APRIL, 2002



Astral Prelude


   The Universal Festival Calendar begins this month a major shift in emphasis. Those who are regular readers of this material know that last month's forecast of "religious violence and sustained military action" proved appallingly true in India, and continues to play out in Israel and Afghanistan. It is more evident now than it has ever been before that those who continue to predict dire events, no matter how dead on the money they may be, must inevitably stoke the frequency of fear, even when we seek to promote the higher frequency of love.

   That is why this Calendar will no longer carry predictions of natural disaster, war, plague, racial, social or religious conflict. There will be little or no mention of sinister plots and slimy alliances to keep the collective mind of humanity enslaved in folly and ignorance. Those who seek opinion and prognosis about such things will have a feast of it this year, as the web is pulsing and panting with anticipation of agonies far worse than the ordeal of 9/11/01. The cataract of doom is rising, and will swell higher as the anniversary of The Attack approaches. Many people will swallow newly-crafted "facts" voraciously, unaware that the more insatiably they consume this "information", the more disempowered they get. Enough is enough. It is time to hold the space of freedom consistently.

   For the record, for the last time here, the awakened ones know what's going on. Freedom continues to erode. Entrenched wealth continues to block compassionate change. While many human beings continue to awaken -- and there are far more of us than even the most optimis- tic know -- others grow more vain, silly, and completely addicted to technologies that entertain them into a perpetual stupor. Republics and democracies keep decaying into police states. They always do. Millennia before the enemies of Caesar chose their blades, and the enemies of Jesus pitched their plans, conspiracies were a fact of history and of life. They still are. The tragedies play on and on, and the supply of eager bad actors seems inexhaustible. It must stop somewhere. Between now and 2012, it will. But first we must stop buying into the fear. From here on, the Universal Festival Calendar aspires to bring only the tools for love and courage. Keep holding that frequency.

   Here are the daily listings for April, 2002.

4/2:    The recurring trine (120° angle) between Saturn in Gemini and Neptune in Aquarius comes exact in early April, then fades gradually until it dissolves by 5/5. This trine has formed on June 25, 2001 and Jan. 23 of this year, so this third formation is the last, and culminating one in this cycle, the exam that tells whether the spiritual lessons of the last year have been absorbed. A Saturn-Neptune trine is advantageous for gaining deeper perception by going within, especially through extended and disciplined meditative practices. Good progress is accessible now in the delicate art of disconnecting from the dramas of the planet while staying connected to the love medicine of Earth's core and the healing force of awakened community.

 4/12:    This New Moon is in many ways the respite from the terribly, violently intense Full Moon of March 28. While the Aries New Moon is normally somewhat unbalanced, and favors the solar energy of the male over the lunar energy of the female, this time around it's very good for spiritual activity in both the inner, private environment and the outer, ceremonial arena. The Sun-Moon conjunction is sextile (at a 60° angle) to Uranus in Aquarius and is also quintile (at a 72° angle) to both Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Aquarius. This makes the weekend of April 12 - 13 favorable for parties and entertainments, especially among friends who are spiritually like-minded, but less promising for financial affairs and enterprises unless one is getting investment advice directly from the Lords of Karma themselves.

 4/13:    Mars enters Gemini. His position is favorable until May 27, when he enters Cancer, where he is "in fall". This time favors the clear and assertive communication of plans, and the attainment of objectives by well-chosen teams whose roles, powers and responsibilities are well-defined. This is especially true from the end of the month through early May, when Mars conjoins Jupiter in Gemini, provided that turf battles and ego competition are contained.

 4/18 - 19:    The Chiron - Jupiter opposition that occurred in February, and manifested predic- tably in political clashes and money intrigues between governmental and medical authorities on one side and holistic practitioners on the other -- this time with the kava scare and militant ignorance over industrial hemp -- comes again this month, moving into exact opposition on 4/18 - 19, continuing through early May. Chiron also goes retrograde on 4/19, and continues backward through mid-September, so it will seem at times this summer that materialist white coat medicine and its stockholders are inexorably on the advance everywhere, seemingly unstoppable in their determination to undo everything that spiritually-based medicine has done over the last 30 years. The antidotes? Communication. Cohesion. Community, especially on the summer solstice weekend of June 21 - 23.

   Chiron spends the entire month within the very narrow band of 9 degrees Capricorn 1 minute to 9 minutes. Capricorn natives born on Dec. 31, and all people with planets on or strongly aspected to the 10th degree of Capricorn, will be affected. People who are spiritually awakened and tuned to compassion are likely to feel isolated and unloved at this time, unless they are able to find validation by going within, and by communicating their insights, even when the impulse to stay in the cave is nearly irresistible.

 4/25:    Venus exits her powerful placement in Taurus, the sign she rules, and enters Gemini. While it is not exactly true that while in Gemini Venus is more talker than lover -- spending herself in everything from the most elegant conversation to the silliest gossip, depending on who's playing Venus at the time -- it is true that words from and to her will be persuasive now, and she'll be more likely to enter short, frenetic love unions that are more mouth than heart. One paradigm for Venus in Gemini: the dilettante who talks so much about being an artist that he or she has little time left for creating any art.

 4/26 - 27:    The Full Moon in Taurus is relatively uneventful this time, as the Sun-Moon combination is aspected only by Neptune in Aquarius, forming the middle leg of a T-square. This Full Moon is, in effect, the comic parody of April's waning Saturn-Neptune trine (see above), as Neptune afflictions tend to register as deception of others, and even more as delusion of oneself. Spiritual quacks and charlatans find ample and easy prey at a time like this, when sincere and kind people tend to be dangerously needy.

 4/29:    Mercury enters Gemini, sign of his rulership. Mercury's return home is uncommonly long this time, from the end of this month through July 5, when Mercury enters Cancer. Any Mercury-in-Gemini period is generally favorable for matters pertaining to the Mercury-ruled areas of commerce, communications and transportation, though the trend reverses May 16 to June 9, when Mercury will be retrograde, that is, apparently moving backward in his orbit. The Spring push toward mental and verbal objectives is best done between now and mid-May, and best done through clearly-charted milestones, as Mercury's flair is now so ebullient that his energies are apt to skip and scatter.

   As April ends, Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius are about to move into opposition, forming the hardest and heaviest alignment of the Spring, in effect from May 6, exact at the Full Moon on May 26. Saturn's forward motion this year will carry him so far through Gemini that when he goes retrograde from October through early 2002, his backward movement will bring him within three degrees of opposing Pluto again, but not into exact opposition. In other words, the good news is that the Saturn-Pluto opposition occurs only once this time. The less thrilling news is that once is enough at this time of strident faith and bloody fanaticism, since the effect of Saturn-Pluto tension is a hardening of dogma and ideology to the point of implac- able arrogance, even by the standards of the last six months. Those who are determined to be right will be so fiercely loud in their opinions that those who are coming to doubt the rightness of their positions will hardly be heard within the orchestra of self-righteousness that surrounds them. The din recedes in mid-June. Enjoy the music of April while you can, because a month from now the wise will have to grow very selective in their listening.


Copyright 2002 Dan Furst


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