JULY, 2007

Mythic Prelude:

Crossing the Water
Yahaaaa. It's the middle of 2007, and we have some reorientation to do. As you know if you read the UFC and keep up with physical changes in our planet, our solar system and our galaxy, and even the unfathomable spaces that we share with other galaxies, there has been recent news that -- we may not even be natives of the galaxy that we've always thought is our home!
It turns out that our beloved Milky Way, for no telling how long now, has been secretly, ravenously impersonating Rupert Murdoch on a cocktail of beer nuts, THC and steroids. Like a cosmic pirate galleon or a corporate predator hiding behind the logo of a lamb or a granny with a nice hot pie as it wolfs down other companies, the less-lyrical-than-she-looks Milky Way is apparently devouring the galaxy that we really did come from. If astronomers at the Universities of Massachusetts and Virginia are correct in interpreting the infrared images they've just found, then Yow! -- as Flippy the Friendly Fish says when we see that the rapids we'll have to jump over soon are a lot wider and whiter than we expected. Life and the road just ahead, the whole galaxy-wide action-adventure story we're about to play, could be getting a lot more challenging and thrilling. As if it isn't hairy enough now.
Not only are we trying to align with the Galactic Center at a time that Mayan calendar priests, astrologers and other prophets see as an unprecedented opportunity for awakening into transdimensional consciousness as galactic humans. Not only, as we're still learning to walk the walk as authentic beings of love, do we see other learning curves that have popped into view, and look impossibly steep -- such as having to stay light, keep laughing and singing no matter what Earth and human beings do. Not only do we have to deal with technologies, torrid heat, the ones we love and the ones we're trying to, right in the middle of Mercury retrograde in Cancer -- but now we have to do it while jumping over choppy water from one ship to another, without a cable or a captain. Welcome to July of 2007.
Only a few weeks ago, it appeared that this prelude would start like a suite by Telemann, in stately dotted rhythms with an early rococo bit about how this month marks the start of the 10th year since the UFC first appeared in July, 1998. And another bit about how the Saturn-Neptune opposition that has ruled the year just past is finally dissolving as Saturn moves forward toward Virgo. But there's no cargo space for such luxuries now, as we're entering, in medias res, the transformative time from mid-2007 through 2008. Now, as if to emphasize just how important it is that we find new ways to link in shared focus and intention, some compelling new ways to do this are appearing in the road ahead, sometimes with less lead time than we prefer. New synchronicities even fly in so fast that we may not see them all.
A notable one passed just yesterday, when Michael Moore's new documentary Sicko opened in the United States at the exact moment when Saturn and Neptune opposed each other, to the minute, to the second, for the third and last time in the tense standoff they've pushed and pulled against each other since last summer. The effects of Moore's shot across the bow of Big Pharma are already showing up predictably. The all-embracing impulses of Neptune's compassionate heart bring a rising clamor for long overdue changes in American health care -- and they collide with entrenched Saturnian forces of profit and control, who dig in and become doubly determined to craft whatever spin, personal attacks and lies will protect their profits. And underneath it all, people all over the planet who have used health and illness as an arena for playing their Victim archetypes awaken to see that we can in fact be as healthy as we choose. We'll have to give up those old tapes -- that's how out of date the habits of mind are -- about how sinful we all are, and how the best we can expect is a long ride, but not a happy one, in an aching, eroding body through a vale of tears, because it's allegedly the will of "God" that we suffer enough to pay our way into Foreverland in the Sky.
Yes, that groggy blur of coming out of sleep is a mixed moment, to say the least. It's no fun seeing what an idiot I've been. And it's scary to have to see that the responsibility for how healthy or sick I am is mine, and has been mine all along. Heavy news . . . but funny how suddenly my breath is bigger, I'm not as hungry, and my knee doesn't hurt as much. So Thanks, Saturn. Looking forward to doing some more methodical business with you in September. Thanks, Neptune. It won't be that long now until you come back to your home stage in Pisces, and we get to do with you the script you've been designing since 1845.
Here and now, though, we direct our focus to the center ring, the synchronicities and scenes that dominate this month, and make it the overture to what comes for the next year and a half. One is Fire the Grid, the global meditation coming on July 17. As we'll soon see, the timing of this one may be more amazingly apt than Shelley Yates, who has formed the plan, could have realized when she first announced it. The other, coming in only a few days, is the set of events coming a few days from now on July 7 and 8, when the Live Earth concerts and the Planetary Creatrix conference and ceremony align at one of the days when we celebrate Tanabata, the ancient East Asian feast of the lovers.
