Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius

The Master Conjunction of 2009 - 2011
Act 2: Complications
The Triple Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction, May - August, 2009
This is one of several Hermes 3 pages that are devoted to the prophecies and challenges of the much anticipated and dreaded time of planetary and galactic transformation in 2011 - 2012. The purpose of these pages is to help us navigate the uncertain terrain of the years between this writing in early 2008, and the end of 2012.
More specifically, this page is one of a set of eight on this site that are devoted to what may be the most important planetary combination to come in the five years between early 2008 and the end of 2012: the three-year conjunction of Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.
The gradual approach of the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, the building of its intensity and its crisis, climax and resolution resemble the stages of a five-act play. They are:
Overview: The Five-Part Play
Prelude: The American Election of Nov. 4, 2008
This page has a Supplement, And the Winner Is . . ., on the outcome of the election.
Act 1: Conflicts: The Neptune Return of April 11, 2009
Act 2: Complications: Triple Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction of May-August, 2009, on this page
Act 3: The Turning Point: The Exact Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of Feb. 16 - 17, 2010
Act 4: Crisis and Climax: The Crosses of Summer 2010 in July-August, 2010
Act 5: Denouement: The Near Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of Nov. 2 - 3, 2010
The preceding page in this series -- Act 1: Conflicts -- has looked at mid-April, 2009, and at the moment when Neptune returns to the exact position that he occupied at the moment he was first discovered in 1846. As we've seen, the Chiron-Neptune conjunction is strongly in effect as Act 1 begins. The planets are only 1° apart, at 25° and 26° Aquarius. And we've also seen that this moment, like the first act in a five-act play, presents the main conflicts that will continue to resonate throughout the story.
Now, a month and a half after the bumpy beginning of Act 1 -- and almost seven months after the prelude to the play in the American Election of November 2008, Act 2 ensues.
Enter Jupiter: May-August, 2009
Once we get past the conflictive moment of April, 2009, and the tension of early spring has passed, how do the months just ahead rest look for the dance of Chiron and Neptune? Sunny. And sweet, because the man of distinction has entered the room, and for almost all of mid-2009, from May through early August, Jupiter in Aquarius joins the other two planets, forming a triple conjunction with them. While many different charts can be cast for this brilliant trifecta over the 100 days of its run, the one we'll look at here makes late May one of the times when the conjunction is at the height of its power. The chart is cast for Honolulu, Hawaii to emphasize the special role the Hawaiian islands are likely to play as a spiritual energy vortex and center of metaphysical action (Neptune), a holistic medicine hub activated by the Hawaii Health Guide and other resources (Chiron) and a lively, creative zone of community building and celebration (Aquarius), all joined and juiced by the visionary enthusiasm of Jupiter as Hawaii assumes the optimistic role of leadership that it is called to play now, and for the rest of the Chiron-Neptune years.
Triple Conjunction with Jupiter, May - August 2009
May 25, 2009, 4:50am AHST in Honolulu, Hawaii (21N18, 157W52)
Why cast the chart for May 25 instead of for the day when Jupiter crosses the position of Chiron (May 23) or Neptune (May 27)? Because on the 25th Jupiter is at the midpoint of the arc between the other two planets, and his influence is greatest. We know well how a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is likely to manifest: in a generous altruism and an idealistic sweep of mystical vision that enables us not only to see the oneness and interconnectedness of things, but to perceive it more comprehensively and clearly than we ever have before. A meeting of Jupiter and Neptune is keenly watched by financial players because under this "windfall" aspect, speculation is likely to be lucky, large gains can come without effort, and even when Jupiter does his usual lavish spending, there can still be so much left over that a new black ink cartridge is needed to print out all those plus figures. Those who are at the other end of the money stick, working to overcome self-righteous poverty consciousness, can take heart in one likely outcome: with Jupiter between Chiron and Neptune, a lot of those happily-gotten gains will be donated to spiritual and alternative health projects, as this is one planet combination under which philanthropy flourishes and does much good.
What to make of Jupiter conjunct Chiron? We don't have the data yet. It's been only some 30 years since Chiron was discovered, so the effects of his combinations with other planets are not yet well understood -- and his conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune in 2009 will be the first that we'll ever have seen.
Which Jupiter Has Just Arrived?
One way to estimate Jupiter's impact on the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, and all they touch, is to imagine that, like most planets, he has two sides. One is the majestic, all-powerful visionary who rules the "higher communications" of law and statesmanship, high finance, established religion and philosophy. The other is the overindulgent party animal, who loves to eat his fill, drink more than that, chase every gown that moves and escape as fast as lightning, his awful instrument of rule, when his consort Juno is about to catch him in flagrante delicto. Jupiter has always had a double personality as the King who wisely rules everything in serenity and grace, and the careless, heartless boulevardier who loves a good time, and does not care an obol who gets pregnant, hurt or dead as he roars about the Earth. Harold McMillan once remarked, after meeting John F. Kennedy for the first time, that JFK seemed to spend half his time thinking about adultery, and the other half on everything else. Jupiter's a lot like that.
