JULY, 2003

Mythic Prelude:

The Dragon and the Dolphin

   For the Universal Festival Calendar, this is one of those months when it seems that only the key of the music, but not the tune itself, has changed since a year ago. From the Calendar of July, 2002:

   "As of this morning (June 28) Michael Doonesbury and his daughter are still engaged in the Business section of the newspaper, which she calls the Crime Page; a cartoon appeared this morning showing a stuffed dummy in the company president's chair, and on his desk a "So long, Suckers!" note to the workers who enter his office to discover the $10 million golden parachute gone from the safe, and the painting by Renoir left behind. If it is not evident by now that a post-capitalist economy, whatever we call it, is beginning to evolve, one wonders what signals will be needed to convey the point. Under normal conditions, profiteers and exploiters will milk the cash cow for as long as they can, but when they begin to cut up the cow and run, leaving loyal employees and investors holding only a picture of a cow and a huge bag of debt, then it is obvious that while we may not be sure about what the future will bring, we do know what's already disappearing from the present: the old, controlling corporate paradigm, based on hierarchy, exclusivity and secrecy, with no responsibility in theory to anyone but shareholders, and now no responsibility in fact to anyone except the robber baron's own money launderer, travel agent, bookie and bodyguard.

    "It becomes more evident each month that the old Piscean economy, with corporate officers and directors at the top allowing some money to trickle down to the lower orders below, has reached its most dysfunctional point in history. The Aquarian economy, in which like-minded friends form teams that create products and services for communities, is evolving as we write and read this."

   But now, in July 2003, it only seems -- most of all to minds fixated on the entertainment value of events -- that nothing is really changing. It may even seem that the planet is regressing into deeper ignorance and violence. The actuality is that while certain overpublicized human beings are hitting their dark and bloody beats as loud and heavy as they can, the majority of human beings are awakening in the mind, and opening in the heart. Spiritual change is accelerating, and occurring on a wider scale. This is why the main opening business for this month is a strategic look at the coming time terrain. We will look at two medium-range time frames: the Whole Show, from 1999 to 2012; and the Sunrise Scene of November, 2003:

The Whole Show: The Coming of Age Ceremony, 1999 - 2012:

   The large time unit that we are now crossing, at least by our current understanding, is the 25-year period from the Harmonic Convergence of August 17, 1987 through the End of Time on Dec. 21, 2012. We are now in the second half, the 13-year Coming of Age Ceremony, that began in May, 1999 and climaxes in 2012. The 13 years have these four phases:

1999- 2002 Birth. From the Taurus Stellium, or Grand Planetary Alignment, of May 3 -5, 1999, through the end of 2002. This phase is the emergence of the energies that were seeded nine months before May 1999, in the two Grand Cross alignments of August, 1998. The second of these Grand Crosses, on August 17, 1998, was eleven years to the day from the Harmonic Convergence of August 17, 1987. The Birth phase culminates outwardly in the World Trade Center attack of 2001 and the Robots' Revenge campaign of 2001 - 2002.

2003 - 2006 Awakening. This phase does not consist of a gradual yawn, purr and stretch in the general direction of morning, but flashes instead in a kind of strobe pattern, each flash a burst of suddenly increased awareness among larger numbers of human beings. Some of the flashes also entail dramatic gestures of recognition and solidarity among those who know that not only are they awakening. but everyone else is too. A major moment of light opportunity is coming in November of 2003. More on this soon.

2007 - 2009: Glamor. This is the inevitable reaction to the Awakening by those who perceive the Earth only as a material object, and wish to hold control of her by keeping humanity cooled and fooled. This phase will demonsrate the genius-level superiority of the emerging American police state over the cruder Nazi and Soviet models that kept their people icy with fear, and did not yet see that it's far more effective and profitable to keep people helplessly hot and giddy with fun, paying handsomely to be entertained into a continual and easily controllable stupor. Glamorous illusion will go extreme in the desperate and dazzling eye candy and musical boom that shake the floor now. Even disco could revive under this lighting.

2010 - 2012 Liberation and Transformation. More of this on the 2012 page, and in the new material the author is assembling now, and will present between now and November.

   Our current sequence of three phases, beginning with the Awakening phase we are in now, will inevitably be perceived by fear-held people as a three act drama of Action, Reaction and Resolution, or as Positive, Negative and Unified Energies. It must be so as we come to the end of the third density of opposition and apparent conflict. The Kabbalah says, "Rhythm is the basis of life, not steady forward progress. The forces of creation, destruction, and preservation have a whirling, dynamic interaction."                                                                   

The Sunrise Scene of November, 2003:

   On Nov. 8, six planets will form a Star of David or hexagon pattern that will be the most auspicious and love-charged alignment since May of 1999. This year's Star of David will be, among other things, a large and clear window of opportunity for human awakening.

   The main prelude piece to this grand event in November is the brilliant position of Mars in the coming months. As Mars moves this summer to the side of Earth opposite the Sun, he will grow brighter than he has been, in NASA's estimation, in 73,000 years. As we shall see in the weeks to come, Mars will not grow a deeper blood red, but will glow an orange-yellow like the Sun, thus announcing that his best energies of service, protectiveness, cooperation and mercy are available from now to November. This is an excellent time for the advancing of awakened ideas, even to audiences that had seemed hopelessly deaf, on matters of masculine imagery and military force. This year awakened beings help awakening soldiers work for peace.

They all perceive that love, strongly awakened and directed, will overcome the Dragon. As shown here by Raphael in his typical Western image -- note that in the Asian tradition he is a very different symbol of divine energy and power, a magical being who pursues the pearl of truth, and is the emblem of the Chinese nation -- the Dragon is a huge reptilian who won't let anyone near the gold, which the Dragon can't spend, and the girl, whom he can't love. He gets his kick of empowerment from denying others what they want -- but he creates nothing, least of all new dragons. Ever heard of a Mom and Pop Dragon bringing up a bunch of dragaroos and dragonettes? Neither has anybody else. The Dragon is solitary because he is armored against love.


    His energy is blocked in the solar plexus domain of fear and courage, and has not accelerated into the love frequency of the heart. Since the Dragon has all these unsexy qualities, how, then, does he reproduce? He doesn't. He can go one of two ways: the usual death by St. George or Siegfried or the Archangel Michael, with the Dragon's blood entering the soil like seeds and waiting to become another Dragon -- this is why killing the Dragon never gets rid of him, but brings only a change of costume. Or the Dragon can go the other way: the new Aquarian route of transformation into a being of love, even one as happy as a dolphin. The Dragon will not move toward this willingly, and therefore must be liberated by the love of others. 

   One need not be Jung or Campbell to see that the sword or lance of the Dragon-killer is a straight line of action that represents the penetrating power of masculine intellect, which by itself can never free the Dragon, but can only confine or kill him for now. What is needed to transform the Dragon into a love being is not a blade or a spear or a bomb. It's the force of love. We are now or soon will be able, for the first time in Earth's history, to link the concerted intentions of awakened and loving beings in order to send love to the Dragon, and liberate him. It is useful to remember that it's best not to focus the love beam right at the heart. This is the knight's point of attack, and it's ready to bleed and reseed. The Dragon's weakness is the point on his body that is behind the heart, not in front of it. For a Dragon, as well as for a human, the back door of the heart is the point of attack. Aim well. Keep holding that frequency.


Copyright 2003 Dan Furst



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