We'll start in mid-month, with the sky pictures, and work backward. First the context, as we see it getting ever stranger in anomalies, and weather patterns once thought impossible, that we see on one planet after another: dark spots on Pluto, auroras on Saturn, pole shifts happening simultaneously on Uranus and Neptune, a doubling in the intensity of Jupiter's magnetic field, and growth of moisture-bearing clouds on, of all places, the desert planet Mars. Phenomena as unusual as these are starting to abound -- and they are suddenly making much more sense now that the 2 Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) team has found a startling answer to a question that has long puzzled not just scientists, but everybody: Why doesn't our solar system line up with the Milky Way? If our Sun has been living in an arm of the Milky Way for some millions of years, then why hasn't the motion of all its planets and particles lined up by now in the same plane with everything else in the galaxy? Why is our solar system almost perpendicular to the Milky Way, and why do the greater and lesser lights closest to us seem to cross the galaxy's stream of stars, instead of flowing along with its grand current? This picture by Daniel Law shows why.
Taken with infrared maps that allowed the researchers to filter out most foreground stars, it isolates the red "M giant" stars in the immense loop that astronomers are calling the Sagittarius Galaxy for the region where it intersects the Milky Way, as seen from our vantage point here on Earth. It is obvious which of the galaxies is cohesive and healthy. Whether we use verbs like "eat" and "bully" for what the Milky Way is doing, it's clear, as 2MASS member Martin Weinberg has put it, that "We are seeing Sagittarius at the very end of its life as an intact system."
One of the stars that the Milky Way has apparently captured, through its eons of scything through what will in time no longer be the Sagittarius Galaxy, is our Sun. Like Captain Jack Sparrow stepping lightly from the top spar of a sinking ship onto a relatively dry dock, our Father Sol -- yes, he's the yellow dot to the left of the Milky Way center -- seems to be bailing from a scene with no future to a story that has legs, and some extremely long arms.
This lifeboat scenario explains much, of course, not least our nagging, gnawing sense that we are really not from here, though we're not sure where we actually did come from. Suddenly it makes perfect sense that metaphors like "moving at cross purposes" and "spinning out of control" seem to apply not just to the physical realm, but to so many of our gyres of the mind and farces of the heart. But that's not the urgent part. Who cares where we came from when some of the questions that are jumping for attention are: Where are We? And for how long? Is the Milky Way going to keep us for good? Or will she offer us a million-year lease with the option of going month to month after that, so she can eject us out the other side, and give our Sun's spot to some upscale-looking blue-white giant who looks to her like George Clooney looks to many of us, like the suave, even sexier uncle of Sirius himself? What options do we have? Which way is up?
And, as so much of our prophecy and mythology -- not least the Maya Cosmogenesis ideas of John Major Jenkins and others in the 2012 "mainstream" -- are keyed to a Galactic Center where we've long placed it, in the 27th degree of Sagittarius, are our estimates for an End of Time and an ascent into galactic consciousness in or near 2012 now out the window, since we're not as sure as we were where the window is located, and which way is "out"? Are the transits of the Sun and other planets across the Galactic Center still as relevant as they've long seemed to be? Is there any significance in the timing of this discovery, so that we're learning about the disintegrating Sagittarius galaxy as we're only weeks away from the moment when Pluto will cross what we thought was our Galactic Center? Until we have a satisfactory reply to Vedic astrologer Sally Spencer, who asks "which galactic center has Pluto been lining up with then?" -- it seems best to review where we thought we were, as something momentous could still be going on there.
And it's been a long time in coming. Pluto has an orbital period of about 248 years, so the last time he moved across the Galactic Center would have been the famous Annus Mirabilis in 1759. Just as there were earth-shaking events then, as British arms won stunning victories over the French in every theatre of their conflict, and signaled that one empire was about to supplant another, it is likely that by the end of 2008 some who have much will have less, and some who want more will get it. No guesses about who'll play which roles, except to say that the French didn't see it coming. The loser never does. Louis XV was busy chasing chemises though his deer park, and his courtiers occupied themselves in saying terribly clever things like "Apres moi, le deluge." And the nobles simply would not live within their means. So much for ancient history. What does Pluto on the Galactic Center look like in 2007?
