Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius

The Master Conjunction of 2009 - 2011
Act 1: Conflicts
The Neptune Return of April 11, 2009
This is one of several Hermes 3 pages that are devoted to the prophecies and challenges of the much anticipated and dreaded time of planetary and galactic transformation in 2011 - 2012. The purpose of these pages is to help us navigate the uncertain terrain of the years between this writing in early 2008, and the end of 2012.
More specifically, this page is one of a set of eight on this site that are devoted to what may be the most important planetary combination to come in the five years between early 2008 and the end of 2012: the three-year conjunction of Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.
The grand celestial event of this Chiron-Neptune conjunction in the coming years is truly unprecedented in history -- that is, in our understanding of "history" as a record based on the actual observation of events. The planetoid Chiron was discovered only in 1977, so we have no experience yet of what can be expected when he crosses the position of Neptune. The best we can offer is informed speculation based on what we know of these planets, and the sign of Aquarius in which they'll meet in the years just ahead.
For now, the long collaboration between Chiron and Neptune is best defined in terms of its most affirmative and promising possibilities. From early 2009 through 2011, the planet of the spiritual teacher and shaman, whose path of empathy and intuition opens us to our most mystical and compassionate potential for seeing and responding to the universal heart of humankind and all sentient beings, links with the planet of the holistic healer whose path enables us to find and heal all illusions of separation and woundedness in ourselves and others. The two planets meet in Aquarius, the sign of friendship and community, cutting-edge technologies and revolutionary change. Their alignment offers a priceless opportunity to bring ourselves and Mother Earth into loving resonance well before the end of 2012 comes, so that when it does, we can make the most of it. If we use with love, courage and imagination the energies that Chiron and Neptune offer us in the years ahead, we will be far more awake and empowered when 2012 comes, ready to tap its highest possibilities for planetary renewal and our ascent into galactic consciousness.
Overview: The Five-Part Play
The gradual approach of the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, the building of its intensity and its crisis, climax and resolution resemble the stages of a five-act play. They are:
Prelude: The American Election of Nov. 4, 2008
This page has a Supplement, And the Winner Is . . .
Act 1: Conflicts: The Neptune Return of April 11, 2009, on this page
Act 2: Complications: Triple Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction of May-August, 2009
Act 3: The Turning Point: The Exact Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of Feb. 16 - 17, 2010
Act 4: Crisis and Climax: The Crosses of Summer 2010 in July-August, 2010
Act 5: Denouement: The Near Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of Nov. 2 - 3, 2010
The two conjunctions, an exact one in February 2010 and a near one in November, occur respectively four months before and four months after the hugely transformative Crosses of Summer 2010. So the conjunctions can be said to resemble two bookends on either side of a very big, very explosive book. Since both the conjunctions come in 2010, why do some astrologers say that Chiron and Neptune have been conjunct since 2007, and will remain so even as late as 2014? To answer this, we have to define terms and timing.
The Basics about the Chiron-Neptune Conjunction:
1. When Does It Begin and End?
When is the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in effect? That depends on how each astrologer defines the orb of a conjunction. The "orb" is the small distance, in degrees, to either side of an exact angle of relationship between two planets. Some astrologers prefer, as I do, to work with narrow 3° orbs for most planets, wider orbs for the Sun (5°) and the Moon (7°). Others believe that wider orbs of 8° or even more can constitute true angles of relationship. All agree, of course, that the closer the aspect, the more powerful it is.
The wider the orb, the longer the "aspect" or relationship runs. So for astrologers who accept wider orbs, the Chiron Neptune conjunction is already in effect as of this writing in February 2008, as Chiron is now at 16° and Neptune at 22° in Aquarius, so the two bodies are only some 6° apart. If an orb this wide constitutes a conjunction, then the alignment of Chiron and Neptune has a running time of well over five years, from late 2007 through early 2013.
For those who work with a narrower 3° orb, the running time is shorter. The two planets are within 3° of each other for almost three years, from February 2009 until the end of December 2011, except for a stretch from March to August 2011, when the faster-moving Chiron advances into Pisces, and opens up a gap of almost 5° between his position and Neptune's. So for our purposes here, as the overview of the drama above shows, we're looking mainly at the two-year period of November 2008 through November 2010.
2. Is Chiron Really That Important?
Who Does Chiron Think He Is? Is He Even a Planet?

Chiron, with his small physical mass and very eccentric 50-year orbit, has gotten much disrespect from astronomers, and even a few astrologers, since he was first discovered in 1977. But then he's long been accustomed to that. Those who know his legend -- there's a little about it here -- are well aware that he suffered many wounds, even from the moment of his birth, and that he was, like another better-known, more revered spiritual master, "despised and rejected, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief." Is it true that because he's technically only a planetoid, he can safely be ignored?

