AUGUST, 2004


Mythic Prelude:

Aquarian Airlines

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is a pre-boarding announcement for Aquarian Airlines flight 2012, bound for liberation into bliss, joy, love and all the other frequencies of transdimensional consciousness.


Before you get your boarding pass, Aquarian Airlines presents a Disclaimer that may affect your wallet, your ego and your comfort. This flight has no First Class, Business Class or any other class that allows anyone to board first or get any other privileges, though passengers with small children or physical disabilities will of course get the special consideration they deserve. Everybody gets the same meals and snacks, blankets and pillows, music and headsets, movies and reading materials.

We carry no newspapers or magazines containing opinions, polemics or celebrity gossip stories that aim to raise, lower or divide people. The only reading material on board is an online text of David Ray Griffin's book The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11. We hope you'll agree that this stunning book is a truly Aquarian choice because it is egalitarian, in affirming the right of ordinary citizens to hold their authorities accountable; transparent, in cutting through the heavy screen of falsehood and denial that continues to conceal the truth of what happened; and revolutionary, in providing insights so electric and explosive that the book does have the power to awaken a critical mass of minds who may yet choose to dissolve the rotten, predatory structure of domination, manipulation and control that poisons their lives and erodes their freedom.

All our movies are rated A for Aquarius because they preserve your intelligence, or actually stoke it. Champagne is mandatory on this flight. By coming aboard, you agree that if you don’t want to drink your champagne, you have to give it to someone else who does.

If the luggage you get back at baggage claim seems lighter than what you checked before you got on today’s flight – Wonderful! Your baggage may contain opinions, which have no value anyway, and they may shift their positions during the flight, and even disappear. If they do, Aquarian  Airlines provides no baggage tracking service or compensation for the loss of any opinions. We offer only our heartiest congratulations.

We’re about to board, everyone, and we ask you now to read the next few pages and acquaint yourselves with both the risk factors and the safety features of our Aquaricraft.

Astrology Alert!

There's only one real risk factor. In the Daily Listings that follow this page, we'll look at some mythic material about constellations and planets as they were understood by ancient priestesses and mythmakers, and we will even look at some astrological material about the meanings of planetary positions and relationships. This should be of concern only if you're one of those people who find astrology infuriating – we’ll soon look at a famous story about one of them – or if you're seated near one of these excitable people. If they begin to froth and perspire, please help them reach for the star sickness bag in the seat pocket in front of them.

If you want to understand our flight plan better -- star lore is essential to our journey. It is important to get clear here about what astrology does and does not mean.

Astrology is a Spiritual Art. It is a tool for soul work and patient spiritual practice, not some mere lucky charm for predicting when one will meet a new lover or find a hundred dollar bill in the street. One of the implied agreements that an astrologer accepts is the commitment to devoted study performed over a span of many years. Like any spiritual vocation, this decision and practice are not done lightly.

The other implied agreement, by far the deeper one, is that the astrologer accepts that he or she will now invest a lifetime in the inner work of refining body, mind, heart and soul so that in time they outgrow all fear and grasping, greed and envy, and all need for fame and recognition, until what is left is the insightful mind, the compassionate heart and the generous soul, ready to lead the client as subtly and as lovingly as possible toward the discoveries that will be most wholesome and medicinal. Thus, like the true spiritual art of alchemy, astrology is a process of burning away all the weaker and meaner impulses of the body and the ego until all that is left in the crucible of the heart is the gold of love.

An Astrologer in Hiding

One great astrologer who accepted this mission and practiced it faithfully, from his student years at Cambridge University until his eyesight began to fail toward the end of his life, was, fascinatingly enough, the famous mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton. He concealed with the greatest care, until late in his life, the huge number of notebooks that he filled with his data and meditations on astrology, alchemy, numerology and other gnostic sciences. This secret writing grew over the years into a body of notes much more voluminous than the published pages of the Principia Mathematica and Newton’s other works in the field of conventional, “respectable” science. Newton was convinced that physical science and esoteric study are two different but equally worthy paths, one intellectual and mathematical, the other intuitive and symbolic, toward the same goal: of understanding God and the secrets of His handiwork.

Newton also knew for certain what an uproar would ensue if word ever leaked out that the most eminent scientist of his age was also a believer in alleged “occult sciences” that the scientific establishment of the time hotly denounced as idle superstition at best, dangerous folly at worst. All was placid until the astronomer Edmund Halley, for whom the comet is named, learned of Newton’s shocking secret and became determined to confront his august colleague and demand an explanation.

An intricate cat and mouse game followed, in which it seemed that the more fiercely and indignantly Halley pursued, the more cleverly and elegantly Newton slipped away. Newton seems at least to have understood the higher mathematics of knowing how much to tip a footman or doorkeeper to get him to feign ignorance or point a false trail leading away from one’s quarry.

In the end, of course, Halley tracked Newton to one of the clubs the great man favored, got past the sentry and boomed on Newton’s door. Sir Isaac opened it to find his pursuer in such a self-righteous boil that he could barely speak,  then calmly said, “I have studied it, sir, and you have not,” and closed the door. What else, really, can one do? When a man chooses to close the door of his mind and behaves as a bigot – that is, one who vigorously hates and opposes an idea, or a creed or a skin color, without having made any effort to  encounter, experience or understand it – then like will attract like, and doors will be closed on him. At least this was how it went when Piscean “poetic justice” was still in effect. Now, in the Aquarian Age, justice is far more fluid.

