Astral Notes
December, 2010 - February, 2011


This page is a quarterly UFC supplement for December, 2010 - February, 2011. The Astral Notes have astrology information beyond each month's daily UFC entries for such basic astral events as lunations (Dark and Full Moons) and sign ingresses of the fast-moving "inner" planets; and the occasional rare and auspicious alignment highlighted in a UFC prelude, such as the Star of David or Merkaba formation at the Harmonic Concordance of November, 2003; the Grand Quintile of October, 2004; the Aquarius Stellium of February, 2008 and the great Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of 2009 - 2011. Thus these Astral Notes cover the "middle ground" between the biggest events and the more routine ones, and aim to chart important astral currents that are already in effect, or are coming several months from now.

We begin with the momentous Neptune-Pluto septile that has been in effect since 2000, and in Section 3, New Aspects for December, 2010 - February, 2011 we'll look mainly at the Grand Cross and eclipse at the December solstice, and the stellium in Aquarius at the Dark Moon of Feb. 3.

Here are the main players for December, 2010 - February, 2011:

1. Master Aspects from 2000 to 2012, and Beyond:

2000 - 2019: Neptune-Pluto Septile: A septile is one-seventh of a 360° circle, and is thus an angle of about 51°. While astrologers normally do not devote much space to septiles in reading for their individual clients or the planet as a whole, they're making an exception for the one that began in September, 2000 and will continue until well after the End of Time forecast for 2012. As Neptune, now in Aquarius, and Pluto in Sagittarius are the two slowest-moving planets in our solar system, angles of relationship between them tend to be very long-lasting, as this one is. It continues through Pluto's crossing into Capricorn (2008) and the entry of Neptune into Pisces (2011), and does not begin to fade until 2019.

Both these planets pertain to specific areas of mass consciousness. Pluto is more political, social and technological in his sphere of influence, governing mass movements, the collapse and regeneration of governments and other institutions, and such technologies as computers and encryption and espionage systems. Neptune is more mystical and aesthetic, holding a greater sway in the realm of mass spiritual and religious beliefs. Thus Tem Tarriktar of Mountain Astrologer expects this aspect to entail “global war and blatant propaganda, with extreme polarization on many levels,” as occurred when these planets were last in septile in 1937 – 40. Tarriktar quotes a valuable take on this septile by astrologer Edward Gilliam, writing about the actions of seventh-harmonic (7H) personalities, and the premise that a seventh-harmonic person or event, like the discordant interval of a seventh on a musical scale, represents a temporary harshness and discomfort that the music may go through until it resolves into the harmony of the octave.
“This journey into the dark, the shocking and the chaotic," Gilliam believes, "appears to emerge when we examine mundane and natal seventh-harmonic charts. . . . [The] seventh harmonic . . . can be a dark and overwhelming place - full of fears, surprises, taboos, and confrontations with ‘otherness.’ The 7H individual is someone who appears to be "living on the edge" as a ‘disorderer,’ renegade, or iconoclast, or someone who prods social conscience. The 7H event (typically a shocking human act) appears unannounced and unwelcome but may be a desperate final cry, from the darkest places in the collective psyche, perhaps to ‘re-balance' power relationships and to acknowledge the rights of disowned and dispossessed peoples.” (Mountain Astrologer, Feb. – March, 2003)
We are now about a third of the way through the Neptune-Pluto septile period, and we can readily imagine what some of the 7H events have been and will be. And the 7H people, including such candidates as Osama bin Laden, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela -- no wonder assassins are after both -- and, for that matter, the indigo children, who are here to bust old systems and limits, and clear them away.

January, 2008 to March, 2023: Pluto in Capricorn: Pluto's entry into Capricorn is one of the most momentous events of the years leading to 2012, as Pluto in this sign – ruled by Saturn, the black-robed reaper who comes with his scythe to cut away what is no longer useful to humanity’s purpose – signifies a time of extreme possibilities. Pluto in Capricorn is the placement of the dictator, and of all ambitious gamblers who accept perilous positions. It is also a time when the deconstruction of obstacles to freedom can begin to occur. A brief glance at two earlier Pluto-in-Capricorn eras will deliver the point. In 1512 – 1526, Magellan sailed round the world and Cortez toppled the Aztec empire, Luther launched the Protestant revolt and the French, no longer as terrified of Rome as they once were, invaded Italy and took the holy city. In 1760 – 1774, the Seven Years’ War and the Enlightenment cracked the remaining control of Europe by church and crown, and loosed a current of rebellion that would begin to sweep the whole royal structure away a few years later, when Pluto was “in fall” in Aquarius. In the British colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America, the movement toward independence began in protest and resistance that grew far more physical from the Boston Massacre of 1770.

We can expect similar conditions now. Whether they need be turbulent will depend largely on whether those who want to bring change can use the spiritual means of Aquarian transformation to catalyze it.

