JULY, 2005

Mythic Prelude:

Out in the Air
Welcome to the 8th year of the Universal Festival Calendar, which first appeared in July, 1998.
And welcome to the high summer of 2005, when the Sun will burn hot and holy, in all possible ways, in the time of purification by fire and air. Two main astral events come this month, as you know if you follow these things, and you've looked at the Astral Notes for Summer, 2005. Saturn moves from Cancer to Leo, and soon thereafter Saturn in the fire sign of Leo opposes Chiron in the air sign of Aquarius. As the previous Saturn-Chiron opposition seven months ago -- with the planets placed respectively in the water sign of Cancer and the earth sign of Capricorn -- coincided exactly with the Aceh Tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004, it's to be expected now that astrologers of the doom pimp type, and other phobarchs -- that is, people who gain their sense of power by putting others into fear, or keeping them there -- are loud and heavy this summer, determined to make themselves bigger and richer by making others shout and wail, cower and boast.
On the plane of the obvious, where most human beings live until buttons of fear and pleasure are pushed hard enough to bring either insight or denial, the usual babble about earth changes is underway, and the usual suspects for disaster in the elements of fire and air are being rounded up: wild fires and volcanic eruptions, and wind storms, especially inland air calamities such as tornadoes and desert sand storms. And other calamities in fire and air, both military and municipal, such as the deadly and by-now-predictable news from yesterday (June 28) that 16 American troops were lost in Afghanistan when their helicopter was suddenly converted into a fireball in mid-air, most likely by a ground-launched missile. The karmic payback is easy to see but terrible to accept, as the kinds of weapons that the United States happily gave the Taliban to help them blow Russians out of the blue are now being fired at Americans.
Symbolic speculations about the opposing planets and their signs and elements are underway too. Saturn in the fire sign of Leo clearly suggests that conservative political and religious institutions which are expressions of solar intellect, and are established to the point of being "fixed," as astrologers say, will be under intense and even painful pressure to make long-overdue changes not only in what they do and how they do it, but in the bedrock strata of dogma and tradition on which they've rested for centuries, even millennia. Chiron in the air sign of Aquarius, placed opposite these proud and leonine bodies, suggests that healing is about to happen holistically both in the range of unconventional healing practices that will be used, and in the teamwork of like-minded people uniting spontaneously in friendship.
Everybody knows that fire is the purifying element symbolized by Sekhmet, Kali, Pele, Ahura Mazda and many others, and that the divine energy that "is like a refiner's fire," in the words of the prophet Malachi, appears in burning bushes and fiery chariots. The alchemical fire symbol for the purification of all base emotion from the heart, leaving only the gold of love, is also well known. What is required for base metal to be refined into gold is that fire and air must heat the crucible together. If air is indeed the food of fire, then the fiery energy of the soul must live most happily and easily in one who has the Mercurial mastery of mind to keep the fire constantly and consciously alive. And when the air sign in the play is Aquarius, ruled by Uranus the trickster and showman, fireworks and other soul entertainments will teach much more than speeches, or anything on paper.
Superficial lessons? Of course. But they are great for team-building, which is what is needed now that the transition to the Aquarian economy is likely to accelerate from this month into 2006. This raises questions about the ethics of prophecy when the best indicators are showing events that will profoundly change the way we live, thereby placing in fear the people who hate change the most. Which does one do: conceal the likely tough news, thereby not aiding and abetting those who spread fear? Or find the soft way to tell the tough news, on the basis that all is working in divine order, even when the earth quakes? It's plain to all of us that the utterly exploitative and corrupt corporatist economy that has been poisoning our planet and addicting our people for decades must change, and the only questions are when the shift will come and how disturbing it will be. It appears likely, three weeks before the coming Saturn-Chiron transition, that the events of mid-July will be at least a harbinger of changes to come.
Chiron in Aquarius, in particular, suggests that July 17 - 21 could be a profoundly transformative time in which major changes do occur. They are likely to be political and economic, and not just rumblings in the physical world. They are likely to give us the strange feeling of being up in the air with nothing under us, at that strange moment when we realize we must either learn to float at once, or relocate downward fast. The images of this have been on our mind screens since last year, when U. S. treasury secretary John Snow was asked what his government was going to do to arrest the sleep slide of America's currency, and he replied that Washington was disinclined to "put a floor under" the dollar, which apparently is now free to hit the floor, even go through it and come to rest somewhere in the cellar or the garage, if any.
Assuming, that is, that the floor is there. Michael Ventura of the Austin Chronicle, writing brilliantly as always in "$4 a Gallon Gas," (on April 29), believes that "America is like Wile E. Coyote after he's run out a few paces past the edge of the cliff – he'll take a few more steps in midair before he looks down. Then, when he sees that there's nothing under him, he'll fall. Many Americans suspect that they're running on thin air, but they haven't looked down yet. When they do ..."
They may experience what someone among the ancient Egyptians expected in predicting that the year we've just been through, or are in or entering now, would be the time when "the floor falls out," whatever that means. In The Great Pyramid Decoded, Peter Lemesurier claims that the key transition points among the passages in the Great Pyramid encode a master prophetic system covering all of human history. Such epochal events as the birth of Jesus, and the outbreak of World War I in 1914, fit Lemesurier's design perfectly. His reckoning may have been off in expecting that "the floor falls out" in 2004 -- or we may be living on rented floor space and borrowed time, just before that queasy moment when we see that the floor, whatever it is, is no longer under us. For all we know, the popular Christian fantasy of "the rapture" may be more prescient than we knew. Is it possible that those who'll be saved from the time of tribulation will not actually be drawn up into the air, but will seem to hover there for a moment just after the floor and everything on it has dropped away?
So what does "the floor" mean? The surface of the Earth? The world financial system? The mighty fortress of religious belief? The comfort of patriotism and home? The core idea that there is such a thing as truth, on which justice and all other acts of order rest? Whatever the floor is, we are likely to be faced sooner rather than later with some creative decisions about what to do when the old anchors, bearings and beliefs drop away from us, and we wonder how we are going to chart our course from here while our clothes are flapping in the wind that whistles in our ears.
The first easy answer is: we will right ourselves by using each other as bases and beacons. Another is that the hand of God may feel like thin air -- especially to those who believe in the "reality" of "facts" and "things" -- but holds us from falling into harm in ways that we do not yet see. Like the man in one of Rumi's stories, who journeyed from Baghdad to Cairo to find a treasure that was under the floor of his home all along, we may use that sudden unsupported feeling to discover that faith is pointless without trust. For all we know, the events of July, 2005 are here to prepare us for the Aquarian moment of total freedom and responsibility, when we are no longer flying blind, but in a field so full of light that the routes and markers we can barely see in the initial glare of ascension will resolve soon enough, as our eyes get used to them, into the perfect map of love.
Have a pleasant flight. Keep Holding That Frequency.

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