Dan Furst is an actor, playwright, producer, astrologer, ceremonial artist and student of hermetic disciplines, including divination, sacred geometry, sound healing and ritual theatre.

    He has worked as an actor, singer, stage combat director, emcee and announcer in the mainland United States and Hawaii, in Europe, India and Japan. During his years in Kyoto, Japan, he was the first foreign professional actor ever to study and perform the classical kyogen comedy for a run of five years, in which he acted more than a dozen lead roles in theatres all over Japan. He is the only foreigner ever to receive a geimei, or art name, in the kyogen world. He founded the award-winning Sirius Productions theatre company in Kyoto, and was the voice of environmental conferences convened by Mikhail Gorbachev and H. H. the Dalai Lama.

From 1995 to 2004 he lived to Hawaii and was actively involved in human- cetacean communication projects, many with Japanese scientific researchers and holistic health practitioners, in order to test two premises: that we can share a hive mind with whales and dolphins; and the more young Japanese women come to swim with dolphins, the sooner old Japanese men will stop killing whales. Dan has also played the didjeridoo and other instruments in musical collaborations with whales.

     He is the author of a film script about the Tibetan magician, poet and spiritual hero Milarepa, and When It Rained in Egypt, now complete as a wisdom text in dramatic form with 2D images, and evolving into a multimedia production script with music and 3D light images. He has written the widely reposted and reprinted Universal Festival Calendar for the last six years, and his writing about important time windows for planetary transformation have been widely reprinted, and linked from other websites. While in Hawaii Dan also coordinated the Sacred Sounds group of Oahu, which he formed with sacred musician and sound healer Kimba Arem in 1996, and was a speaker, musician and priest at many Earth festivals and environmental gatherings.

In 2003, Dan was the first actor ever to play Mevlana, the Sufi poet Jelaluddin Rumi.

Dan now lives in Cairo, Egypt, where he is working with musicologist and composer Maged Samueel on reconstructing the ancient Pharaonic music. He is also writing a book on 2012 and the Age of Aquarius.

He believes in a few basic premises:

Humanity has forgotten far more than it remembers. The ancient lost wisdoms that are being rediscovered now will be essential to the spiritual future of the planet.

The Aquarian Age and the Return of the Goddess are already underway, and will contribute toward the essential evolutionary step of moving the collective focus of humankind from fear to love.

The human mind creates its own reality, and therefore the collective power of the global human mind, when unified in harmlessness, can transform all inner and outer conditions in the visible world. The next spiritual challenge facing conscious humankind is when and how we will test the Morphogenetic Resonance pardigm by activating simultaneously enough of an awakened core consciousness to lift all of humanity into a higher frequency of thought, feeling and action - a frequency closer to the Divine Frequency to which loving human beings evolve and aspire.

It is just a matter of time. It will happen with much less effort than we imagine.

As Rumi wrote of the dervish (in Coleman Barks' version), " . . . with he or she so overcome, so dissolved into love, all qualities of doingness disappear."

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As Mevlana, the poet Jelaluddin Rumi
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