Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius

The Master Conjunction of 2009 - 2011
Act 3: The Turning Point
The Exact Conjunction of Feb. 16 - 17, 2010
As we've already seen in Act 1, our Introduction to the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, there will be only one exact alignment of these two planets in the years just ahead: on Feb. 16 - 17, 2010. This meeting will get most of our attention not only because the conjunction is precise and complete, but also because it is a moment of very concentrated energy, with four other planets surrounding Chiron and Neptune within a narrow band of only 27°, from early Aquarius to early Pisces.
For the Basics on terms, timing and the two lead players in the long-running, three-year drama of Chiron and Neptune, please see the Introduction. Our purpose here is to look at the "main" conjunction of February, 2010 in relation to two questions:
What zodiac signs are the other planets in, and how do they impact Chiron and Neptune?
What houses do all the planets occupy in some of Earth's most influential areas -- and do the house positions show how the moment of the Chiron-Neptune meeting will manifest in various ways, in various places? The answer to this last question is Yes because the planets are so highly concentrated in mid-February of 2010. As we'll see, this moment will not play in exactly the same way all over the world. Its effects and expressions are likely to be very different in New York, Europe and the Middle East because the great planet cluster that dominates the chart aligns with a different house in each place.
Let's look at our first picture. This chart, for Mecca in Saudi Arabia, is an excellent point of departure for a look at where all the other planets are placed at the moment of the Chiron and Neptune meeting, and what their positions may mean:
The Supporting Players, and . . . Living in the Shadows:
The Chiron-Neptune Conjunction in the Middle East and Russia
Feb. 17, 2010, 7:32am BGT in Mecca, Saudi Arabia (21N27, 39E49)
Powerful energies complement the combination of Neptune and Chiron, most notably the Sun, who is only 2° away in late Aquarius, bringing to the moment all his incandescent resources of intellect and perception, which Neptune and Chiron will likely direct into the channels of intuition and imagination, receptivity and sensitivity, in everything from keen awareness to naive impressionability. And giddy impressions will abound now, with Venus only 6 minutes away from Jupiter in Pisces, adding the ease of affability to much of what we touch, and the joy of love to what we have the courage to embrace. While many people will see the pleasant Venus-Jupiter effects of warm-hearted harmony, grace and popularity as the main experience of this time the two planets who bring the happiness of love, and the 120° Moon-Mars trine that complements them, are really the sauce to the main dish of the Sun-Neptune-Chiron conjunction. And sweet medicine for the main stress of the moment.
Pluto in early Capricorn and Saturn in early Libra are already in the positions they'll occupy in the tremendous Crosses of Summer, 2010. So is the Moon in early Aries, though she'll circle the zodiac wheel six more times before she returns to this point in late July.
These three planets, like the black dot within the white curve of the yin-yang sign, have already formed the dark design of the T-cross in which three, then four other planets will join them five months from now. How dark is it?
Let's say that an opposition between the Moon and Pluto, with Saturn square (at 90°) to both, does not exactly brim with confidence and generosity. It may manifest as the passive martyrdom of worry and melancholy, feelings of estrangement and inferiority, resentments and wounded vanity -- and, at the other end of the emotional spectrum, the fiercest, most active martyrdom of a fanatical push for beliefs or personal ambitions that are not in the cards at the time, and cannot be realized. In other words -- at the very moment when we can devote our noblest capacities to the liberation, healing and awakening of humanity and our planet -- and our prospects of success are very high -- we will also be inclined to take our ball off the playground and sulk on home, exiting the game in the exact minute when humanity can break through and win, if we will only play as a passionate, committed team. What a species. What a planet. Welcome to the Earth, and the human comedy, in 2010.
Let's rewind from the summer of 2010 back to February. The wild cards in the exact Chiron-Neptune alignment are Uranus in Pisces, and the Moon's Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer. They form no aspects to the Chiron-Neptune conjunction or the T-cross -- but as we shall see, the relationships they form with angular points in some of the charts on this page -- especially the Ascendant and Midheaven -- may indicate ways in which upheavals can occur, and new relationships will form.
The basic 12th-house emphasis in the chart we've just seen for Saudi Arabia applies as well to Damascus and Baghdad, Doha and Kuwait, and Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia. All these players may prefer to concentrate now on subtle diplomatic pressure exerted from behind the scenes, rather than the loud aggressiveness that some nations have thrown into the world's conversation in recent years. What will make this more likely, as we'll see below, is that when Chiron meets Neptune, Iran is doing its best to make friends; the United States and Venezuela will be more narrowly focused on domestic matters, and may well be circling the wagons against imagined danger, or regenerating themselves from within. It's time to look at how the Chiron-Neptune conjunction may play in a few other places:
Looking for Friends . . . And Taking Stage:
The Chiron-Neptune Conjunction in Iran and Europe
