Mythic Prelude

Singing a New Tun

This month's Mythic Prelude, replacing the old Astral Prelude, begins with the most exciting news of the month, from the Mayan calendar systems, as timed by Carl Johan Calleman. The Mayan calendar systems include, in addition to the familiar Tzolkin rounds of 260 days, galactic cycles or Tuns of 360 days. The tuns in the current sequence, which began in 1999 and will end in the wondrous events of 2012, are arranged in seven 360-day "Days", or daylight periods -- when human evolution toward the light is eased and accelerated -- which are interspersed with 360-day "Nights" that impede our collective soul progress because, Calleman says, the Nights "carry a reaction against the evolution of Galactic Consciousness".


To see Calleman's tun cycle chart from 1999 through 2011, see 2012 Appendix 1.


The current Night that began on Dec. 20, 2001 -- and was especially dark this time because its outset coincided with Mother Night in the western Earth calendar -- ends on Dec. 14. The new Day 3 in the next tun cycle begins on Dec. 15 and runs through Dec. 10, 2003. It will be a time when the mass awakening of human beings on Earth can leap rapidly, as it becomes more evident all the time that the inevitable shift is underway. As more and more of us awaken, there will be fewer and fewer unawakened people on the planet, so sooner or later the existing predatory systems of government, economy and separatist religion will simply complete their current round of fire sales and go out of business, like companies that have lost their markets and no longer provide a useful service to the buyers.


This means that oppressive, freedom-destroying authorities will not have to be overthrown by unpleasant means. Revolution will not be necessary, much to the disappointment of those who will miss the dramatic and terrible images of tumbrils and the guillotine in Paris, and a host of Bolshevik bayonets in the streets of Petersburg. The power and control addicts will not have to be toppled and torn. They will simply drop off the charts because nobody's buying their Tun any more. They will eventually seem to clear like a head cold, and go away, though they will still be here, only awakened now, and no longer compelled to behave in ways that make them so much more visible than everyone else.


So the next question is: how best to use the new Tun of Light that begins on Dec. 15 to further the awakening of Earth's people? For a few clues we switch to western astrology, and to the beautiful and powerful trines (120° angles between planets) that rule this month:


The recurring trine between Saturn in Gemini and Uranus in Aquarius is the second in the set of three that first came four months ago in August, and will come again in June, 2003. The trine is exact on Dec. 16, Beethoven's birthday. Its import is encouraging: tenacity and perseverance, the productive marriage of Saturn's spiritual teaching and the electronic entertainment of Uranus in the sign and light show that Uranus rules, in Aquarius. Our main target is to use the exciting media of 21st century entertainment to wake up a lot more human beings through moving and thrilling stories of heroic spiritual actions by conflict busters and peacemakers, who dissolve violent force in love, generosity and comedy.


Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius form another trine, this one a harmonious balance between government and popular will, and a promising time of what Reinhold Ebertin called "an appreciation of the need for social and religious regeneration, a brilliant gift for organization, spiritual and intellectual leadership". Power relationships will undergo profound transformations, though the changes may not be easy to see at the time.


A third trine connects Neptune in Aquarius with the Moon's North Node (Dragon's Head) in Gemini. This is the Water Sprite Trickster combination, signifying acts of deception and deals of dishonesty, cleverly concealed under poetry and dance and stage smoke effects. The opium cloud of illusions about what is really happening is nothing new. The promising news is that now awakened people need no longer merely receive whatever sparkling clouds of fun the illusion industries create. We are acquiring, and will soon master, the means and skill to make our own funclouds, which will be more entertaining ones than the fear clouds that are being created by official entertainment now. A caveat, though: this Neptune-North Node trine, which is exact on Dec. 1 and gradually fades until Jan. 20, will involve so many awakened people in their individual soul detox work that gathering light workers for ceremony and communal ritual will be uncommonly difficult now, and for some, discouraging. The main idea is to focus on the inner work until mid-January, then link up refreshed for outer work, remembering the Dalai Lama's premise that "Without inner peace, world peace is impossible".


One of our tasks from now on is to find ways of making peace and love more entertaining than war and hate, so that we learn how to generate and spread funclouds of pleasurable, vivid and delightful love energy, through gatherings and festivals with others, and always, no matter what else seems to be going on, through the mastery of harmlessness in our individual hearts.


At the center of the New Moon of Dec. 4 is a solar eclipse in the 12th degree of Sagittarius, symbolized in the Sabian symbol of Topsy asserting herself toward her mistress, and gaining liberation from the straps of authorities and others that seek to limit and weaken freedom. One good example of this symbol in action is the recent refusal of New York police officer Eduardo Cruz -- a member of his department's Homeless Outreach Unit -- to arrest and jail a homeless man during an anti-crime sweep targeting homeless people. While some will argue that a cop is miscast as Topsy, the point remains the same: that when the people in uniform are assertively compassionate enough to defy the ice sculptures in suits who make the policies of control, then the granite is cracking.


The prize comes into clearer view all the time, because every day there are more awakened people on Earth, and fewer who are still sleeping. Those who wake up stay awake. Every day there are more of us and fewer of them, until one day all of Earth's people will be with us, awake in the light, burning with love. With each passing day, time is more firmly on our side. Keep holding that frequency.


Copyright 2002 Dan Furst



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