Dan Furst is available for personal astrology readings, "live" or by phone or Skype. He's done thousands of readings over the last 30 years, and has helped clients with such practical questions as job and career path, health, love and marriage, and with the spiritual questions of inner transformation.

     Dan approaches astrology as a spiritual discipline based on the premise that each time we make ready to be born into the world again, we negotiate life path decisions with our soul and creates contracts about the challenges we'll face and the opportunities we'll explore in the life that is about to begin. All of this is forgotten when the soul is born, but it may be rediscovered if we face our life chances and obstacles in a spirit of love, courage and willingness to open to all possibilities and act in service.

Our soul contract is embedded in the astrology chart, which shows the combination of karmic carrots and sticks, boots and bells that will feature prominently in our life. The purpose of the reading, then, is to help the soul perceive consciously again the advantages and obstacles it chose for its purposes in this life, and to face them bravely in the confidence that fear diminishes and isolates us, but love empowers us and brings us into union.

Readings by Phone Just Got Easier than Ever!

One of the great things about my new location in Peru is that international phone service here is very, very cheap -- only $3 an hour to call any location in the world. So from now, phone charges are included in the fee for your reading. The only thing that's cheaper and easier than readings by phone from Peru -- which is in the same time zone as Eastern Time in the USA -- is doing our reading for free by Skype.

What You Have to Know to request an Astrology Reading

     The three things any astrologer has to know in order to cast your chart are your place, date and time of birth. Everyone knows the first two, but the third can be tricky, and your parents' memory -- especially, not surprisingly, your mother's -- is not really reliable.  It's best to check your birth certificate. Or check with the hospital, or see whether if family has some other record.

What a Personal Astrology Reading Entails:

     The personal readings that most people choose are their Natal Charts, which reflect their soul composition, advantages and life challenges. Other widely-cast charts include:

After birth charts, Astrocartography readings are the most widely requested because they help us pinpoint the best places on Earth for whatever we want to do. Other kinds of charts include:

Solar and Lunar Returns, cast for the moment when Sun and Moon return to their positions in the Natal Chart

Composites, which combine the charts of two people to test compatibility and other  relationship questions

Horary Charts, done for a specific time when the client is thinking of opening a business, switching jobs, moving house, starting a family or making some other major life move.

What Your Reading Package Includes:

Your Birth Chart, and the other charts you may need;

A written report or voice recording of your reading, sent to you by e-mail;

If You Request an Astrocartography Reading: Your general and "detail shot" maps for the areas of your choice, all of which are covered in detail in your written report or CD recording.

How to Order a Personal Astrology Reading:

1.) You order your reading by e-mailing me your birth date, time and place; and your birth name, if different from the name you use now. I'll send you an e-mail message acknowledging your order. If you're ordering an Astrocartography reading, please let me know also what locations you're considering.

2.) You send payment of US $150, or 100 Euros, for a Personal Astrology Reading. An Astrocartography Reading is US $175, or 115 Euros.

PayPal is easiest for us both. My e-mail address for PayPal transactions is dan@hermes3.net.

Checks or money orders, payable to Dan Furst, can be sent to:

Dan Furst, c/o James Marcus, 41 - 882 Laumilo St., Waimanalo, HI 96795 USA

3.) When your payment arrives, I cast your charts and/or astrocartographs and send your reading by e-mail if you've requested a written report. If you prefer a reading by phone or Skype, which I record and send you by e-mail, we arrange a time to talk.

We can also arrange a telephone reading if you prefer.



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