People who assume the planets are nothing more than physical bodies -- and who have thus not yet caught up with quantum mechanics, and the understanding that planets are energetic beings -- cannot begin to understand the spiritual dynamics of an individual planet, much less of the system as a whole. The shamelessly irresponsible ones, like the mere 4% of the International Astronomers' Union who stripped Pluto of his planet status in 2006 without having the scientific honesty or the courtesy to propose the question in a referendum to all the members of their society, are nowhere within a light year of seeing anything truly relevant to our situation. Their obsession with the false premise that "size matters" is, in fact, what keeps attracting all the penis enlargement messages to your inbox and mine. The simple truth is that Pluto, Chiron -- and for that matter the Moon and Mercury -- all exert energetics far greater than their modest physical mass.
It is worth remembering here that at the moment of the Banda Aceh tsunami on Dec. 26, 2004, Chiron in the earth sign of Capricorn and Saturn in the water sign of Cancer were in exact opposition. Was their precise alignment against one another at this fateful shake of the land and crash of the sea a mere coincidence? Very likely not. So what can we expect, then, when Chiron aligns precisely with Neptune in 2010? To find out, let's first meet the players:
3. The Principal Actors
A conjunction is the most intense of planetary dances, and can manifest as anything from waltzes to warfare, depending on the planets themselves and the intentions and actions of conscious beings -- human, cetacean, spiritual and other -- in relation to them. Each of the planets has a wide range of "positive" and "negative" qualities, and the ones that manifest in any situation are a matter of how awake or asleep, generous or flinty, loving or mean we humans are when the choice of love presents itself, as it always does. If a human being is a kind of energy battery with a positive pole of love at one end and a negative pole of fear at the other, capable of sending energy either way or even both ways at once, then we can think of planets the same way. And we can also perceive that no planet, no cluster of them, determines or destroys anything. We do, depending on whether and how we're able, as an awakened acting teacher once suggested, to "find the love in the scene." If we do, any planet looks like a hero and a friend. If we don't, he looks a lot less affable. Take Neptune, as he looked in Surf 'n' Turf (August, 2006):
"Before one locates the treasure cell where his boundless store of empathy, intuition and compassion waits to be found and used, he is a perpetual victim and energy vampire, the artist of addiction who gets stuck in every available substance and then gets measurelessly deceptive in lying about it. He is also the wishful thinker who conceives the most fantastic, gorgeous dreams, but can't seem to start himself toward realizing them. The first thing that Neptune awakens in us is often our creativity and our capacity for realizing beauty. This is why more notable composers of music are born under Neptune-ruled Pisces than any other sign, and why the sensitivity, vulnerability and impressionability of the Neptunian nature shows up so abundantly in actors and other performers.
"At his best, Neptune has the psychic power of an Edgar Cayce or the spiritual vision of a Rudolf Steiner; and the Neptunian type can feel the universal heart so deeply and sympathetically that even when he has the formidable intellect of an Einstein, he will feel that "kindness and a good heart are more important than intelligence and learning."
Chiron serves a similar menu of possibilities, depending on how aware and active one is in accepting and using the arts and emotional resources he brings. At the underempowered, dismal end of the Chiron spectrum are energy vampires who habitually manipulate others through self-generated pain and incessant neediness. At the other, overempowered end -- call it the Rumsfeld Suite -- are all the deliberate, vindictive wounders who like to win by intimidation. In the immense, teeming middle is by far the most common Chiron type: the unconscious wounder in whom the compassion impulse may or may not ever be aroused in the experience of observing the hurtfulness of his words and actions on others. The common element in all these roles -- Barbara Hand Clow elucidates them masterfully in Liquid Light of Sex -- is the wound: the bearing of its agony, the inflicting of it, the healing of it in oneself and others.
It's become common now, especially among the kind of nervously tough-tempo people who drive themselves hard -- and thus increasingly suffer accidents and injuries -- to denigrate the mythic identity of Chiron as the "wounded healer," on the premise that this image of suffering only reinforces victimhood. This less-than-sympathetic posture is understandable. Yet the denial of woundedness ignores the universality that makes the wound mythic, because everyone has felt the pain of apparent separation: from parents or children, from mate or lover or friends, from one's own youth or dreams, from "God," or whatever else we call the Universal Source when we misperceive it as a being separate from ourselves, even as having "abandoned" us. Yes, we aim to arrive, and help others arrive, at the wisdom point where we see, as Rumi put it, that "There is no wound, and nothing to be wounded. All is mercy and love." But to get there, we have to experience the wound. We have to own it before we can let it go.
