And the Winner Is . . .

A Supplement to The U. S. National Election of Nov. 4, 2008

This page is a companion to The U. S. Election of 2008, the first in a set of eight pages on this site that are devoted to the major planetary event of the years between now and 2012: the great Chiron-Neptune conjunction of 2009 - 2011. Links to all of these pages are at the bottom of this page.
The main U. S. Election page lays out the combination of stellar forces that are in effect on election day for the country, and the planet, as a whole. This page, on the other hand, aims to estimate the chances on election day of the two American presidential candidates by looking at their natal charts in relation to the election day chart on The U. S. Election of 2008 page.
Please note that this And the Winner Is . . . page, posted in late October 2008, is a greatly revised version of the page first posted back in May, before a correct birth certificate for John McCain was finally found and put up on the web only weeks before the election. As there is a huge difference between his correct birth time at 6:25pm, and the anecdotal time of 9:00am on which most astrologers had relied, this page and John McCain's Astrocartography have both been corrected accordingly.
Why is it especially hard to pick a winner in the U. S. election of 2008?
One weird but inescapable fact is that the official "winner," the victorious candidate, will be blessed if he does not expire from sheer exhaustion by the election. Not only does the process of selecting a new president now begin, insanely, almost two full years before election day, but the eventual winner of this toxic, vitiating fight has to run a gauntlet of lies, smears, hatred and fraud more punishing than any aspirants to the White House -- or to any elective office anywhere -- have ever had to endure in the entire history of democratic politics. By the time the victor staggers out the other end, ideally in one piece, he will have been cooked in such intense scrutiny by media, bloggers, spooks and spies, all looking for dirt in everything from his family history, finances and medical records to his high school yearbooks, music choices, haircuts, clothes, favorite foods and family pets, that it'll be a miracle if the designated survivor of the election can still feel anything at all.
How anyone can come through all this and not be desensitized to everything and mistrustful of everyone, with nothing left in his heart resembling compassion, trust and a willingness to listen, remains to be seen. So does the question of how anyone can lead a nation that has now spent years trying to destroy him. "If you can't stand the heat," said Harry Truman famously, "stay out of the kitchen." One wonders what he'd have thought of the absurdly long, bitter ordeal that U. S. presidential democracy has now become. And whether Harry would think the trial by slime and fire that candidates are now expected to endure is so distasteful to our finest, noblest-hearted leaders that the only ones who will accept it are those who are so utterly ravenous for power that they will do anything to get it, or so thick-skinned and dull-spirited that they can hardly feel the blows, and they wonder when they disrobe for bed where all these bruises came from.
Another factor that makes this election a very tough call is the question of whether the voting now matters at all. Many astrologers and other predictors, including this one, called the outcome of the vote correctly in 2000 and 2004, only to see the election corrupted by voter disenfranchisement and intimidation, rigged computer systems and a blatantly unconstitutional intervention by the Supreme Court in the legitimate vote recount of 2000. Those who fix American elections have now had four more years to refine their craft, and with Neptune on election day in Aquarius, the sign of electronic technology, square to Mars in the undisclosed location of Scorpio -- home of all encryptations, including computer codes -- the veteran cybersneaks who stole the last two elections are ready to work their gray magic again. The passivity of the people and their representatives, and their failure to put in place the measures that will safeguard the integrity of the vote, promise that another election will surely be stolen. The only question is how soon.
Not in many years has the prognosis for an American election been as tangled as it is now, so open to so many possibilities. It is not likely, but it's still possible, that the two candidates will win an equal number of electoral notes, thereby throwing the decision into the House of Representatives for the first time since 1824. It's also possible that if the election does not have an immediate, clear winner, and pent-up rage swells into civil unrest, the country could be under martial law between Nov. 4 and inauguration day, if there is one. Trouble is clearly being anticipated, as we've already seen in Comfortable with Chaos, the UFC mythic prelude for November, 2008.
What we can run easily now, however, is a simple "stress test" of the candidates' charts, to gauge how happy, or not, each one of them will be on election day. This measure, however inexact, even if based only on how each candidate will feel at the end of the struggle, is as valid as any as we look at the candidates' prospects now, several months before the parties choose their nominees.
The best that can be said for John McCain on election day is that at least he's happier than Hillary Clinton. But then almost everyone is. A look at McCain's planets on election day, and his Astrocartograph for the USA, suggest that he either loses the election, or his principles are outraged by the malefactors still in power, who, fearing the consequences of their crimes, engineer a crisis, declare martial law, suspend the election and the constitution along with it, and hope that Week 10 in the NFL and other distractions will keep people in their chairs.