Let's start with him in the role of the King, as shown here. The first guesses about him and Chiron in 2009 are easy. Jupiter + Chiron = robust health and hearty appetites. The combination may also signal harmonious cooperation between holistic health practitioners and governmental, financial and religious bodies. One very good bet is that alternative medicine will see a dramatic increase in its prestige and acceptance as the pharmaceutical industry finds itself less able to apply legal and other official sanctions to ban natural remedies. If Europe's appalling Codex Alimentarius does not succeed in becoming law by early 2009, it is certainly not likely to be enacted in the middle of the year, and may never be. One of the positive goals that are now very much within our reach, at a time when both the supply and the quality
of food are at the center of our interest, is that enough human beings will finally work up the clarity, the courage and the communal cohesion to inform both food producers and government food regulators, in no uncertain terms, that they we will not tolerate the suppression and destruction of Mother Earth's natural bounty, and the production of poisonous drugs and unhealthy foods that benefit no one but insurance, pharmaceutical, and fake food companies and their shareholders. Under Jupiter conjunct Chiron, we may be able to declare that enough is enough, and make it stick.
Whenever Jupiter is in the grove, though, the most expansive, indulgent and fattening scenarios can also apply, and every way we have of doing much of a good thing, like a man who stuffs himself to the bursting point at a table full of flawlessly healthy vegan raw food. Jupiter does tend to overdo it, and when he meets Chiron he could look as we see him in this late Roman image, his stomach distending, his posture less than alert. One possible Jupiter-meets-Chiron scenario is Diamond Jim Brady, bloated from all those years of being the best 20 customers that Delmonico's ever had, going to see the young Dr. Jethro Kloss, the bony, zealously healthy author of Back to Eden.
The good doctor, already compassionate by nature and even more so with Neptune on the diagnostic team -- they've decided that their patient should by no means be exposed to nurses, least of all pretty ones -- do what they can, knowing that the old reprobate will never change, and that somehow, like the romantic old roue Zaki Pasha in The Yacoubian Building, he'll come out all right in the end. That's how it will go, maddeningly to some of us. We may as well adjust to it. When Chiron meets Jupiter, some will act their healing purpose on a truly heroic scale. Others will party heartier than they ever have before, and they will serve us some of the most useful lessons in non-judgment that we've ever had.
So when Jupiter joins the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, the usual spectrum of possibilities is in play. At one end, the most generous and spiritual acts and choices may manifest in ambitious, far-reaching plans that can awaken human consciousness and compassion, and restore the harmony and health of human communities and the entire biosphere. At the other end, Belshazzar's feast is underway, and bleary, gorgeous guests guffaw and lurch from wine to veal to fitful sleep, and may or may not notice before the evening is through that the musicians have left the building and the waiters have all vanished too, all of them gone to the festival in the meadow, to dance barefoot on wild thyme under the Moon.
We don't know yet how all the impulses of vision and oblivion, service and indifference, union and separation will pull on and against each other in the rest of 2009 -- except for December. By that time Jupiter, whose retrograde movement took him out of conjunction with Chiron and Neptune from mid-August through late November, crosses their positions again, moving much more rapidly this time, aligning with Chiron on Dec. 3, and with Neptune precisely at the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21. By early January 2010 he has moved out of conjunction with Chiron and Neptune as he speeds through late Aquarius toward Pisces.
Before we leave Act 2 and 2009 is out, the chart we've explored briefly above is worth a second look. While it appears at first to be a relatively low-energy "splash" chart -- with planets and Nodes distributed over many signs and houses rather than concentrated in only a few, it is in fact more powerful and auspicious than it looks at first glance. There is only one "stressful" 90° square, between the triple conjunction in Aquarius and Mercury in Scorpio in the first house, so there will be people who are more interested in being clever and disputatious than in getting with the communal program -- but then we always have glib contrarians, and more of them appear when conditions are fluid, and people want experts to tell them what is going on.
The main magic in the chart is in the "beneficial" 120° trines. The Moon in Gemini, in the second house of money, is trine the triple conjunction in Aquarius, and suggests that allocations of wealth and financial expertise to matters of health and spirit bring dividends of many kinds. The Gemini Sun is trine the Aquarius Midheaven, and so is happily placed in relation to the Moon's Nodes on the Aquarius-Leo axis, so that much of our most fruitful effort will be in communications toward the building of new and wider soul relationships, many of which will open themselves spontaneously, like that gifts that come because of who we are, not what we do. And father Saturn, in Virgo in the 5th house of creativity, children and play, is trine the Taurus Ascendant, delivering more than just a hint that our children, many of whom have been waking up faster than the rest of us for decades now, are about to teach us more amazingly and profitably than they have before.
Thanks to Jupiter's enthusiasm and joy, the Chiron-Neptune story has had a promising, entertaining second act. The play of the Mystic and the Healer is now well underway, with all its elements of wounding and healing, embracing and rejecting, singing masters and dancing fools, majestic visions and empty dreams, whining victimhood and brave, heroic service generating all the usual complications, and some surprising, heady ones, as the play moves slowly toward its turning point. The show must and will go on, as Chiron and Neptune move toward Act 3 in February, 2010.
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The Chiron - Neptune Conjunction of 2009 - 2012:
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Act 2: Complications: The Triple Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction of May-August, 2009, on this page
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