2. Still Running from February, 2009 - January, 2010:

Feb. 2, 2009 - Dec. 31, 2011 -- Chiron Conjunct Neptune: This is a very long aspect, spanning almost three years from Groundhog Day in 2009 through, interestingly, the very last day of 2011. For this entire time the mystical dance teacher and the wounded healer will move backward and forward through late Aquarius and into Pisces until the faster-moving Chiron finally disengages and moves ahead.

While responsible astrologers will hesitate to crown any of the aspects that form from 2007 to 2012 as the “most important” one – if only because planets act together in a holistic design – this Chiron-Neptune conjunction is clearly a contender. In its run of almost three years, it links the last year of the Glamour phase with 2010 and 2011, the first two years of the climactic phase of Liberation and Transformation. Much will be written in years to come about this combination. It brings the opportunity to clear and heal the deepest issues of unworthiness and self-hate, the illusions of those who feel most isolated, the fears of those who see the world “outside” them as hostile. This is the time for the cleansing of wounds and wounding habits, and above all for facing and dissolving the original wound, misunderstood as “original sin”: the misperception of God as distant and awful, waiting to condemn and torch us. In fact, many will come to see now that God has been embracing us all along, waiting for us to feel Her arms around us. For more on the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, see links at the bottom of this page.

Aug. 21, 2009: Moon's North Node (Dragon's Head) enters Capricorn. On this day the Dragon’s Head moves from Aquarius into Capricorn, where it will remain until March 3, 2011. The Node’s main aspects through this time are a trine to Saturn in Virgo (Sept. 20 – Oct. 19); a long, overlapping sextile to Uranus in Pisces (Oct. 7 – Jan. 29, 2010); a brief sextile to Jupiter in Pisces (March 22 – April 10, 2010) and a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn (Oct. 12, 2010 – Jan. 9, 2011).

This placement of the Dragon’s Head in Capricorn – and the Dragon’s Tail in Cancer, sign of the home – has clear implications, both easy and tough, for the coming year and a half. This time is excellent for team-building and organization, and for defining and communicating clearly the goals and principles of those who will work together in the service of large groups and communities. At the same time, ego competition and jockeying for position can be expected, as can some discomfort among those who consider family values paramount and communal values irrelevant. The transition to 2012 will be easiest for those who can broaden their vision and see that healthy families and healthy communities want the same things.

Jan. 18, 2010 - Jan. 22, 2011: Jupiter in Pisces: The first significant planetary transition of the year comes now, as Jupiter, the bringer of jollity, enters the sign of mystical consciousness. Over the coming year Jupiter will be in Pisces until June 6, in Aries June 6 to Sept. 9, then in Pisces again Sept. 9 through Jan. 22, 2011.  See also June 17, 2010 below.

 Jupiter in Pisces is the placement of altruism and benevolence, of the ability to enjoy happiness that is modest and comfortable rather than extravagant. It is also likely that Jupiter’s love of sensual pleasure, in the sign of altered consciousness, may manifest in heavy use of substances that are illegal, or that some people think ought to be. Sales of tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs are likely to spike in 2010. Jupiter's enthusiasm, and his love of variety, is likely to be at its peak in May and June, when he conjoins the position of Uranus in late Pisces, then in Aries.

Nov. 2, 2010 - Oct. 27, 2011: The Seventh Day: In the Galactic Creation Cycle devised by Carl Johan Calleman in The Mayan Calendar: Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time, this month begins the last of the 360-day tuns in this 13-tun cycle.

According to Calleman's design, all of cosmic time consists of nine cycles, ranging in size from billions of years -- from the Big Bang to the present -- to the last 260-day tzolkin round. All of the cycles will be running concurrently in 2011, and all will, Calleman believes, end at the same time at the moment of Galactic Creation on Oct. 28, 2011. Calleman envisions the years from 1999 to 2011 as a 13-tun cycle consisting of seven "days" in which humanity gradually awakens into spiritual consciousness, alternating with six "nights" which are not necessarily dark or negative in their import, but provide time intervals to integrate the infusions of light coming in the day tuns. Calleman has gained wide attention for his uncommonly prescient forecasts of what is to come in each tun, particularly for his accurate calls on the economic turbulence in the United States, and the shifting of the world's economic center of gravity from west to east, in the Fifth and Sixth Nights of 2007 and 2009. If Calleman is correct, then the Seventh Day that now begins will culminate in a unique, not-to-be-missed-or-mistaken opportunity for aligning with the Divine Plan, and awakening into galactic consciousness.