Feb. 17, 2010, 8:32am IT in Teheran, Iran (35N40, 51E26)
and 6:32am CET in Berlin, Germany (55N45, 37E35)
As these two charts show, the Chiron and Neptune meeting has a different house placement east and west of the Mecca-Moscow axis. In Iran (left), interestingly the only country with its own unique time zone -- what does this tell us about this nation's tendency to go its own way? -- the weight of the chart is in the 11th house of friendship, community and egalitarian consciousness. This, and the Moon's North Node at the top of the chart on the Capricorn Midheaven, may evidence a need and desire to reach out for new friendships based on the pragmatic interests of the community rather than religious dogma or ideology. While this emphasis in Iran's chart may be a sign that the country has become increasingly isolated and must now seek new relationships -- it could also mean that the coming attraction that will play in Iran in 2010 is an Aquarian show with the lively production values we expect from one who is coming from a position of strength and influence. Time will tell.
As it will also in the Central European Time zone that embraces every European capital from Madrid to Warsaw. At the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, all of them have charts that resemble, but are usually less concentrated than, the tremendous chart we see at right for Berlin, Germany. The enormous first house of personality and its matching 7th house of marriage and partnership are so wide, at 66° of arc, that the entire signs of Aquarius and Leo are "intercepted" -- that is, entirely contained within a house whose cusps are in the two neighboring signs. In the view of some astrologers, an intercepted sign is rather like a landlocked country, having less freedom of movement because it does not have a "seaport" at even one house cusp. This may indicate that Europe could meet at this time, in this year, only a humbler and more modest success and new influence than it aims to win.
The vista looks unlimited. The first house of this chart is so spacious that it holds, besides the six planets of the Aquarius-Pisces group, the North Moon's Node in Capricorn, and Uranus in Pisces. The Moon's Node is on the Ascendant, likely indicating an ease and aplomb that make one an uncommonly attractive and persuasive leader. The main concentration of planets in the first house signals Europe's confident new willingness to project its interests and wishes in the world -- and with practical Capricorn rising, to do so in simple, workable, commonsense terms. This chart may indicate that for Europe, the phase of reactive passivity toward the extreme assertiveness of the USA is over, or is about to end. With Germany at center stage, Western and Central Europe are now ready to take the kind of leadership role that the founders of the European Union envisioned, but which Europe has not played -- until now.
One thing that makes resurgence in Europe more likely is that the United States, and others along the New York-Washington-Toronto-Bogota-Lima axis, are more likely to be looking inward, toward home and traditional values, than outward toward the rest of the world as Chiron joins Neptune. As we see in the charts cast for New York and western Venezuela -- the oil is in Maracaibo, while Caracas has only a government -- eastern North America and the western part of South America are observing the cosmic moment from the familiarity, frugality, comfort and safety of home. For these countries, it appears, this is no time to be out on the town, much less out on the globe.
Coming Home to Roost:
The Chiron-Neptune Conjunction in east North America and west South America
Feb. 16, 2010, 11:32pm EST
in New York, NY, USA (40N43, 74W00) and Maracaibo, Venezuela (10N40, 71W37)
The two charts are very similar. The only notable differences between them are that all of the Aquarius and Pisces planets are in the 4th house in the Maracaibo chart, while the New York chart has Mercury at his home base in the third house of communications. Mars is at the top of the Maracaibo chart, conjunct the Midheaven. This usually indicates a clear vision of one's aims, a determination to achieve them, and the freedom to act with courage and independence. So it may mean that the United States has not yet succeeded in ejecting Hugo Chavez, or that some other intrepid leader has emerged to replace him. But while Mars is more prominent in the Venezuela chart, both of these charts are still anchored by home, motherhood, "family values" and the rest of what we associate with the 4th house and its natural linkage with the reticent, sensitive 4th sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon.
How to explain the turnabout between 2008 and 2010, if indeed it comes? How will the USA and Venezuela, both of them blowing the brass so hard lately that they seem to be all lungs and no listen, turn the volume down to soft Moon level? How will two nations that seem to have more fingers than the world has pies to stick them in now be able to keep their hands to themselves? A few guesses present themselves at once. When times are tough, human beings tend to circle the wagons and take care of their own. They tend too to go back to the well of traditional religious and patriotic values, to refresh and recharge themselves from the pure source of their foundation and history. Does this mean that both Venezuela and the United States are about to sense that they've lost their way in the last few years, and need to find it again by taking the first step from their own front door? Time will tell, as we go through 2008 and 2009.

This and other pages about the Chiron-Neptune conjunction will be updated as early 2010 approaches. We move now to the play's crisis and climax in the Crosses of Summer, 2010.

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