APRIL, 2003



Mythic Prelude


The E Word


  What is the E Word? It's "Evil"!

  The view and policy of the Universal Festival Calendar changes again this month, as it did a year ago, when the UFC announced that it "will no longer carry predictions of natural disaster, war, plague, racial, social or religious conflict." See April 2002.

  The new paradigm that goes into effect this month is the No Evil Policy. From now on, in this space, the word "Evil" will no longer be used. It will be called the E Word whenever it must be quoted from another source. From now on, the E Word will have the same status in this Calendar as the N Word, used about by and about African Americans; and the F Word, used by and about homosexual men of the lighter, funnier, more lovable type. From now on, the UFC believes that the more a person uses the E Word in writing and speech, the more he or she is likely to be an example of the kind of behavior that the E Word describes. It's even possible that a person who uses the E Word excessively may run a severe risk of becoming a VEEP: a Very Excessively E Word Person.

  Is this use of the popular short slang for "Vice President" coincidental? No, definitely not. Any suggestion that the powerful armaments pusher Richard Cheney of the United States may be a Very Excessively E Word Person is completely intentional, but it is beside the point.

  The truth is that E Word does not exist, and Good does not exist either, though nobody is ready yet to start calling Good "the G Word". Lukewarm apologies to those who insist that opposing points of view be handled with equal respect, and that it's not right to treat Good one way and E Word another way. Too bad. I readily admit an unfair prejudice in favor of Good. The word "Good" will continue to be used here.

  Does the UFC's new policy turn a blind eye toward E Word and pretend that it doesn't exist, and it doesn't happen? No. The actuality is that there is no Good, and there is no E Word. There is only love, and the absence of love. That is all. The actions of a person who treats others with love, kindness and compassion will have results that others are inclined to call "Good", and those who treat others with hate, violence and indifference will produce different outcomes that others are inclined to call "E Word". But the root actuality is that there is only love, and the absence of love.

  The examples are instructive in this month, which celebrates in the Spring the return of the Earth's fire, symbolized by Mars, until Venus brings love and nature's beauty on April 20, which is notable in 2003 as the moment when the Sun enters Taurus, Venus arrives and rules, and Jesus rises, all on the same day that the city of Rome is said to have been founded. The mythic point of April is, however, that the male warrior is only one of many mythic types, male and female, who rule mid- and late Aries month, April 1 - 20. Their common trait is that they are all makers, bearers and thieves of creative fire. Among those who enjoy envisioning conflict of Biblical proportions, April has long been called the month when kings go forth to W Word, and many have been suckered for millennia by the scam that April belongs to Mars the Warrior. It does, but only in the sense that the warrior is actually all men and women who practice the virtues of courage, endurance, discipline, patience, resourcefulness and protectiveness, and the arts of building, saving, fire making and mercy. This type is firm in the practice of love.

   The opposite type, which grows in the absence of love, is well known. A boy's parents are killed in a war. He grows up in the care of tough, hard-hearted mountain soldiers who steep him from infancy in their beliefs and their hates, and train him so well in shooting, running and carrying that by 14 he's a master sniper who's never seen a woman in his life: no mother, no aunts, no grandmother, no sisters, no girls at all, no talk and training in love. He knows only the skills of violence and hate. He's grown into a Taliban fighter, who, like his enemies, seems to use the E Word continuously about others, but cannot imagine how anyone could use the E Word about him.

  There are now two kinds of people in the world:

  The Twos: those who believe in Good and E Word, and see the world as a conflict between light and dark, us and them, in and out, take it or leave it, now or never, and every other dream of duality. Twos believe that all human beings are corrupt and sinful, and therefore need to be corrected and controlled, ideally by a savior, but by the police is nothing else is available. The Twos are afflicted in these times by a terrible epidemic of Insight and Sudden Awareness that reduces their numbers daily as more and more of them awaken, and unexpectedly become:

  The Ones: those who believe only in Love, and in creating love when it is absent or in limited supply. The Ones believe that human beings are good and loving, and share a common dream of creating beauty in freedom for Mother Earth and all her people, who are always One in the hand and the river of God. The numbers of Ones increase daily on the planet, and once a Two becomes a One, he or she doesn't go back, and fall asleep again. The awakening is radical. It transforms the person into closer alignment with soul. The Ones are expected soon not only to outnumber the Twos decisively, but to pull and lift them all suddenly into sight and freedom.

  One thing that will really happen sooner or later, and we could live long enough to see this if human beings expend effort, is that all people will give up their illusions of Good and E Word altogether, and will realize that if their choice is between Love and the Absence of Love, there is really only one choice, and it may as well be made now. There is only Love. Keep holding that Frequency. Here are a few astral notes:

4/1: The New Moon may be a point of rapid and not altogether pleasant awakening, of the kind one feels at the moment of realizing the hurt done to others. This is a Healing Moon of the alchemical and astringent type, with Chiron in Capricorn square (at a 90° angle with) the Sun-Moon conjunction in Aries. Neptune in Aquarius is sextile (60° from) Sun and Moon. Awakened persons may encounter and have to address the dramas and public pain of others, and, if careless, may wound others, and wounds or not, deep perceptions await..

4/5: Mercury enters Taurus, where he'll be for a long two months, until he enters Gemini on June 12. Mercury is "retrograde" April 26 to May 20, and delay, misconstruction, blockage and confusion occur not only in Mercury-ruled areas of transportation, communications and commerce, but also in Taurus-ruled areas of finance, speculation, art and investment, and works of beauty and romance. The Tip:  Be patient with Earthbound persons who run the books and the banks. They all want us to smile in the last scene. Forget the reviews, and get it in writing, until late May.

4/13: The Moon's North  Node, called the Dragon's Head, moves into Taurus, where it will remain until. interestingly, Christmas of 2004. One way to imagine this backward transition of the Dragon's Head from Gemini into Taurus is to see the focus of groups, and collective activities, passing from the Gemini domain of communication, brotherhood and friendship to the Taurus territory of joint creation in the glittering spheres of wealth, beauty and pleasure.

4/16: The most intricate and charged alignment of the month, the Full Moon. Sun in Aries is opposite Moon in Libra, while Mars in Capricorn is at the center of a T-Square between them, and Saturn in Gemini is trine (120° from) the Moon, and sextile (60° from) the Sun, while Neptune in Aquarius is quintile (72° from) the Dragon's Head in Gemini. The spiritual power of this Full Moon, and its hidden potential for helping to integrate and transmute the collective lower self of humanity, is enormous. It is a moment when the idea of loving those whom one has perceived as enemies is not merely the kind of wishful pretty premise that it often seems to many, but is a practical and noticeably effective action toward a desired peaceful outcome.

 4/22: Earth Day! Mars exits Capricorn, where he is "exalted", and Venus enters Aries, where she is "in detriment", on the same day. The easiest way to see this is in the political scenarios of gods and mortals, where Mars and Venus have now both lost power. Mars has left Capricorn, the realm of his mentor and teacher, and now enters Aquarius, where he feels like a  party guest about to be sent into Harm's Way, continually tempted to become a media whore in a situation of creativity, where one announces to both Mars and Venus that games and excuses will not work anymore. Mars is no longer in front of his grandfather and mentor, who usually counsels restraint. Shallow conventional sex roles of both women and men are at disadvantage now. For those in relationship or looking: if ever there is a time to be vulnerable, this is it. There is going to be a huge amount of love and sex on Earth Day this year. Enjoy, everyone!


Copyright 2003 Dan Furst



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