3. New Aspects for December, 2010 - February, 2011:

Dec. 21: Full Moon T-Cross and Total Lunar Eclipse at the Winter Solstice: The last major planet combination of the year forms now. There is a total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon, just before the Sun enters Capricorn at the solstice. Sun and Mercury in late Sagittarius, and Pluto and the Dragon’s Head in early Capricorn are all conjunct, opposing the Moon in late Gemini. Jupiter and Uranus, conjunct in late Virgo, are the middle leg of a T-cross with the other four planets. Chiron and Neptune, now conjunct in Sagittarius, are trine the Moon and sextile the Sun. Venus, “in fall” in Scorpio, and Mars, “exalted” in Capricorn, though by no means equal in power now, are linked in a harmonious sextile, but are unconnected by any major aspect to the main design.

As the Sun and Moon are more relevant to our individual lives than to forces that work on us all collectively, the emphasis of this Full Moon and T-cross may be on sweeping changes affecting societies, and humanity and the planet as a whole. One kind respite is that Saturn, a heavy hitter in many of the year’s most grueling planet combinations, has moved into mid-Libra, away from linkages with the other planets. As his restricting force is no longer in effect, this solstice alignment could prove powerful in awakening the mind of humanity to our powers and opportunities coming in the next two years.

Feb. 3: Stellium in Aquarius at the Black Moon: Mars conjoins Sun and Moon in mid-Aquarius at the New Moon, while Chiron and Neptune are still linked in Aquarius. While Mercury is not in Aquarius at the New Moon, he does enter Aquarius as the Moon is about to leave, and she crosses over Chiron and Neptune. Thus there is a brief six-planet stellium before the Moon exits into Pisces.

This is the first important astral event of the year, and the last of the Dark Moon stellia that we shall see in Aquarius until 2021. Is there any significance to the total of eight stellia in Aquarius from 2001 through 2011, and the way the last one, in the year just before 2012, signs off with a brilliant six-planet cluster? Is it a signal that the Age of Aquarius is almost here, and that God is really pointing the divine finger? It is probably best not to speak for God, and to recall what Yogi Berra once said. When an opposing batter stepped to the plate, looked upward and made the sign of the cross, Yogi asked, “Why don’t you just let God watch the game?”

Feb. 8: Chiron Re-enters Pisces: Chiron, moving “direct” again, exits Aquarius (where he has been retrograde since July 20, 2010), and now re-enters Pisces.

Chiron’s focus goes deep again, from outward, festive rites and celebrations of communal healing to the inward dimension of soul healing, especially as it may entail the piercing of such long-held illusions as unworthiness, guilt and inadequacy, and other agony scenarios that are toxic to one’s self-esteem. The clearing of this soul slag, most notably when Neptune also enters Pisces two months from now, and again next February, will be central to the collective spiritual cleansing process that prepares us for 2012.

4. Coming Attractions for March - May, 2011:
March 3: Moon's North Node (Dragon's Head Enters Sagittarius:

The Dragon's Head now enters Sagittarius, and its exact opposite point, the Moon's South Node or Dragon's Tail, is in Gemini. They will remain in these signs until August 30, 2012, when the Dragon's Head crosses into Scorpio, the Dragon's Tail into Taurus.

This placement is spiritually strategic, now giving many groups the breadth of vision and magnanimity we associate with Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. The emphasis now is on the higher philosophy, rather than the practical grease and pressure, of law, ethics and actions that increase the happiness of societies and relieve the suffering of their people. This, at least is how the compassionate ones will play it. Others who’d rather game their money away than give it generously will become flamboyant artists of squander, like Nero without arson or Caligula without a horse at the dinner table. This will be a challenge to those who aspire to let judgment go, and send love.

March 12: Uranus in Aries: Having visited Aries last year (May 28) and moved retrograde into Pisces (Aug. 14), Uranus now re-enters Aries. He will be in this sign for the next seven years, and will form an especially strong relationship this year with Pluto in Capricorn (April 30). Mars also enters Aries, sign of his rulership, on April 2, and forms a conjunction with Uranus from March 31 through April 8, with the exact conjunction coming on April 4.

For the basics of the Uranus-in-Aries placement, see May 28, 2010. The effects of each sign placement for a slower-moving “outer” planet like Uranus can be imagined from earlier cycles. Fear floggers will mine a lot of scary ore from the last two, which show what can happen when human beings get stuck in dread and greed, and do not use their creativity to find the loving solutions they need. The last Uranus-in-Aries period was 1927 to 1935. Some of the tragic pictures: the Wall Street crash of 1929, and the Great Depression, the Japanese in Manchuria, Stalin’s artificial famine that starved millions, and above them all the rise of Hitler. The happy news – Babe Ruth, Lindbergh, the first talking movies, FDR, radio, the discovery of Pluto – seem to weigh little in the balance, though the optimism of the early 1930’s is a Uranus-in-Aries trait too.