John McCain
Aug. 29, 1936 at 6:25pm in Colon, Panama (9N23, 79W53)
An astrologer friend of mine says that John McCain has a "strong chart." It's easy to see why. He has a powerful T-cross among Venus in Virgo in the 7th house of marriage and other partnership, Chiron in Gemini in the 4th house of home and the Mother, and McCain's "rising planet," Saturn in Pisces in the 1st house of personality and the projection of one's intentions and desires into his outer environments. If we allow for a slightly wider orb of relationship than many astrologers (including this one) normally use, then Jupiter in Sagittarius in McCain's 10th house of profession and the Father, and Neptune in Virgo in his 7th can be said to link with the other three planets in a tremendous grand cross. This very momentous design -- more about it in planet-wide terms in The Crosses of 2010 -- often marks a soul who accepts on Earth the kind of extraordinary mission that may be fulfilled only at the price of extraordinary suffering. If an astrologer did not know anything about the owners of the two charts shown on this page, and had to say which of them is most likely to have had to bear a prolonged ordeal of imprisonment and torture from having acted in military service to his country, it would be the person shown in this chart.
This theme is reinforced by Mars the Warrior in Leo in the 6th house of health, illness and service relationships, clearly indicating that this chart could identify a man who will be engaged in military service to his country, and in ways that may prove highly stressful and injurious to his health. McCain's Moon in the 11th house -- now in Aquarius, a major difference from the Virgo Moon in his incorrect 9:00 am chart -- is in opposition to his Pluto in Cancer in his 5th house of creativity and sexuality, so he is even likelier than other politicians are to live in high friction between his will to power and his personal relationships, even to be one of those of whom it can be said, as John Foster Dulles once said of the United States, that "he doesn't have friends. He has interests."
We can reconstruct other things from McCain's past from what we see in his birth chart. Tricky Neptune in his 7th house of partnerships, in a rough, seamy 90° square to Jupiter in the 10th house of his profession, signals mixed money news. McCain is likely to have been born into a prosperous family, but he will probably not have a consistently easy time and touch with money, may find it hard to raise, and may be embarrassed when he tries to get it by less than honest means, as he was some years back when he was one of the Keating Five senators who helped bail out American savings and loan banks in one of the smellier scandals of the 80's. With his 7th house Sun in a beautiful 120° trine with Uranus in his second house of money, he may find that big money comes to him in surprising windfalls -- including a spectacularly lucrative marriage -- rather than in the slow, prudent ways that turn new chances into old money over long, safe stretches of time.
He's a lucky man, and knows it. His Sun opposite his Ascendant marks him as a man who, if he is not really a "maverick," will find it to his advantage to resemble one, even if he is really only a careless, impulsive risk taker who revels in shredding the rules. Another contrarian feature in his chart is his 7th house Mercury in Libra square, at 90°, to the two Moon's Nodes on the Capricorn-Cancer axis. Fortunately, though, the North Node -- the building and preserving force in relationships -- is in the 10th house of his father and his profession, so like the current president whom he resembles in so many ways, he will probably benefit from powerful family connections that save him from the consequences of arrogant gambles and dumb mistakes, and steer him toward opportunities which he has not earned, and for which he is not ready. But it all comes out well. With his Jupiter so close to his Sagittarius Midheaven -- a common combination in people who gain great power and wealth or at least aspire to them -- he is likely to be one of those relentless optimists who seem somehow to be blessed by "God," able to survive one crash and gaffe after another, and come out covered with enough roses to mask the smell and douse the flames. We can match other things in his chart to what we know of his life so far, and astrology sites that do this are easy to find. But our purpose here is to explore how John McCain does on election day.
It's not pretty. The very stressful T-cross in the U. S. election day chart aligns closely with two points of the cross in McCain's birth chart: Saturn in Virgo on Nov. 4 is conjunct McCain's Neptune and Venus, and Uranus in Pisces on election day is on McCain's Saturn. Thus this day's exact Saturn-Uranus opposition will affect McCain far more intensely than it does his opponent, and one way that Republicans could self-immolate on election day -- if they don't swipe the election again -- will be in not just failing to support their nominee, but even sliming him right up to election day. McCain's Mars in Leo, conjunct the Moon's South Node on Nov. 4, will hardly make this easier. He'll give as good as he gets where criticisms and quarrels go, even by the standards of the minor flap he stirred months ago in comparing his relentless critic Rush Limbaugh to a circus clown, then offering an apology to Bozo, Chuckles and others whom he was sorry to have offended. With his Mars also square the Scorpio Sun on Nov. 4, McCain's famously feisty candor may work against him with humor-challenged Republicans, much as he may appeal late in the game to some progressives who admire him a little for his nerve alone, and for his being the only one in the race with a dry sense of humor.