For a general introduction to this, see the UFC for January, 2007. The time parameters of this year's Pluto at the Galactic Center show are nearly a year apart, from the end of 2006 through December of 2007. Like all the planets that we can see from Earth, Pluto may seem as he moves through each zodiac sign to cross a given point not once, but three times. First he passes it as he "goes direct," moving forward, then -- apparently, from our vantage point -- he seems to reverse course and passes it again, moving "retrograde." Then he reverses course again and passes the point a third time as he resumes "direct" motion. Physically, as each planet seems to keep moving two steps forward, one step back, it's always farther along than it was a year ago in its course through the zodiac. Symbolically, in everything from an individual life to the vaster scale of mundane astrology, this three-step motion can resemble the three acts of a film script, or of any spiritual process that begins in dynamic, confident Intention, then Hits the Wall, and in the end -- at least the end for now -- finds a way to finesse, dissolve or seduce the obstacle, or just sees that the Wall was never really there at all.
But it's best not to telegraph the whole play, as we're not quite halfway through it. Act 1 climaxed last Dec. 29 and faded out through the winter. Now Act 2 is underway. It builds toward its peak of volume and intensity on July 17. Act 3 will play in October, followed by what could be an epilogue in a major key as Jupiter crosses the Galactic Center on Dec. 5. There will be more about the events of late 2007 months from now. This month our attention goes to Pluto at the Galactic Center in mid-July as he goes retrograde in Sagittarius.
You've probably read, here in the UFC and in other places, some glib, superficial comments on retrograde motion, especially the funhouse ride of Mercury retrograde that comes every four months (and is in effect now until July 10), and could be the whipping boy -- if Mercury weren't too fast for even Zeus to lay a whip on him -- for every clueless, careless, costly fiasco that bozotic human beings and mechanical cockups can bring. It's not that planets have to skid and swoop into chaos when they go retrograde. It is this way with Mercury, of course, as he's the principle of mentality and organization, of plans and communications. But others backslide in other ways. Venus gets annoyingly pouty rather than irresistibly playful. Saturn forgets that it's better to be heroically, dependably industrious than to be one of those stolid types whose first response to any new idea is to say that we've never done it that way before.
The main point about any retrograde period, for any planet, is that as it's moving backward, its focus shifts from present into past. We take care of old business: we update records, catch up on correspondence, do revision and editing, and find ways to bring up problems that are overdue for discussion and clearing. Not knowing about this is, in a nutshell, what drives so many people up the bulletin board when Mercury is retrograde. Instead of making life much easier for themselves by focusing on old business for a few weeks, they do business as usual at quick tempo, and they may even try to do the impossible by moving ahead with new business at top speed right when Mercury is going backward, and is taking all the plans, schedules, contracts, power points and agendas with him.
So now we know how to drive ourselves and each other less crazy through the next 10 days, and when Mercury is retrograde again in Scorpio and Libra in October. All right -- what about Pluto then? What can we expect when he is retrograde, until Sept. 7, especially on July 17, when the dark lord is right at the Galactic Center? Well -- we can expect a lot more of what we're seeing right now.
Pluto rules the dark, secretive sign of Scorpio. He prefers to remain hidden, to operate from the shadows through indirect means, and to exert powerful influences that are covert and subliminal, working the emotions of the mass audience through myth and symbol rather than addressing the mind through law or logic. While the Hades/Pluto type is passionate enough to play the fanatic convincingly, he is too control-driven to lose himself in the role, as he is a natural manipulator and propagandist who measures impacts and calculates effects. He knows in his marrow that information has power as long as it is hidden, but loses power as soon as it is revealed, and this is why he is the spymaster of the zodiac, patron of all codes and encryptations -- notably computer codes -- and all methods of concealing things.
Is this ringing any bells, at this time when officials who don't want to release their documents are building stone walls so high that subpoenas can no longer be tossed over them, but will have to be dropped from the air, or disguised as deliveries of laundry or flowers? The United States is much in the news where these things go now, at a time when the CIA has just made public its "Family Jewels" about assassination plots and other murderous schemes from 30 years ago -- thank goodness they're not doing those things anymore! -- and Daniel Ellsberg now tours the country, urging potential whistle blowers to "Take the risk, reveal the truth under the lies of your own bosses and your superiors, obey your oath to the Constitution.”
All of this isn't just going on in the USA, naturally. It's happening everywhere. British and American bagmen claim that "national security" prohibits them from saying anything about billions in bribes and kickbacks paid to Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia. Russia murders its greatest journalist, and Turkey prosecutes those who write about the Armenian genocide. Everybody from the Bulgarian police to Chinese toymakers to Swiss banks holding the assets of Holocaust victims all sit as tight as they can, hoping that those who are pressing them to give up the truth will somehow just go away.
