors, competitors and adversaries are; who will keep their word and their counsel, and who won't; where his prospects for success are greatest and where they're nearly non-existent; and how the foreign policy of an Obama presidency will vary region by region within the general conditions of Obama's birth chart, and the planet transits that affect him in the years ahead.
Our purpose here is not to introduce in detail the astrology sub-science of astrocartography (often abbreviated to ACG), the term coined some three decades ago by the late, brilliant Jim Lewis. He was the first to determine how lines representing the planet positions and the four angles of a person's natal chart could be projected onto a world map to show the best -- and worst -- places for living, working, and building teams and partnerships for jobs, career and money; love, marriage and family; health, education, creativity, spirituality, community and everything else that matters most to us. For the basics about astrocartographs, see StarMaps on this site.
Calling the Four Quarters
Though we won't cover astrocartography rules and elements here, one piece that we do need to summarize is the four angles of the ACG, which, for simplicity's sake, we'll call a map from here on. As you'll see in the maps that follow, each line is marked with its own color and planet symbol, and an arrow that points in one of four directions:
Arrows pointing up, to the top of the map, designate planet lines based on the position of the Midheaven, or MC for Medium Coeli, so called because this point at the top of a person's birth chart was directly above the native when he or she was born. The MC thus represents one's spiritual aspirations, both for himself and for the ideal society he or she envisions.
Arrows pointing down refer to the Nadir or IC for Imum Coeli at the bottom of one's birth chart, representing the center of the Earth, the point that is under us at birth. The IC refers, then, to the practical, material dimension of life on the Earth plane.
Arrows pointing right, to the East, are aimed at the Ascendant, which is also called the Rising Sign because this point was on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. It relates to one's "rising" qualities, the ways in which we project our intentions and personalities in the world.
Arrows pointing left, to the West, correspond to the Descendant, the point opposite the Ascendant, which represents us in partnership (including marriage) and other relationships.
So, just as the positions of planets in the zodiac signs and houses of a person's chart can show his or her areas of strength and difficulty, advantage and opportunity, and the combinations of energy that may assist or impede the gaining of our goals, the line positions on our maps can show where we're most firmly grounded -- or trickily unstable -- in the earthy realities of money and home; where we feel most drawn and energized toward our soul desires; where we'll shine or go dim in emerging as individuals; and where we'll experience our easiest or roughest relationships with others. We'll soon see what some of these areas are for Barack Obama.
Disclaimer! My Astrocartography Maps are Better than the Ones You See Here
A brief word about the maps you'll see on this page from this month to September. The maps I create when I do personal StarMap readings are maximum quality, much clearer, sharper and with brighter colors than the maps shown here. Both of the maps on this page are low-resolution, medium quality images that you can download much faster than the max images -- some of them over 1 MB -- that I make for clients. It seems best on these pages to sacrifice some quality for speed. Otherwise it could take you until the American election day in November to download these maps.
It's time now to look at Barack Obama's astrocartograph for the United States.
Man of Their Dreams: The United States
Obama has eight lines in the contiguous 48 states, almost all of them in the east and central zones of the country. Four of the lines point down to the Nadir, which represents the home and the practical foundation of life on the Earth plane. Reading the lines right-to-left, from east to west:
The purple Uranus on the Nadir line that goes vertically through the easternmost tip of Maine -- and the gray Moon's Node on the Nadir line that is parallel and east of it -- mark the areas under and near these lines as places where Obama is likely to catalyze changes in the belief systems and life structures of others. Uranus on the Nadir signifies that President Obama, if elected, will no longer just talk about making changes in the American political and economic system. He will walk the talk, do his best to make change -- and get the predictable reaction from entrenched interests who will call him everything from a socialist to a revolutionary. His life under this line has its turbulent features, and will compel him to be innovative and flexible, as befits the quick, improvisatory nature of Uranus lines.
As these lines do not touch any major US power centers -- though Boston is within range of the Uranus line -- it is likely that Obama's effort to catalyze change in his own country, even if sincere, will not be as greatly impactful as his supporters dream. He may prove to be a more transformative figure in other places. Follow his Uranus line in the USA to the south, and it enters Venezuela. Almost all of Obama's USA lines also cross South America. More about this another time, perhaps in a Barack Obolivar map, if he's elected.
