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Personal Astrocartography readings are for people who are considering moves to other parts of the world in the years to come, who want to help their children make their best choices among universities located in different places, and who want to find their best connections and relationships of all kinds: professional, personal, spiritual and communal. Based on the Astro*Carto*Graphy system invented by the late, brilliant Jim Lewis, Astrocartographs are for anyone who's seeking a new direction in career, relationship, creative paths and projects, or wants to know what places will be best for them as we enter the opportunities and challenges of the years from now to 2012.

 As you can tell from its name, an Astrocartograph combines the features of a map and an astrology chart.

Please note that the actual Astrocartographs that I prepare and send to you will be much clearer and brighter than this low-resolution image, which I've prepared for quicker download over the web.

Here, superimposed on a world map, you see dozens of vertical lines, some straight, most of them curved. Each one is based on planet positions and the four angular points in this person's chart, and each one has a specific meaning that indicates which places, close to each line, are best -- or worst -- for whatever this person wants. Take, for example, the purple Neptune-Nadir line that you see passing through Cairo (al-Qahera) and the rest of the Nile valley in Egypt.

This one's a mixed blessing. According to Jim Lewis' Astro*Carto*Graphy:

"Neptune may be at its best, as it makes it impossible for you to identify with parents or family, or to center yourself, except in the highest and most non-egoic ideals of non-attachment. Real estate and home matters usually don’t go too well, and you become dependant on others for sustenance, but this frees you to reach high levels of spiritual awareness, prompted by the visions and intense, transfiguring inner experiences that occur under this line. Community living may be best, perhaps even in a monastery, and you tend to live in the here and now, future and past seeming remote and abstract, so that the past can be left behind here. Whatever is built here has foundations of sand, except inner spiritual wisdom, and it too is subject to self-deception and illusions. Isolation and non-attachment make feeling rooted here impossible except where you depend on others. East of the line is best for inner illumination."

So by all means -- take that Nile cruise and meditate at those sacred sites. But unless you plan to be St. Simon Stylites or some other artist of suffering, you might think more than twice about living here.

What about, then, the beautiful, elegant, charming, vibrant and delicious city of San Francisco, where many of us have left our hearts and come back to look for them again? It may be perfect for you. But -- the owner of this astrocartograph has a yellow Saturn-Ascendant line passing through the City by the Bay.

"Here," says Astro*Caro*Graphy, "is where you can rise to personal power over your life, take control of habits and life patterns, seem older and more powerful to others, but pay the price with physical aging, poor health, and a deep sense of personal inferiority. You feel ugly, wear black, tend to hypochondria, may lose weight, feel anxious among strangers, and yet, with time, turn handicaps into personal advantages, and develop a dignity and power that others feel and recognize. There is repulsion from reliance on others, and a tendency to assume the role of victim, as well as an inclination toward Puritanism and spartanism. Your final answer to any criticism is that you did it your way, and your past and failures are advertised, which gives you more to overcome. East of the line may be less rigorous than west."

This person's astrocartograph doesn't quite favor San Francisco, unless he wants to be miscast as Cato the Elder in one of the world's most sensuous places -- though he could certainly create a startling impression on Hallowe'en.

There are plenty of promising and delightful places too, for whatever you want to pursue. For the person shown here, one of them is Peru.

Here powerful Sun (yellow) and Chiron (green) lines, near the Inca capital of Cusco and the modern city of Arequipa, favor vitality and health, creativity and individual emergence and success. But the most exciting zone is in the north, where a blue Jupiter line crosses a blue-violet Uranus line. This area has the quality of a bonanza:

"Intellectually, and perhaps in other ways, this is the most exciting place for you to be, your extraordinary good luck zone. This is where wishing makes it so, and you are blessed by unusual good fortune. You become independent, think for yourself, and pursue various offbeat types of knowledge, learning the individual relationship of yourself to the universe. You are rescued from difficult circumstances, handle more money than is your custom, and learn to think on a broad scale, seeing each part in relation to the whole. Daring ideas work, genius manifests, and you seem a scoffer among the godly, inventing your own idea of universal purpose. Reform can be successfully undertaken here, and you pattern yourself after your ideals, aided by the unusual good luck that manifests from time to time. Mind becomes very active, and attitudes are liberal, though it is hard to unite socially with others, as you see every person as the ruler of his/her life, and individualism as the highest good." Macchu Picchu -- here he comes.