The red thread of the time is consistent. When Pluto is retrograde, perhaps most of all in the sign of Sagittarius -- for this is where Jupiter rules governments, religious bodies, courts of law, banks and other great institutions of authority -- people in power will sit twice as hard and heavy as they always do on anything from their past that might compromise them. Their adversaries will dig twice as hard and deep to get the evidence. Whistle blowers find courage and solidarity with one another. And sometimes the truth just drops to the ground and bursts open like a mango too ripe to keep hanging on the tree. We can expect much more of this in the months to come, when the silly season of the present will be long gone, and efforts to get the truth that go nowhere now will be able to start their engines and go when Pluto is direct, and crosses again what we think, for the time being, is our Galactic Center. This brings us to this month's events.
In what is easily the most fascinating synchronicity of the month, the global Fire the Grid meditation comes, naturally, on July 17, when retrograde Pluto is on the Galactic Center. The story and plan that Shelley Yates has prepared about this event makes no mention of the day's main astral news, or any other serendipity of timing on heaven and Earth. But this hardly matters, as Fire the Grid is mainly designed to align human beings with one another, on the premise that we have "the very real power to save this planet and to make it a loving and healthy place for ourselves and for future generations." Fire the Grid is not associated with any religion or any traditional concept of "God," but rather with a universal divine energy that manifests in both female and male faces, especially as more and more of us sense the urgent need to act together now in service to Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Yates' story of "two miracles" began in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a terrifying journey by water. As she and her son Evan were driving on a wet road, their car slipped off and slid to the bottom of a marsh. She struggled in vain to open the doors and windows and free her son, and the last thing she heard as breath was running out was "a calm majestic voice, directing me to relax . . . reassuring me that all would be well," and warning her that if she fought the water, she would drown. In the near-death experience that followed, Beings of Light on "the other side" assured her that all would be well if she kept faith, and followed the divine directions that would keep coming.

The first miracle was that a rescue team arrived in time to pull Yates and her son out of the car while they were still barely breathing. The second came in response to the doctors and neurologists who warned her that Evan was brain dead, and hemorrhaging so acutely that he had almost no hope of pulling through. The ones who did not concur in this diagnosis were the spirit beings who instructed her to "rebuild my son’s aura by infusing his little body with the auras of others" for only 20 minutes at a time to start, so as not to drain the energy of the donor, then for longer doses as he began to respond. Dozens of people came to touch Evan, to pour their love and strength into his body, even to stay with him all night. After 72 hours he regained consciousness. In two weeks, to the bafflement of everyone who thought he would never live as anything more than a vegetable, he was running through the halls.
Then, of course, as the medical bill still has to be paid, the Beings of Light replied to Yates' gratitude, and her what-do-I-do-now questions, by continuing to send words, visions, auras -- and instructions to prepare a way to organize human beings who will join their intentions to "do for this planet what we did for my son." The result is Fire the Grid, which aims to do on a worldwide scale what Yates' loved ones did for Evan, so that if "representatives from every corner [of] . . . the Divine Energy System" link in a spirit of love and unity with one another and the Universal Source, then they can succeed in pouring their energy into Earth's heart to regenerate her, and spread the highest frequencies of peace and healing through the energy field of all humanity as well.
Fire the Grid is planned for one hour beginning at 11:11am Greenwich Mean Time on July 17. This is a curious choice, as it means that people in the Eastern hemisphere can easily get with the Grid from late morning through evening in their respective time zones -- but it will be 7:11am in New York, 4:11am in California and 1:11am in Hawaii. Maybe fewer people are needed to activate their sectors of the Grid in the Americas -- or maybe the light beings who propel this whole effort know things about intention and energy that people who mainly watch the map and the numbers don't. One way or the other, Fire the Grid will fuse the minds and hearts of millions of people in the middle of this month, and will likely open some new understandings of things that are closer to our grasp than we had thought. To verify what your local time will be when it's 11:11am in Greenwich, click here.
Before July 17, the other day that will grab a lot of focus is July 7, and not just because of its cachet as 7/7/7. July 7 is a natural choice for the Live Earth concerts, coming as it does right in the middle of Cancer month, which is sacred to the Moon, the universal feminine, home and motherhood. None of Live Earth's publicity pieces makes any mention of this, but that does not make the timing any less fortuitous and powerful. July 7 also has two other notable mythic resonances. In the Celtic tree calendar, it's the first day of Holly Month, which is said to be especially good for the balancing of female and male polarities. And the ancient Chinese myth of the princess and the cowherd who lived on opposite sides of the Milky Way is celebrated in the Japanese solar calendar as Tanabata, the festival of the lovers.

