January, 2010


 Mythic Prelude:

Children of Nut, or . . . Intention 101
Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for January, 2010.
It's Jump Time, as Jean Houston entitled her new book on Shaping Your Future in a World of Radical Change. As you know if you're a regular reader of the UFC, the Summer of 2010 is likely to be the time when the Shift accelerates, the old order begins to disintegrate, the indelicate matter hits the fan, the bills come due, and the Lords of Karma lift their majestic arms and scan the assembly before they gesture for silence and suggest what is now to come.
In The Crosses of 2010, you can explore in detail what is most likely to ensue this summer as the planets that rule politics and government, economy and finance, electronic technologies, communications media, military organizations and religious bodies all align in "difficult" 180° oppositions exacerbated by a 90° square to Pluto, whose role -- as the mining engineer of global transformation, who works in the dark, digging under the castle walls until they crack and begin to fall -- is no less sweepingly, unstoppably effective for his being hidden in undisclosed locations everywhere.
This is The Year. Yes, the rebuilding of the planet we aim to create may well begin when many people expect it, in 2012. But the time for the clearing of the field is now and in the months ahead. One of the main challenges we shall face here will be to write and talk about the coming events in ways that arouse as little fear as possible. This is the best we can expect, as some fear in some people is inevitable when change comes as fast and as urgent as it will this year, triggering everything from nervous denial to stark terror among those who hope, against all hope and beyond all reason, that it will all somehow sort itself out, or even that we can go back to The Way It Was before 2008.
We can't. We won't. The Summer of 2010 will try the sanity of some and the faith and patience of the rest. The weeks from the June solstice to the middle of August, especially in the weeks from July 24 to August 7, will show what happens when we as individuals, and the great institutions we create, try to respond to inevitable new events by circling the wagons, arming ourselves to the teeth, digging in our heels and defending our turf, refusing all compromise and cooperation, and otherwise aligning against others rather than with them. This is how it's likely to be in mid-2010, as governments and political parties, corporations and churches, armies and ideologues are all implacably determined to get their way, even if their way is the only thing left when the thunder fades and the air no longer smells like sulphur.
Has this happened in our history before? Yes, on the limited, local scale of nations and cultures, but not yet until now on a planetary, even galactic scale. That's why we have myths like the Khemitian story of how the Children of Nut were born. For a dramatic retelling of this scene, you can see The Game of Chance on this site.
This tale of Ra's obstinacy in refusing to allow the Mother netert Nut to give birth, no matter how unendurable her agony, no matter how many other divine beings feel her suffering and long to relieve it, could hardly be more apt now, as it tells of the misery that an authoritarian figure may inflict on deities and men when he refuses to see what is now obvious and unavoidable to everyone else.
Ra's position made perfect sense to him. Of course the number of days in the Earth year had to be 360, the magic master number that contains 22 multiples from 2 to 180, encodes all geometry and physical space, and affirms that the world is not only orderly, but has an order that is elegant and musical. But Thoth, Ra's brother, had a better grasp of numbers and well as letters, and knew that a 365.25-day year may look less beautiful, but it does have the practical advantage of describing the actual rhythm of life on the ground. In running the cosmic dice game that tricked Ra
into adding five days to the calendar, and thus finally allowing Nut to give birth to the five "epagomenal" neters (Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthys and Horus "the Elder"), Thoth found a subtle rather than forceful way to get a controlling male figure to relax his rod and accept the unavoidable reality that power must now be shared, and unsustainable conditions now have to be addressed for the sake of everyone's survival. As so often happens in the world's history and myths, the trickster who knows how to make the game playful can accomplish results that elude the mightiest warriors and the most patient negotiators.
We're clearly playing a similar scenario now, and we have an opportunity, all of us, awakening together, to see that it's time to graduate from old, negative notions that have never brought us any good, and embrace the new, empowering insights that wait for us to see and use them.
