Mythic Prelude:

 Manifesting Destiny


    The universal Lunar New Year is here, and along with it the usual chance to purify the old year, and release all guilt, grudges and all other soul sludge and cellular pain. In the grand arc of the year, February 2003 is, as it always is in every year, the month of purification just before the surge of Spring.

    This year, the month of Aquarius (Jan. 19 - Feb. 18) precedes the main energy show of the year, from March to July.

    Within the first three months of the year, there is another energy arc of great importance. Michael Lightweaver has aptly written that in early 2003, January is preparation, February is manifestation and March is implementation.

    Manifestation is in fact the activity of the magician, who brings thought into concrete reality, or actual energy, and gains the results that he or she imagines and intends. In February, awakened people will be asked to act as magicians, at least to help conduct the flowing of enlightening and re-invigorating spirit energy between earth and heaven. The outcomes we create in February will do much to determine what will manifest -- and who will do the manifesting -- during the main drama in the middle of the year, between March and July.  We decide now, in February, whether the active theatre of love will defeat the play of pain this year. And whether we shall play the all-inclusive comedies of love with so much commitment that the murder and explosion movies can't find distribution anymore, and we initiate the flow of peace, joy and love on Earth.

    Here is the Astral Material. To skip it, go to the next rubric.

    February 2003 can be viewed as a test in which we will see whether there are now enough enlightened, love-moved and interconnected people on the planet to combine their intentions and balance, even reverse, the fear-motivated energies that institutions of control are now attempting to build all over the world. The choice in February is clear: will those who seek to manifest fear make the world more fearful, or will those who are in love make the world more loving, and will they hold the space of love and be intentionally accountable?

    Where the learning of love goes, Exam week begins on Valentine's Day again, and runs Feb. 14 - 21, from the Full Moon in Aquarius to the Sun's entry into Pisces. The program:

2/16:  Full Moon. Jupiter in Leo moves opposite Neptune in Aquarius as Mars crosses Pluto in Sagittarius. The warrior vs. the shapeshifter, with the Goddess in possible dilemma between the two. The warrior is restrained by the spy.

2/17: Sun conjoins Uranus in Aquarius. The show begins! To explain it all!

2/18: Sun enters Pisces. The bodyguard of lies assembles.

2/20:  Mars in Sagittarius moves opposite Saturn in Gemini. Youth asserts itself, in the face of inflexible dogma, with sincere truth.

     We can expect that in this week a complex and delicate web of commitments and intentions will have to be held in place by awakened people in order to keep the Earth safe from the combined nervousness of governments, capitalists, separatist religions and other Piscean hierarchies who must now deal with the understandable fear that comes from being inexorably irrelevant, and who may weird out in unpredictable ways if they are not loved and valued. It is time to suspend judgment and put aside, as Milarepa sang, all gossip and accusations.

The Mythic Show: Comedies of Compassion    

   Mademoiselle!! -- as Scaramouche says in the Commedia dell' Arte when it is time to cut through the conflicts and complications of the plot -- the time for action has arrived! We have done all the exposition and emotional venting we need for now. It is time to make sure the right thing gets done. The main line of the classic clown plot for February is: since the fear empire will try absolutely anything to panic herds of people into fury, it is incumbent on awakened clowns everywhere to create the comedy of compassion and healing, if only by taking action in persuasive pieces of funny, cheeky theatre. Here are two beauties that are looking for actors:

    Become a Weapons Inspector. You can sign on as an honorary who is aligned in intention with Rooting Out Evil, a network of dozens of peace activists in Canada and the United States who will demand the right to inspect America's weapons of mass destruction a few weeks from now. "We're following Bush's lead," says co-organizer David Langille, "and demanding that the U.S. grant our inspectors immediate and unfettered access to any site in the country -- including all presidential compounds -- so that we can identify the weapons of mass destruction in this rogue state."