But Wait a Minute -- Do I Actually Have to Move to the Other Place?

No. You don’t have to live near a line to be strongly affected by it. A line that is far from where you live can still have powerful possibilities for you if you build relationships, especially professional ones, with people who are at lines far away from you. At a time when many people work with others who are on the other side of the world, even with people they've never met, your Astrocartograph can still tell you where your best -- and slimmest -- possibilities are.

For example, a friend for whom I've read is a photographer based in New York. His astrocartograph has tremendous business and money lines passing through Switzerland, especialy Geneva. He doesn't want to live in Europe, as he's happy where he is in New York. But he's developing strong and lucrative connections with Geneva art agents and galleries, and business is booming. Another client is a sales rep for Egyptian craft products. She had already developed three of her five best markets in the Gulf States, especially Dubai, Arizona and Virginia. We identified two more that are growing fast: Australia, and the sleeper, the crown jewel among her propsects, Istanbul. In both these cases, we've found the best places for building professional relationships, even for those who don't intend to live and work there.

The Main Point is that Astrocartographs Work

Here's a comment from a person living in upper Egypt, who saw her Astrocartograph in June, 2007:

"Dan Furst brought Heaven down to Earth by showing me the map of my life's journey. In an encouraging way the StarMap reading made me understand the obstacles and success I have experienced and can expect in different parts of the World. His interpretation of the lines the Universe has drawn for me, through the place I have chosen to live now, was confirming and precise. I still drop my jaw when I listen to the recording of the reading. Indeed a valuable support when choosing where to go and when to leave."

Another friend in Hawaii wrote in July, 2007: "I am deeply moved and impressed by what you have told us."

In February, 2009 Lenelle in Wyoming wrote: "For those who follow Spirit, having an understanding of where you've been helps a person to appreciate and make better use of the gift of the Present;  and having a compass (information received from the StarMaps) definitely assists in generating a viable plan for the future.  'Limbo' (wondering what you're doing here and where you're going ~ not to mention why) doesn't have to happen!  It's nice when life makes sense!  So if you need to make sense of your Present, don't hesitate for a moment to send for your StarMap!  The cost is nothing compared to the peace of mind it brings."

Whatever you're after, an Astrocartography reading can show you the best places to find it, and an astrology reading can help you pinpoint the timing of your plan, if you choose to go for it.


What You Have to Know to request an Astrocartography reading

The essentials are the same three things an astrologer needs to cast your chart: your place, date and time of birth.

For an Astrocartography reading, it will also help if you specify one or more target areas of interest -- spiritual path, money and career, marriage and love relationship, health, family and community, etc. -- that you most want to explore. And, if you already have places in mind that you're thinking of moving to, or where you're thinking of developing relationships, it's best to pinpoint them too.

Just e-mail me with your data, and we'll work our when and how to do your reading.

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How to Order Your StarMap Reading

1.) You order your reading by e-mailing me your Name, Birth date, Birth time and Birth place.

I'll send you an e-mail message acknowledging your order.

2.) You send payment of $175, or 115 Euros.

PayPal is easiest for us both. My e-mail address for PayPal transactions is

Checks or money orders, payable to Dan Furst, can be sent to:

Dan Furst, c/o James Marcus, 41 - 882 Laumilo St., Waimanalo, HI 96795 USA

3.) When your payment arrives, I cast your charts and StarMaps and either send your written report, or arrange a time when we can connect by phone or Skype. I record phone and Skype readings, and send your voice recording by e-mail. Skype is free of charge. If we connect by phone, phone charges are included in the fee for your reading.

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