We are engaged now in opening doors, and removing all obstacles to understanding whatever you want to attempt, and moving wherever you want to go. You’ve already noticed, ladies and gentlemen, that the top half of our Aquaricraft is as clear as glass, so you can see the sky above you, and everything around to the sides. Soon enough, not long after we get to cruising altitude, the whole craft, the fuselage, the floor and the carpet, everything, will go completely transparent, until you feel that you’re in a chair in the air.

This may be disorienting at first, but you’ll get used to it, and you’re perfectly safe, because this is an Aquarian journey, in which each one is taken care of by all the others, and each one looks out for everybody else. There is no separation, and that’s why, as you know, we have no assigned seats. So if you start out sitting next to a separation case, even a loud skeptic or a seemingly rabid astrology hater, especially if feel you’re pinned in a window seat, please be patient for a while. You’ll be free to move about the cabin soon enough, but we hope you’ll lend us your love and your talents, work with us, and help the one next to you break through his fear of just being united with the rest of us.

That’s right. The scenario has shifted 180 degrees. You probably remember how before this moment, when we were all still flying the TransPiscean routes, we had to invest so much energy in helping people cope with the separation anxiety of having to lose or be parted from the people, the places, the things each one loved most. That was back when almost all of us built our lives around a few loved ones and other things that were most precious to us, and we had little or no feeling about anything else. Now the opposite situation, the last thing we would have expected, is what draws our time and ingenuity. We are having to devote ourselves as we never could have imagined before to helping people cope with union anxiety.

What to Do if Someone has an Attack of Union Anxiety 

So let’s be as gentle and compassionate as we can, and understand that the ones who fight hardest against accepting friendship and equality with everybody else are sometimes precisely the ones who have worked hardest and made the sincerest efforts to contribute something to their fellow human beings. Imagine what it must be like to be a person who’s had a lifetime of honors and achievements, who has proudly carried his ideology and opinions like an honored old warrior, has even won a Nobel Prize or married a movie star or appeared as himself in an episode of the year’s most popular situation comedy, and now has to find a way to accept that everybody is right and nobody is wrong, and nobody is more important than anybody else.

You’d be terrified too, and like the buttoned-down “pure” scientist next to you, you too might be shivering, sweating and gasping, caught in so much union anxiety that you haven’t even loosened your tie and unbuttoned your collar and remembered to breathe. Please, call your body at once. Let us be kind, accept that we are here to help each other get through the fear, and see that even if the one we soothe now is so stuck in the material paradigm that he “knows” with all his certainty and passion that God is only a phantom and a scam, still, much more than we may know, divine imperatives are at work here, in this moment. You may get to be a priest or priestess of liberation. This person’s panic is holy, and we are honored to help him break into love.

So let us not dicker about opinions and priorities, and questions about how it is that people who do not object to war and racism, to oppression and cruelty and greed and all the other horrors that human beings can pour against each other, are able to feel such fury at the idea that our lives on Earth somehow move in meaningful synchrony with the motions of planets in the sky. In the end, what is most intolerable to those who are afflicted with the most acute astrophobia, is the humbling possibility that when we’re stuck the hardest in ego postures of being certain that we’re “right,” our senses are about as accurate as gossip, our intellects are only calculators of very limited range, and God might know, and be trying to show us in His gorgeous star display, truths more profound, and ultimately far more useful to us, than anything that the rigid methods and beliefs of materialist dogma will ever reveal.

Why does astrology keep going for 6,000 years now, through all the persecution and ridicule, even the embarrassment of being featured in the tabloid newspapers that we pretend not to look at when we’re going through the supermarket checkout line? Because the night sky is the Book of God, where He has always shown us the roads that lead to Him. Now, in the time window of 1999 to 2012, we have been shown already, and we will keep being presented, a sequence of spectacular sky pictures, each one designed to focus our attention on the themes and images of our awakening, especially as they apply to the Aquarian agenda of uniting human beings in the common intention of loving and lifting all people, and honoring our sacred home in the heart of mother Earth.

It's Time to Take the Joystick!

Yes. This is the last thing we need to tell you, now that we’re on the runway and positioned for takeoff. The time is coming, sooner than you know or we're allowed to tell you, when you are going to take the controls and pilot our vehicle. Not you as an individual, of course, but you as one of many who are joined with everybody else aboard our flight in a common intention to go to the same place, in the same loving adventure, so that everybody gets there safely and happily. This may seem very risky at first, especially when you see that the people who were our pilot and copilot at the beginning of our flight are happily taking their turn to knock back the champagne, and seem not to have a care about anything.

They know they can rely on you, all of you, acting with the nearly unlimited clarity and love that you share with all the human beings and other species who are joined in the Aquarian Hive Mind, to bring us home confidently and easily. In all of you, acting together with what looks at first like "mental telepathy" but is really the same unerring intuition, there is the effortless precision of a school of thousands of fish who all turn as one in the water, and a flock of thousands of birds who all wing in an instant in a new direction that no one needs to voice or discuss. They just do it.

We can do it too, billions of us, knowing that when we live in love and trust toward all, we can easily manage together our stopover on Earth, and our main flight home to God.

And so we will. Thank you for choosing Aquarian Airlines, and have a pleasant flight. Sit back, relax, and Keep Holding That Frequency.


Copyright 2004 Dan Furst


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