The Warmth of the Sun, the Kiss of the Moon: Washington, DC
Some 800 miles west of this Uranus line, passing right through Toronto, is a third Nadir line: the vertical yellow Sun on the Nadir line that continues south to pass west of Washington, DC, east of Miami and through the middle of Cuba. This line is one of the strongest and most favorable in anyone's map. It identifies the places where one is most likely to have good health and high vitality, be a father and raise a family, acquire professional success and high social position, engage in fruitful creative work for the benefit of his community, and become well known. Obama has done almost all these things during his years under this line. This Sun line makes Washington a creative wellspring, energy replenishing station and nexus of valuable alliances for Obama. The position of this line alone indicates that Washington should be a place of great accomplishment for him. Unlike John McCain, whose ACG for the United States has no lines anywhere within 500 miles of Washington, Obama has two major lines there. And they cross. If the line action near Washington DC in the maps of these two men is anything to go by, then the outcome is obvious. There's nothing in Washington for McCain. But much is waiting there for Obama.
Obama's second Washington line is the faint gray Moon on the Ascendant line that passes through Detroit and west of Cleveland and Washington, then exits into the Atlantic at the North Carolina coast. This line marks Michigan, Ohio, the Virginias and the Carolinas as places in which Obama will be able to define himself only through relationships, and will attract relationships of every conceivable kind, ranging from the most generous and altruistic to the most parasitical, because under this line others will tend to project their needs and desires onto Obama, and see him as one who not only brings them closer to gaining what they seek, but also inspires in them a very strong intention to bring out in themselves the qualities they admire most in the one they idolize. This Moon line also crosses Obama's Sun line in central Virginia, and Washington is well within its radius of influence. Jim Lewis' notes on this crossing are worth a look, as a possible clue to the self-conscious confidence, even cockiness, that even some of Obama's supporters, as well as his enemies, tend to see in him:
"A strong reliance on others, either to fulfill self or to justify egotism, a growth of self-importance, and self-consciousness in relation to the opposite sex manifest. You are able to attract the people and situations that you want, though you feel somewhat out of control, as you need others’ approval. Individuality is apt to be suppressed, and you feel that you need to think of self as superior, so that you become aware of the social role that is preordained for you, and often choose to rebel against it."
Another last look at these Sun - Moon lines for now shows that the curving gray Moon line continues through the ocean, transiting over the Dominican Republic and then crossing Obama's Uranus and Moon's Node lines in Venezuela. Though we won't look at Obama's South America map yet, it's already clear that one of his most interesting relationships could be with Hugo Chavez, assuming that the Venezuelan president has not yet been neutralized by whatever American assassination bureau has by now replaced the late, bungling CIA. Barack and Chavez may well stimulate and like each other -- though they'll both have to hide this for a while. They could find themselves, in fact, in the curious position of playing the exact opposite of the usual Meeting-the-Man scenario. Instead of lighting up when they see the one they can't really stand, then proceeding to shake his hand and embrace him for the cameras, each man could have to pretend to like the other guy less than he really does -- at least for a while, until his people have had time to consider that the Yanqui Diablo has suddenly turned into the Angel de Amor, and our irrepressible brother Hugo, now that we're getting to see more of him, is much more entertaining than anyone imagined.
While all of this is going on, Obama's Sun line keeps going due south through Cuba. This suggests that if there is one man who can and will attempt to end the United States' punitive and now even more pointless ignoring of Cuba, and restore normal diplomatic and trade relations -- and also heal the 50-year-old bitterness and rage of Cuban-Americans in Florida -- it will be Obama. As we'll also see in Obama's Asia map, one of the presidents to whom he'll likely be compared is, surprisingly, Richard Nixon. Differ as the two men may in details of character and principle, Nixon enjoyed uncorking dramatic, unexpected moves, as he did with China. Obama will probably relish this sort of thing even more. He is, after all, a Leo of the Aquarius-rising type who owns center stage and likes to light it up, rather than the Nixon kind of Capricorn who is never comfortable under the lights, and much prefers quiet rooms with a few other serious men.
