Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius

The Master Conjunction of 2009 - 2011

The Near Conjunction of Nov. 2 - 3, 2010

This is the seventh of the eight pages on this site that are devoted to the master celestial alignment of the years between this writing in February, 2008 and the widely anticipated time of planetary transformation coming in 2012.
The Chiron-Neptune conjunction, which dominates the intervening years of 2009 - 2011, is unprecedented in our planetary history, at least in the sense that it's the first such event that we will have experienced since Neptune was discovered in 1846, and Chiron in 1977. That's why this site devotes a page to each act of this grand cosmic drama. They are:
Prelude: The American Election of 2008
Prelude Supplement, And the Winner Is . . .
Act 1: Conflicts: The Neptune Return of April 11, 2009
Act 2: Complications: Triple Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction of May-August, 2009
Act 3: The Turning Point: The Exact Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of Feb. 16 - 17, 2010
Act 4: Crisis and Climax: The Crosses of Summer, 2010
Act 5: Denouement: Near Chiron Neptune Conjunction of Nov. 2 - 3, 2010, on this page
This page is so far the shortest of the set, not only because the event it describes is almost three years away, but also because the "Almost" Conjunction we'll explore here represents the beginning of the end. Not the "end of the world" or of anything else, that is, but the time when the conjunction itself begins to fade, until it is no longer in effect by the end of 2011. And as we'll see in the chart that follows, Chiron and Neptune are no longer the anchor of a very concentrated stellium of planets in Aquarius, as they were at the moment of their very powerful and beautiful exact conjunction in February, 2010.
For the moment, pending updates that may be done on this page as 2010 approaches, we will look at only two charts: for Mecca, Saudi Arabia and New York, New York. It may be useful to look at them alongside the charts for these locations at the February Conjunction.
Shoring Up the Foundation -- or Ducking the Challenge?
Nov. 2, 2010, 7:32am BGT in Mecca, Saudi Arabia (21N27, 39E49)
What a difference the span of nearly nine months since February has made. The planets are no longer concentrated in only six zodiac signs, but distributed through eight in a pattern very close to what astrologers call a "splash" chart. Yet unlike a classic splash chart, in which planets are so widely scattered that they form few angles of relationship with each other -- signifying that most planets are neither in strong alliances nor in intense friction -- this chart does have its power. The Chiron-Neptune conjunction is as nearly exact as it can be, with the two planets only 8 minutes of arc from each other, so there is still much energy in it. From this point it will gradually fade as the two planets enter Pisces in 2011, and the faster-moving Chiron proceeds ahead until the conjunction dissolves in 2012. While Chiron and Neptune by November 2010 are no longer the anchors of a very concentrated cluster of planets, as they were back in February, there are still three very energetic and "positive" conjunctions in this chart. The relationships that they and other planets form with one another, and the angular points in the chart, are a sign that at least in some parts of the world, the severe stresses of Summer, 2010 have been weathered, and the creativity that they forced us to find have yielded some useful and happy results.
Pluto and the Moon's North Node in Capricorn are closely conjunct -- by less than one degree -- in the second house of money, signifying that in practical and financial terms, Saudi Arabia has come through the changes of the summer in prosperous shape, and has very likely solidified its material position. It is also likely to have gained prestige and a stronger, more public leadership position within its region, and as the spiritual center of the Muslim faith. Mars in Gemini is rising in this chart, carrying on his swift Arabian horse an intrepid will to speak his truth and get the results he wants. The Saudis' role is likely to have become more open and forthright as well, with Chiron and Neptune conjunct in the third house of communications, still in the lively air sign of Aquarius.
Not that the role is comfortable, or universally accepted. Chiron and Neptune are square (90° from) the always secretive Scorpio Ascendant and opposite the Midheaven point in Leo, so that these two planets, the Ascendant and the Midheaven form a T-cross in fixed signs, where even the most overdue and obvious changes of direction are hard to put into effect. The temptation to lapse into fear and suspicion, to practice deception and also to be deceived, is very strong here. Saudi Arabia could well find itself, at the very moment when its capacity to exercise leadership is great, unable to step out of the box of its traditional conservatism, and beyond the timidity that possessors of great wealth tend to feel at times when the terrain is befogged, and prospects even for the near term are uncertain.
What makes the moment doubly misty is that Jupiter and Uranus are close enough to each other, even if not quite within 3°, to be in conjunction, with all that this implies about excited disputes between those who want to bring change and those who want to adhere to the old ways in both governmental and religious matters. At the same time, any Jupiter-Uranus combination is inherently optimistic and lucky, suggesting that inspiration and help can come out of the blue when least expected, and can yield the most surprisingly happy results. Here the Jupiter-Uranus combination is trine (120°) from the Ascendant, signaling a very active capacity to influence one's relationships and environment for the better, to gain recognition and profit from the generous quality of one's philanthropy and teamwork, and to innovate with high success in everything from new technologies to visionary social and political ideas.