Which of the two irreconcilable postures will we affirm? Will be go on believing, no matter how high the price and how horrid the pain, that the world must always be this way, and that "human nature" must always be corrupt, cruel, vicious and sinful? If we do, then we will almost certainly see the year ahead as a prolonged siege, a grim ordeal of defending what we think we know and love.
Or -- if our individual power to attract and manifest what we want may in fact be much greater than our forebears ever imagined, then has our collective power to intend and realize a new world already begun to take shape in our creating of new intentional communities and in our learning the craft of ceremonies of intention? What if we're able to tune up now to a morphogenetic resonance that will get us in the same key and the same score much sooner than anyone thought possible? What if "human nature" is only a habit or belief that we can change? What if the world we bring into being is, as the drummer in Rumi's Full Moon, Bilal saw it, not iron, but "workable, like wax?" If we do, then the transition will be much easier.
In the meantime, as we've seen in the UFC preludes for November and December 2009 -- and as we'll keep seeing as my Living by the Moon tour continues through early May -- our best strategy is to learn the practice of intention, and to learn better how it works, and how it doesn't.
Have you ever met anyone who gained what he or she wanted by using The Secret? Neither have I. This manual of manifestation for materialists doesn't work, because those who think they're going to get the house, the car, the boat and the lover just by wishing for them haven't begun to understand that attracting what we want requires much more than mere wishful thinking. In this universe, we gain our ends through exchanges of energy. An intention has a price that can be much steeper than money and dearer than sweat or time because it requires that we give up long-held beliefs that have been blocking us for decades, even for a lifetime. I had to learn this the hard way in the week before my tour began.
Last summer, when I was pitching my events to bookstores, I set the intention that by Oct. 31, I’d have $3,000 in the bank to cover initial tour expenses. Then, as always, I put the intention out of my mind so that it could ripen in peace, and do its work.
By mid-October, I was wondering what had gone wrong. Not only was new money not coming in from clients who were asking about readings but not committing to them and sending payment, but my money was running out. I was staying in a $7 a night hotel room in Pisac, Peru – not a hardship, as one can get a nice $7 room there at the delightful Hospedaje Beho. But by now, not only was $3,000 looking next to impossible, but I wondered where I’d get $14 to pay the airport shuttle bus from LaGuardia to Manhattan. I wondered if I’d have to start calling family and friends to hit them up for a few hundred bucks to cover me until the tour got underway.
The fear started blinding me to opportunity. When I met Ron LaPlace and Akiyah Clements, who were in Pisac from Calgary to teach the Flower of Life  to a group of 20 people, I told them how wonderful the Flower of Life class had been when I took it in Tokyo in 1995. But the obvious opportunity they represented did not hit me. Under normal conditions, when I’m not stuck in fear, I’d see at once that in a group of 20 people on a journey of discovery, in Peru or Sinai or any transformative place, there are ten astrology readings waiting to be done.
The next day I was at a Alfredo’s Café, showing the owner how astrocartography works, and how he could earn a good commission on my readings. We agreed to set up some readings in May, when I got back to Peru -- but the lady who walked over and joined me was ready now. Loretta Mohl of the Canadian College of Healing Arts had overheard us, and wanted to do an exchange. I read her astrocartography, and the next day I’d get an energy healing session at the Paz y Luz hotel, where Loretta was about to do, of course, the Flower of Life class. Did the obvious opportunity hit me now, on the second pass? No.

The next day, after Loretta worked on me and some of my fear lifted, the light finally went on. Ron, Akiyah and I agreed that I’d read their astrocartographs in exchange for their class, and over the next few days I did ten readings that brought in $1200. This apparently magnetized the money that was waiting in the ether from clients who were suddenly ready to make their move. Other money came in from other places, and on Oct. 31 I had, you guessed it, $3,000 in the bank.

My intention had come right through, right on time, but the price of it had been icy and stark. To gain what I wanted, I had to surrender, and give up my illusion that God, the universe, whoever delivers these things, will not support my aims, and that I can’t simply trust the abundance that I can see coming to others much more easily than to myself. Many of us will have to trade in these terms as the year goes along, to frame the right words for the deal, even sing them. Time to tune those pipes. Keep Holding That Frequency.

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