Early Success and Working to Fit In: The Mississippi Valley
I've never seen lines in anyone's astrocartograph follow a major river from start to finish the way that two of Obama's lines flank the Mississippi Valley like an escort, from Lake Superior at the top all the way down to New Orleans. The city sits between Obama's vertical green Mercury on the Nadir line and his dark blue Jupiter on the MC line, which passes straight through the Mississippi delta. The two lines also enclose Memphis and St. Louis, pass east of Minneapolis and, most important for our purposes here, are also advantageously close to Chicago. The Mercury line means that among people here the traditional patriotic, social and religious values are very strong, so under this line Obama's colleagues and constituents will tend to be least receptive to new ideas, and least happy to think and act outside the box. It's no wonder he wants the main job in Washington DC, where he's much more likely to get things done that he is here in the midwest. The stifling effect of this line, however, is loosened somewhat by the blue Jupiter line just to the west. Jupiter's presence here indicates that the middle of the USA, however resistant to anything new unless it's electric, is still a source of strength for Obama, a region from which he is most likely to draw political alliances and financial support, even if much of it comes from small contributions by many backers rather than from a few gold mines and platinum albums on the west coast -- though help certainly does flow from there as well.
Sheriff Saturn Meets the Neptune Kid: Deep in the Hard of Texas
To the west of another great river, the Missouri, Obama has a second vertical yellow line passing west of Omaha, Kansas City and Tulsa, then almost through Dallas, and on south to transit through Mexico east of Mexico City. This Saturn on the MC line designates a hard-to-get zone, where resistance to Obama can be expected to be high, and he will win others over to his point of view and his program only through patient, painstaking effort. Unlike other areas of the country, where support for Obama spread rapidly, this part of the country has been and remains not only the toughest for Obama to pitch, but also the most implacably negating toward him, full of Kansas Republicans yelling Nobama!
Quieter types in the midwest will look at Obama with about as much warmth and trust as the farm couple in American Gothic. But he still stirs plenty of excitement here too. There is some avid wish projection -- in what one wants from others, and what they want from him -- under the pink Neptune on the Descendant line that curves down from Montana to Texas. "People . . . project their fondest and most unrealistic wishes onto you," Jim Lewis wrote about this line, "and you seem fascinating and beautiful, but actually just hold a mirror up to everyone’s incompleteness. . . . If you do 'make it,' you become a media image invisible beneath the makeup." This is a telling comment, as Obama continues his lifelong struggle to identify and define himself not so much as the man who he knows he is, but as one whom others often seem unable, even resolutely unwilling, to fit within their perceptions of what a leader, especially an African-American leader, should be.
The Saturn and Neptune lines cross a little west of Dallas, making this, as if we did not already know, Obama's worst location in the United States. His travel and appointment staff had best invent the most compelling ways to ask him, "Mr. President, can we do Dallas next year, or even better, when you're running for re-election in 2012? It's the last place you should go."
It's not so much that Dallas is physically dangerous for Obama -- as Mars lines can be -- even though it did happen during the Texas primary that Obama was either ineptly or willfully endangered in Dallas by FBI who ordered Dallas police to suspend their weapons check procedure for the sake of getting Obama's audience into the hall more quickly. The crossing of Saturn and Neptune is depressing rather than conflictive, combining the heaviness and ascetic coldness of Saturn with the isolation, self-torment and illusions of Neptune. This makes Dallas an excellent place for Obama to retire into a monastery, wear a hair shirt and spend his later life flagellating himself to pay for Cheney-grade crimes and outrages, if Obama winds up committing them. If he ever wants to punish himself in solitude, Dallas is the perfect place. If he wants to act among others socially and governmentally, he'd best not go here. The west coast is much better, maybe Obama's second-best USA location after Washington, DC.
At Home with Venus: the West Coast
He has happily left his heart in San Francisco, as we see from the light blue Venus on the Nadir line. While this line passes some 200 miles west of Los Angeles -- so that its influence is less strong in LA, but still felt -- the line passes almost exactly through Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and Silicon Valley, making all of these places important to Obama's aims of using beauty, charisma and the Venus force of attractiveness to gain his aims. Even if Obama is rather too serious-minded to be a Hollywood President like Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton, the LA film industry will naturally be very sympathetic to him, and he will probably continue to benefit, as has he already has, from the top-quality technical and media expertise that may be the west coast's most bankable resource. This Venus line is of great importance -- not only for itself, but because every line has a reverse-image line somewhere else on the planet, and Obama's Venus on the MC line goes through, wonderfully enough, Iran. More on this when we look next month at his Asia map.
Obama is likely to be much better understood in Asia than he is at home, especially in China, because that's where his MC lines are. He will probably feel that he seems to meet a lot more like-minded people on the road abroad than he knows in his own country. The Mandate of Heaven map for China will come in due time next month, because the hero's journey requires that before he goes to meet the teacher, he gives his love to his friends, and that's why our next stop is on the way to China, in Europe and the Middle East.
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