The last notable element in the Saudi Arabia chart is that the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio are all in the 12th house of secrets, mystical understanding and potential that may or may not come toward emergence, depending on one's courage and love. Their position here indicates that at this moment the Saudis will likely choose subtle designs and quiet diplomacy to gain their ends, and their prospects may well depend on whether and how they find the way to speak their truth.
In other parts of our planet, the energies we've touched on here will manifest in different ways because the conjunctions of November 2010, and the Scorpio trio, will be in house positions other than the ones we've seen here. We can examine some of them more usefully when early 2010 arrives, and we have some practical experience of how the main Chiron- Neptune conjunction and the subplots of other planets will actually play out. For now, we look at only one. This chart for New York has its intriguing features, not least because it's cast for Nov. 1, on the night before the American midterm election of Nov. 1, 2010:
Book of Changes: The Eve of the American Election of 2010
Nov. 1, 2010, 11:32pm EST in New York, NY (40N43, 74EW00)
In this chart the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, which we've just seen at the bottom of the Mecca chart, is in the 8th house that traditional astrologers called the house of death, but which is viewed in spiritual terms today as the house of regeneration and transformation, thus shifting the emphasis from the painful and even terminal ordeal to the moment when one emerges from the purifying fire, like the phoenix, strengthened by the new wisdom that comes in releasing what must now be let go. This chart more than implies, then, that late 2010 continues to be a time of challenges and not always welcome changes in the United States. Other planet placements provide clues about which areas of the country's life will be invited, even compelled, to transform.
One of the obvious ones is the arena of government, politics and law, where the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the 9th house of authorities and institutions may also echo in the affairs of big financial concerns and organized religions, any and all of whom can easily find themselves now embroiled in disputes about their ideologies and beliefs. Some will do their best to ride the current of change as lightly and proactively as they can, while others will fight with all their strength for principles, policies and dogmas that they'd rather clench with a righteous fist than bid goodbye with a kiss of peace. There is no way around the needless grief that the most implacable will bring upon themselves. Some of them will keel over and expire from sheer obstinacy. It happens.
Another candidate for some radical revision is the 5th-house domain of creativity, play, sexuality and children, the last of these understood here in metaphysical terms as not only the offspring we bring to birth, but also our figurative children in what we produce and create as the emotional and spiritual legacy we leave behind as our contributions and the markers of our presence. The 5th house contains the Pluto-Moon's Node conjunction in Capricorn along with Mars in Sagittarius, who forms a trine with the Leo Ascendant. The clear implication here is that many of America's people will rise bravely and generously to the challenges of the time, responding with the teamwork, optimism and ingenuity that their ancestors brought to the crises that they faced a lifetime ago. Not everyone will get with the program willingly, and Mars will tend to use the stick as well as the carrot when needed -- but his trine with the Ascendant does tend to bring out the genius for creative motivation that enables inspiring leaders to draw forth the best capacities of their teams.
Finally, the Scorpio trio of the Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 4th house of the home and motherhood is doubly interesting here because in the New York chart for the February conjunction of Chiron and Neptune, the 4th house looked like rush hour in Cairo. It was packed with six planets: the three who occupy it now in November, plus Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune. The 4th house no longer dominates the November chart for New York, as it did none months ago. But it is still clear that home and family, with all the reverence for traditional values that those resources signify, will be one of the keys to the people's stamina and resiliency -- and with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in the domain of the trusted and true, much inventiveness and love will be at hand for those who want to use them.
As the moment of this conjunction passes, we will be less than a year away from the crucial chance for spiritual awakening that Carl Johan Calleman projects for Oct. 28, 2011 at the end of the Galactic Creation Cycle. We will be two years and a few weeks from the moment of Cosmogenesis that John Major Jenkins and others anticipate for Dec. 21, 2012. There is every reason to believe, from what we've seen of the Chiron-Neptune conjunction so far, that we will have weathered the terrific planetary stresses that have come in 2010, most of all in the summer. We may be weary, but we are likely still to be on our feet, building our linkages and our readiness for the priceless opportunity that is soon to come.
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The Chiron - Neptune Conjunction of 2009 - 2012:
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