Mythic Prelude for August, 2008:

Barack Obama's Astrocartography

Part 3: Asia

Hello, Salaam and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for August, 2008.
This Mythic Prelude will be relatively short, and not only because in these days, brevity is now more than just the soul of wit. When gasoline is $4 a gallon in the United States and the world economy is in motion – Eastward Ho! -- few of us have now the luxury of time to read prophecies and estimates about what the years from now to 2012 will bring. For many of us, the speculative picture of whatever will happen six months from now, when Barack Obama may be inaugurated as the next president of the United States, is much less urgent than the priorities of the next 6 hours, or the next 6 minutes.
Or the next 6 weeks, as in the case of my macBook, which is now in the Mac repair shop in Cairo, awaiting replacement parts, mainly the logic circuit that is called the mother board because replacing it is the mother of all computer repairs. The money is no big mafish, as the work is covered by Apple Care. Here in the Middle East, though, as usual, the kicker is time. Mac parts for Egypt get flown first from the USA to Dubai, then they go to Cairo airport, where they stay for three weeks before they can be released from customs. So firm is this 3-week waiting period that nothing -- not even bribery, usually the universal solvent for everything here -- can alter it. Not even an offer to slip some baksheesh to the customs broker and the police will get your package out of the airport and into Cairo a day faster. Why? No one knows. God knows.
So for the next few weeks, thanks to the kindness of friends who are lending me their spare computers, I'll be moving from one friend's laptop to another, like a kind of cyberSufi crossing the desert from one oasis to the next. This does not promote lengthy, elaborate writing. So we’ll keep it simple.
Last month’s UFC covered Barack Obama’s astrocartographs for the USA and Europe, and we also reviewed the meaning of the four kinds of directional lines (up, down, left and right) in each map. The basic astrocartograph rules are on the StarMaps page at Hermes 3. It's time now to fly to Asia.
Mandate of Heaven: China, India and Iran
The main distinction between this map and the others we saw last month is evident at once. While most of the lines in Obama’s USA and Europe maps point left and right – toward, respectively, the emergence of Obama’s personality and individual intentions, and his relationships with colleagues and partners – seven of the 13 lines in his Asia map are Midheaven (MC) lines pointing to the top of the map. Of all the places on Earth, Asia is the zone that is most aligned with Obama’s soul aspirations and strategic vision about the kind of world that he intends to help create. While no one expects him to be seen walking around in a saffron robe or carrying a copy of Lao Tzu, it should not come as any surprise if he becomes the US president who aims to steer his country away from its traditional lone gun posture and toward a better understanding of balance and flow, surrender and interdependence, and other Asian values that aim to dance serenely with the world rather than work fearfully against it.
Is China going to be an extremely important challenge and chance for Obama, perhaps the most important country of all? Obviously, as his Asia map shows. His astrocartograph has ten lines passing through China. Do all these same lines also pass through Russia, to the north? Yes. And Russia, with its huge land area, has more lines in Obama's map, and almost anyone's, than any other country has. But while most of Obama's lines in Russia pass through places in Siberia that even Siberians never see, his China lines cross through China's most populous east-central region, bearing strongly on both the financial hub of Shanghai and the political capital of Beijing. What's more, five of Obama's China lines are pointing to the MC, at the top of the map. If it is true that the MC is the soul dimension of our experience and the spiritual thrust of our intentions, and if Jim Lewis was right in saying that at the MC we are "socially classified by the planet's force," then one does not have to be Sun Tzu to imagine that if America is Obama's audience and Europe his colleague and competitor, then China is his teacher. Some of what he aims to achieve in his own country, and in the world at large, is likely to be rooted in Chinese ideals of stability, interdependence and balance rather than American beliefs in change, individual will and ambition, and decisive competition.
So let's begin our Asia trip in the east, where the Sun rises. Irasshaimase! – Welcome – as we land at Narita to start our Obama no Nama  (Wave of Obama) tour in Japan, then work our way west to our return flight from the Hall of Mirrors in Iran.

We start reading Obama’s Asia map from right to left. The red Mars on the Midheaven (MC) near Tokyo and Sendai, and the gray Moon on the Ascendant line curving through Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, mean that someone, Obama or the Japanese or both, is behaving like both halves of the samurai order at the playing of a fealty ritual. On the Mars line, the less than placid qualities of the warrior emerge, triggered perhaps by Japanese anxiety at what looks like a new cozy cooperativeness between China and the USA. Fortunately, the Mars line aims at the MC, which accentuates the planet’s best qualities as protector and rescuer. Moon on the Ascendant means that Obama can work wonders on others, and they can work wonders on him, through the subtle, intuitive communication of haragei (literally "belly art"), through which the women of the Fujiwara clan controlled Japan’s emperors for centuries. Japan is one country -- we'll see another later -- in which the women's longing to be with Obama undoes the desire of men to align against him. 