    All right, the group's name needs work. "Rooting Out Evil" has about it the oily, fiery smell of that old dualistic, conflictive paradigm to which war wishers are so addicted, and which we shall all eventually have to outgrow. But there's no arguing with the juice of the story line: a few peace activists vs. the U. S. government and nuclear arsenal in the David and Goliath story of all time. Stay tuned to see what happens with this one "later this winter", which the inspectors plan as their time to approach and appeal, and bring the point of pressure. Google the current link for Rooting Out Evil.

    And you can join Bushels for Bush. This is the action for those who want to do something theatrical. The premise is to enclose a small bag of uncooked rice in a letter that says, "'If thy enemies are hungry, feed them.' Romans I.20", and send it to the White House. The idea is that the President gets a flood of rice, and thereby understands that a very great number of voters wants him to behave peaceably. A campaign of this kind worked, wonderfully enough, with Eisenhower, who was persuaded by some tons of rice delivered to the White House that it is better to feed the Chinese than to bomb them. This kind of simple comedy could work again.

    The risks of the scenario are clear. It is possible that all of those who open and inspect these envelopes will be wealthy Republicans who have never seen rice in its uncooked form. They have of course seen it many times, cooked, in restaurants. But they have never seen raw, hard rice. The nervousness of these White House staffers can be readily imagined in these jumpy times as they open the envelopes: "Hmmm. Mysterious white substance, sent in a plastic bag, to prevent detection, to the White House. Could be -- Aggh! Anthrax!!"

    Let us hope that this kind of bozotic frisson does not occur. And let us get to work this month with sound, the universal tool and medicine for alignment of spiritual intentions.

    While this Calendar normally does not send out word of global metaphysical ceremonies and events -- for this the indispensable resource remains Barbara Wolf's Global Meditations -- this time it is essential to invite readers to align their energies in chant on World Sound Healing Day, on Feb. 14. This ceremony of linking awakened people everywhere by chanting the "Ah!" for Peace all over the Earth has been envisioned and organized by sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman and his team. We have the opportunity to give one another and Mother Earth an immense infusion of our love and serenity on Valentine's Day. For aligning and lifting in love, please join the Ah Chant on Feb. 14

    One thing to which the awakening now proceeds is a better grasp of the difference between Reality and Actuality, and of the fact that Reality gets less and less relevant, and Actuality gets more important and immediate, all the time.

    Reality is the world of things. It comes from the Latin res, for thing, and it is the religion of those who believe that the ultimate test of truth is the behavior of matter, and that if we can grasp it with our senses, it is real and true. Reality is all the nouns. Reality runs on the idea that bodies are solid, and it is populated by people who say "Get Real" so they can remain comfortable in their estimate that what they accept as real is not an illusion or a Potemkin village or a house of cards, or an advertising campaign. Those who buy the fear scenario have the most devoted loyalty to Reality, the world of things, and thus they are called Realists, if only by one another..

   Actuality, by contrast, is the world of action, the plane of energy. Actuality is the verbs, all activated by those -- humans and others -- who imagine that the truth of the universe is not the alleged solidity of "Things", but in the flow and transformation of Energy. In the view of these Actualists, Piscean Reality is changing into Aquarian Actuality all the time, as we understand that resonating with quanta of Energy drives change, while Reality slows it. This retarding function of Reality is useful for now, as an engine must have a brake, as long as Reality does not try to seize control, or limit, or hold down, the upward impulse of the Earth's ascension into spirit. Reality has had, as they say, a hell of a run. But as human beings continue to evolve into spirit, Reality will become obsolete.

    Actuality is the thing that counts, the nightclub in the jungle, the quick, intuitive run through the maze. We shall need more Actuality -- and all that this implies in the active use of our creative energies -- in the months to come. Courageous, creative and funny bursts of spiritual theatre are favored from now to Purim, at the Pisces Full Moon.

    Mademoiselle, the time for action has arrived. Become a weapons inspector. Send some rice. Chant the "Ah!" for peace on World Sound Healing Day. Help lift and transform the planet. Get Actual. Keep holding that frequency, and try some harmonics.


Copyright 2003 Dan Furst



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