On the next day, at the climax of events called forth by the Hathors through Tom Kenyon, the global Planetary Creatrix Meditation will be held in Seattle. Interestingly, as the timing of this meditation runs 2:00 - 4:00pm PDT on July 8, the Americas, New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii can easily align with it, as can East Asian people who like to be up at dawn, and Europeans who are willing to meditate on a Saturday night from 9:00 to 11:00pm GMT. Most of Asia will be effectively out of the loop on this one, except for night owls and skywatchers on the steppes. Thus Planetary Creatrix and Fire the Grid can be viewed as bookend meditations that will activate different zones of the planet at an interval of 9 days, almost as though they were meant to be two pulses in the same rhythm and the same score.

The core intentions are much the same, as the Planetary Creatrix aims to anchor a conscious and responsible "inner technology" for manifesting our individual creative goals -- provided that we approach these aims only in relation to the larger goals that we share for the benefit of all, because "all life is interconnected, and not just life upon this Earth. All life in the cosmos is deeply wedded together . . . [as] the very elements that comprise your body are composed of the elements of the Earth and of the stars." For best results, both for your own objectives and for making your strongest contribution to the whole, it's best to prepare by reviewing the Hathors' instructions for this process, especially the crucial step of entering the Holon of Balance before the meditation begins.
Mythographers love to speculate on questions like whether Hathor herself, and the collective entity of the Hathors who link with her, chose the weekend of July 7 - 8 for this meditation because the annual wedding festivals of the Beautiful Meeting between Hathor and Horus resemble in so many ways the annual journey of Kengyuu the Cowherd across the Milky Way to see his beloved princess Orihime, the Weaver. In the original Chinese version of this story, the lovers' meeting took place on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, so this year's correct lunar date is actually July 31. But as more and more Japanese versions of the old Chinese holidays are celebrated today on fixed dates in the solar year, Japanese Tanabata now comes each year on July 7. This is a rare, fascinating example of how an ancient lunar festival may actually work better in a modern solar slot. The 7th day of the 7th Chinese month falls, curiously enough, in Sun-ruled, masculine Leo month (July 22 - Aug. 22), now and then at the top of Virgo month in late August. By setting Tanabata on July 7, in the middle of Moon-ruled Cancer month, the Japanese have recast it with a new, emphatically female flavor.
On this day marriage-minded girls, wearing kimono elegant enough to have been made by Orihime herself, tie prayer cloths and other love tokens to willow branches by the sea and the rivers, to invite their Kengyuus to brave wide water and the wrath of the emperor, who doesn't want a lowly "puller of cows" anywhere near his daughter. The tale is charming, as all stories of love overcoming obstacles are. But in fact, the basis of this feast is extremely ancient, and profound. Kengyuu the Cowherd is actually the great star Altair, in Aquila the Eagle, and princess Orihime is the even more beautiful Vega in Lyra, the second-brightest star (after Sirius) in the entire sky. She is among the "precessional circle" of pole stars that succeed one another as North Stars at huge intervals of thousands of Earth years as the spring equinoxes move through an immense Great Year that is 25,920 Earth years long.
It's possible that when the Chinese first made this myth many thousands of years ago, Vega was at North, affirming by her position that Orihime weaves the whole cosmos together -- and that life will flow in happy order as long as Kengyuu, and everyone else, understand that they are to steer by her, and keep coming back to the center that she represents, even when they must cross the whole Milky Way.
Many of us will make our water crossings in the months and years to come. I'm about to. In mid-July I'll move from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh, at the bottom of Sinai on the other side of the Red Sea. This will likely be the last UFC prelude I'll write and send from Cairo.
As I get ready to go, I sing all honor and thanks to Lady Isis, Queen of the River, who has kindly blessed and protected me in these last three years of living by the Nile. And I pray for the gracious guidance of Lady Isis, Star of the Sea, as I'll live and write over my remaining months in Egypt in a house that is literally called Villa El Aziz: the Villa of Isis.
Within the golden orb of her measureless love, one practical thing that does make mapping and moving a lot easier is the new astrology tool I use now: StarMaps, which fuse the precise timing of an astrology chart with the exact coordinates of a world map, and can help us identify the places that are best -- or worst -- for whatever we pursue. Thanks to this system, invented by the late, brilliant Jim Lewis, I'll be moving soon from the Nile Valley, where "Whatever is built here has foundations of sand, except inner spiritual wisdom, and it too is subject to self-deception and illusions," to another place that will surely have its challenges too, but offers thrilling ways to cross the water, and sights below it, of flame-red reef fish that look like, well, thousands of M giant stars in the Sagittarius Galaxy that once was home.
Looking forward to linking with you in the meditations of this month, and the months to come, as our intentional calendars get busier and faster. Keep Holding That Frequency.

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