The Moon’s line curves down toward Manila, which is within the most powerful energy corridor in Obama’s Asia map. Going through Hong Kong (east of Guangzhou) is a vertical purple Uranus on the MC line, and parallel to it east of Beijing a vertical gray Moon’s Node on the MC line. To the east, on China’s coast, is another parallel pair: the dark red Pluto on the MC line and alongside it, the green Chiron on the Nadir line. Inside the energy corridor of these four lines are the cities of Shenyang, Dalian, Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai, Nanchang, Taipei, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.
The effect of these four lines is that Obama is well-suited to the style of courteous cooperation that the Moon’s Node represents, and his ability to get along well with the Chinese could not only make him the first US president since Richard Nixon to have the status of Old Friend, but could help both the Obama and Beijing governments to produce the right Uranian innovations as needed, even in the political systems and the operations of their respective governments. Obama's Uranus line through China is the reverse of his Uranus on the Nadir line in his USA map, so that while he may bring changes in America's practical methods of getting things done, the control-obsessed Chinese may perceive him as a far more dire threat because he could upset their entire philosophy of governance.
The dark red Pluto on the MC line off China's east coast is the most intense one in the whole four-line eastern China set.  Here the hunger for power is strong, and “it is grasped for at any price,” wrote Jim Lewis. “You resent authority, yet crave it for yourself, and seek to become number one at any price, so there is alternate hero-worship and desire for power. Pluto is always extreme and can lead either to despotism or extreme antisociality. . . . Your image . . . in the press comes to stand for some popular ideal, or its antithesis, and the ultimate battle of life is fought in a social context . . . You learn the meaning of the phrase “power corrupts,” through its abuse of you, or your abuse of it.”
It is certainly a good thing that softening the effect of this line is the Chiron line just east of Shanghai and Taiwan. The effect of such a line is to bring the holistic, unifying force of the healer to whatever is wounded, separated or  incomplete within oneself or others, particularly in relation to the home and the rest of the practical foundation of life. Do mainland China and Taiwan have a Chiron issue with each other? Certainly. Would the People’s Republic, and more and more Taiwanese, like to bring about the reunion of their countries before this Year of the Earth Rat ends in January 2009? Absolutely. This reunion is inevitable, whenever it happens. What is thrillingly unpredictable in this is that President Obama, of all people, to the fury of American conservatives and the astonishment of the world, could be instrumental in bringing about the healing of a wound that China has borne now for 60 years.
And this is only one of the scenarios that may compel China’s neighbors to adjust to a change in China’s posture toward the United States. Passing through central China, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and just within range of Singapore is the brilliant yellow Sun on the MC line that is one of the best on any map. This line favors professional and social advancement, easy links with powerful and successful figures, and the attainment of fame, even glory if one is willing to sacrifice private interests in order to live entirely in the public sphere. Clearly, admiration of Obama is likely to be very high in these areas, even by the spectacular standards of his electrifying July, 2008 speech in Berlin.
The cautionary note is in the pink Neptune on the Ascendant line that curves up through Myanmar, passes almost straight through Yangon (Rangoon) and crosses the Sun line in central China. Are there people under this line who cherish the hope that Obama will help catalyze their struggle for freedom? No doubt. Is it likely that he harbors hopes of his own to be another Leo Liberator, and that someone on his media team has dreamed and drooled at the thought of Obama and Aung San Suu Kyi standing high on a dais, their hands and smiles joined over a sea of glowing free faces? Yes again. Is it likely to happen? No, because our Neptune lines are the ones under which we’re even more likely to fool ourselves than be deceived by others.
Note that this line is the reverse image and energy of the Neptune on the Ascendant line in Obama’s USA map. So while he is likely to stir every hope and fantasy there is among Americans who call him – in all sincerity – a “savior,” it may work the other way around in Asia, with Obama overestimating his own power to effect change in a place that could be almost impervious to any effort he makes.
Obama could be great for business in eastern India and Bangladesh, as his third pair of parallel lines shows. The dark blue Jupiter on the Nadir line passing through Calcutta and the green Mercury on the MC line through Dhaka could well be indicators that this will be the zone in which traditional capitalist business practices (Jupiter) and the microcredit methods of Mohamed Yunus’ Grameen Bank (Chiron) combine powerfully to yield synergies that were once unthinkable, both financially and politically. This is one place in which the best way to handle stubbornness from the Chinese is to create surprising new successes with their neighbors.
Not that it’s all mango chutney for Obama in India. The vertical yellow Saturn on the Nadir line passing through the country’s east-central area marks this as one of Obama’s least happy places. Here one’s actions and outlook tend to be cramped by gloomy mindsets of limitation, painful duties and dismal pressures, and the kinds of family responsibilities that led Victor Borge to say that Santa Claus has the right idea: visit people only once a year. Problems in adjusting to outmoded customs – or away from them – are prominent under this line, so it may well happen that as central, rural India undergoes the uncomfortable transition from grimy old karma to shiny new cars, Obama could be perceived as a symbol and agent of too much change, too fast – especially if he is perceived as pro-Islamic by right-wing Hindu nationalists.
Like them, he will have Iran on his mind – and vice versa. Obama’s two Iran lines are very different in quality and manifestation. To the west, passing just east of Tabriz and then south, between Baghdad and Basra, then east of Riyadh, is Mr. Iron Pants, the red Mars on the Descendant line. Here the most conflictive, competitive games get played as people, especially men, feel compelled – more by political and social pressures than by their gut urges and heart convictions – to look and sound tougher than they really are. Whatever doubt or insecurity one feels will be right out on the sleeve of his galabeya, and others may play to it mercilessly. Macho postures, from the clownish to the deadly serious, abound under this line, and anger born of misunderstanding will come up for clearing by those who are ready to feel and engage one another.
Iranian men may have little choice but to get sweeter, because few people in the world will love Obama as much as Iranian women, especially in Mashhad and other parts of eastern Iran under the light blue Venus on the MC line. Here Obama’s elegance and smooth catlike grace will, in the end, be enough to outweigh a whole mountain of mullahs. It will amaze us to see how much hostility and fear can be overcome when those who had once been adversaries see that they can find beauty in the same things. Just as someone in Obama’s media team dreams of a photo op with Aung San Suu Kyi, someone in Iran is picturing the Obamas at the Blue Mosque. Wait for it.
That’s it for now. We may go to John McCain’s USA astrocartograph next month. Or not. I seem to have little control over these things, and time is of the essence. The Sun is setting now, and the camels are horking with hunger, so it’s time to feed them and move on while the Moon is still nearly full. Pleasant journeys to all.
Keep Holding That Frequency.
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