When Neptune and Chiron are in conjunction, we can expect any and all of a whole sea of possibilities, all swirling at the same time. We may hear profound mystical guidance that may resonate with the highest compassionate aims of the healer -- or may be wasted on the perpetual victim who can't see anything beyond his own need for attention. There may be inspired plays and dances that bring our communities together in celebrations of beauty, provided the players are not too stoned to remember their entrances, or too troubled by bad dreams to stay brave. We may feel more clearly than ever before the awakening of humanity toward the coming moment of our ascent into galactic consciousness, as we see at last that the same universal heart beats in each one of us. Or . . . the years ahead may be a field day for scam artists and quacks who pass for "channels" and "healers," and offer effortless remedies to those who still will not imagine the pivotal truth: all the medicine they really need is within the capacity of their love and intention to attract to themselves, and to the widening circle of the ones they love.
All these scenarios and more are in play over the years that Chiron and Neptune traverse together. Which scenes will predominate depends on two things: our choices as the actors who are responsible for using the given circumstances to create the play; and the positions of other planets that offer us useful clues about where to place our emphasis and intention. It's time, then, to look at the full context of the conjunction, in relation to all the planets. To do this, we'll look at several charts on this page, and the pages that are linked to it. The first chart we'll explore here is cast for Neptune's "Return" to the exact same position it occupied when it was first discovered in September, 1846 by Urbain Le Verrier, Director of the Paris Observatory.
Neptune Returns:
April 11, 2009, 11:44am CED in Paris, France (48N52, 2E20)
What do we know of Neptune at this moment of his return to the exact zodiac point he was in when Le Verrier and other astronomers first found him? He is only a degree away from Chiron, and their conjunction of the early 21st century is now underway. Jupiter, also in Aquarius, is approaching conjunction with Chiron and Neptune. The positions of these three planets, and the North Moon's Node, in the 8th house of death and regeneration and the 9th house of authority and law, may signify that major changes have occurred in the areas of religion and government, perhaps with the arrival of a new U. S. administration very different from the utterly corrupt regime that preceded it. With Pluto in the 6th house trine (120° from) Mercury in the 11th, there's a strong possibility of a far more open and truthful exchange of information between institutions and the people they are here to serve, and media may now be playing a role more worthy and dignified than their recent miscasting as little more than hookers who work fully clothed. This is more than metaphor. Mercury the communicator is in a T-cross with the Moon's Nodes, so we can expect a dramatic shift in relationships between professional communicators and their owners. The writing and talking class may be about to discover that the price of discarding principle and honor -- for those who have actually had them -- is to be as vulnerable to the whims of one's buyer as the prostitute is to her pimp.
While there's some optimism in the air at this moment, and ample reason for it, not all is ease and concord. The presence of Saturn at the chart's nadir, opposite the Midheaven at the top, is normally a sign of trouble on one's career and occupation. The dogged, obstinate conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the 10th house of profession means corporate power is facing unavoidable changes, but is fighting tooth and nail against them, instead of working to find creative new solutions. This battle between the irresistible force of change, and the immovable object of hidebound business practice, is covert rather than open, fought in the watery marsh of Pisces between the honest brokers who want to reform the system, and lobbyists looking to finesse new laws even before they are enacted. The Scorpio Moon in the 5th house of creativity, trine the Cancer Ascendant, makes it a good bet that while many men are trying in vain to continue the old sleazy business, many determined women are working through local, unofficial channels of power to achieve results that go largely unnoticed -- for now. There is much need for creativity at this time. The South Moon's Node in the second house is a clue that someone is hemorrhaging money. The question is who, and how much, and if and how it can be stopped -- if indeed it should be, as the big losers are likely to include corrupt financial institutions, and the politicians they own.
Is there any real significance to Neptune's "return" in April 2009 to the exact point where he was first discovered in September 1846? Perhaps not. But it is worth remembering that the 1840's, when the Baha'i religion was born and heralded the coming of the interfaith movement, were similar in many ways to our own time. Now, as then, there is a growing mystical consciousness, a sense of human interdependence, a realization that the spiritual principles we hold in common far outweigh the dogmas that divide us. And all of this is clashing violently with the implacable beliefs of fanatics who will not compromise, or listen, or consider that they and the ones they hate are embraced by the same universal heart.
How does the conflictive moment of mid-April 2009 transmute as Chiron and Neptune keep moving, and other planets move in relation to them? Quite promisingly, as we'll see in Act 2, when Jupiter joins the Healer and the Mystic in a superb Triple Conjunction.
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The Chiron - Neptune Conjunction of 2009 - 2012:
Prelude: The American Election of November 4, 2008
Prelude Supplement: And the Winner Is . . .
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Act 5: Denouement: The Near Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of Nov. 2 - 3, 2010