Before this, Uranus was in Aries from 1843 to 1850, when the urge for novelty and freedom was very strong, but blocked by the force of other planets. The revolutions that rumbled across Europe in the 1840’s were loud, but changed little. In the United States, the abolitionist movement could make no headway while cotton was king, so this Uranus-in-Aries period ended with the disgraceful Compromise of 1850, and the certainty that the players’ refusal to created a peaceful solution now made a violent one inevitable.

So Uranus in Aries this time offers three doors: stifled change, change for the worse and change for the better. Stifled change is not in the cards, given other planetary placements that align with this one (see next). We are most likely to create what looks at first like change for the worse, as the gravities that shift now create fear and dislocation for so many who are not ready or willing for the changes that must come. But after much loving and singing by those who live in the heart and soul, and much kicking and screaming by those who live only in the head and the body, we will by 2012 get change for the better.

March 19: Jupiter Opposite Saturn: Jupiter in mid-Aries now opposes Saturn in Libra again, as the planets play a reprise of their harmonious tension last year, from May through the powerful T-cross of summer, 2010.  The Jupiter-Saturn opposition is exact on March 28, and other planets will soon join them in the great Aries-Libra alignment of April 9.

This opposition is brief, continuing only through early April. For the basics on Jupiter and Saturn behaving obstinately toward one another, see May 15. One manifestation of Jovian extravagance vs. Saturnian thrift and discipline is likely to be an elaborate carnival of scams and evasions as the last of the desperate spenders get fevered into buy or die mode, while the banks, and the governments they employ, will try absolutely anything to collect their debts and taxes. 

April 4: Neptune in Pisces (to August 5): The last  major “outer planet” sign transition begins now, as Neptune enters Pisces over the next four months, and then, after a retrograde interval in Aquarius from Aug. 5, crosses into Pisces again for a 14-year stay. Neptune’s main relationship during this short – for him – Act I phase is with Chiron, already in Pisces, with whom Neptune remains in a long-running conjunction until next year.

We’ll look more closely at this crucial sign transition next Feb. 3, when more complex -- and very encouraging – relationships with other planets are in effect. For now, the main news is that Neptune is in the sign he rules, where his power is greatest; and his gift of bringing souls into mystical union and shared heart space, and fostering the creation of profound beauty – Venus was born from the ocean – are gifts of the spirit for those who will not just find them, but use them on and for others. At the same time, Neptune in Pisces fosters illusions and deceptions, and every kind of altered state of consciousness. For every one who enters deep meditative states and uses plant teachers for spiritual purposes, there will be another who tries to drink and smoke his way from pain to parinirvana. Charlatans may suffer income shortfalls because so many of their natural prey are so good at fooling themselves that they need no expert help from others. Some seekers will experience leaps of consciousness so heady that they think they are already home, and not just still on the way. Neptune’s interlude back in Aquarius from Aug. 5 will be useful for resetting bearings and regaining momentum.

April 9: Aries-Libra opposition and Cardinal Sign Alignment: The kind of very hot combination in cardinal signs that dominated mid-2010 comes again now, as Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, conjunct in the middle degrees of Aries, oppose Saturn in Libra. Mars in early Aries is too far out of orb with the other planets to be part of this opposition, though some astrologers will still include him in it. Mars is almost conjunct Uranus, and both these planets square Pluto in Capricorn. As Jupiter and Saturn now move out of orb with other planets in Aries and Capricorn, last year’s great T-cross simplifies back to the way it started, as a square between Uranus and Pluto (see next).

This alignment represents the last gasp of the great cardinal planet cluster that has been in effect since the spring of 2010. What we can expect now, as both government (Jupiter) and established religion (Saturn) are getting out of the way, is that the momentum toward compassionate change and the awakening of spiritual consciousness will accelerate. While individual bureaucrats and believers have been deserting the authorities for years now – in the heart and in private if not overtly – the difference is that now the high officials begin to break ranks. And many people who were intimidated into silence until now are emboldened by safety in numbers. Like the character who unmasks himself at the climactic moment of the play, the shadow spiritualists declare themselves now. The cracks appear in the dam. The importance of this moment cannot be overestimated.

May 30: Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn: This is a reprise of the Uranus-Pluto square in the high-intensity T-cross that ruled last summer (June 17 and July 14, 2010). This time the combination lasts nearly twice as long, as both planets “go retrograde” and move backward in tandem until the faster-moving Uranus moves out of square with Pluto on Oct. 10. He’ll be back, though, moving through a square with Pluto again from April 30, 2012. The two planets – we can perhaps be grateful for this – do not form an exact square this time.

There will probably be hotter fireworks going off on the weekend after the American Independence Day than on the July 4 holiday itself (see June 17, 2010). We can expect this period to involve some upsetting, button-pushing experiences and power struggles in the areas of communications and work relationships (Mercury), female and male issues (Venus and Mars) and the pull between duty and desire (Sun and Moon).

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