Other stresses affect McCain on Nov. 4. The Capricorn Moon on election day opposes his Pluto, so minor, fleeting emotional upheavals come, as they do more than once a month when the Moon and Pluto afflict each other. Election day Jupiter in Capricorn opposite McCain's Cancer Midheaven (MC) is weightier. The main power-laced astral cocktail that is served to McCain on election day is that Mercury squares McCain's Aquarius Moon and his Pluto in late Cancer, placing him in the terribly cramped position of having to speak in praise of his enemies, even those who've questioned his patriotism and his courage while never having placed themselves in the way of anything more harmful than a hangover. The election day Scorpio Sun opposes his Uranus in Taurus, reinforcing the likelihood that he will drive himself to the burnout point today. His Ascendant in Pisces is the most surprising feature of his newly discovered birth time, suggesting as it does a personality that is introverted, moody and even mystical, rather than rash and explosive. It squares the Sagittarius Ascendant in the election day chart cast for New York. While this in itself is not decisive, as other election day charts can be cast for other times and places, the main point here is that on Nov. 4 no planet forms anything close to a favorable angle with McCain's Ascendant. Whatever new things begin to arise on election day, John McCain is not likely to be among them.
While there are small consolation aspects for John McCain on election day, such as a favorable Mercury transit to his Moon's Nodes -- and with it, skilled work by his media and communications team -- McCain's mood on Nov. 4 is likely to be anything but elated. Lastly, Pluto in Sagittarius on election day aligns with McCain's Moon's Node axis in early Capricorn-Cancer. Many astrologers interpret this alignment to mean a moment of destiny, or a karmic nexus that the native shares with many other people. So -- as it appears Mr. McCain is not very likely to feel like a winner on election day, this must mean that Barack Obama wins the election. Right?
Barack Obama
Aug. 4, 1961 at 7:24pm in Honolulu, HI (21N18, 157W52)
Hardly, much as many people wish that Obama could be the winner, if not on his merits, then because we would so much like to see one, only one, of the candidates hold some positive cards on election day, and come through the ordeal empowered and ready to exercise confident new leadership. It's not that Obama doesn't win. He probably does. But the price will have been so high by election day, the compromises so unacceptable, that even the ultimate victory of the American presidency may feel like a bad bargain and a fool's errand to whoever does win it in the end. For all we know, the point of the 2008 election may be to deliver the lesson that democracy, however imperfect, is a serious political art that can yield immense benefits in a fair exchange for attentive effort. But when it devolves into a mere theatre piece that cynical manipulators play to distract, entertain and exploit a vast herd of complaisant, heavy-eyed consumers, and milk away their money and labor for decades on end for the enrichment of B--hes and banks, then democracy is a poisoned mineral whose wasting effects are slow, but certain. In The Republic, Plato defined the difference between polity -- that is, communal government by an informed, responsible citizenry -- and democracy, by which controllers and demagogues whip the winds of the people's greed, vanity, fear, faith and fury for their own profit and glory. 2008 is an object lesson in what Plato had in mind.
Does the recent discovery of Obama's birth time have any important bearing on his natal chart, and on his prospects on election day in 2008? Very likely. Now that we know the house cusps in Obama's chart, we can see that his chart is dominated by a bowtie-shaped alignment of eight planets and the two Moon's Nodes in his 12th and first houses to the left, and his 6th and 7th houses to the right. The powerful combination of planets on the right indicate that Obama will be drawn to the work and communication of service (Sun and Mercury in the 6th house) and especially to self-realization and fulfillment through marriage and relationships in general, with Mars, Pluto and Uranus conjunct the Moon's North Node in Obama's most populous and active house, the 7th.
The general relationship of opposition -- not necessarily conflictive -- among these four houses is complemented by two tight planet oppositions: between Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Aquarius, in the 12th house, and Pluto opposite Chiron in Pisces, in the first. Jupiter hiding in the 12th house of secrets means that Obama will have to work at convincing others that he is not a wealthy elitist, but an ordinary American who likes pig meat, pro wrestling and beer just as much any regular guy does.
Of the three oppositions in his chart, the most important by far is Pluto-Chiron. In his very prominent location in the first house of this chart, Chiron is Obama's rising planet, as if we did not already know that one of his most important roles as president -- if not the crucial role -- will be the binding up and soothing of the pain and misery that the American government has inflicted on its own people, and the world's, in recent years. The mythic medicine of Chiron in Obama's makeup and prognosis could not be more plain in either his birth chart, or his Astrocartographs.
Election day will not be easy on Obama, especially as his planet and Node points in the late degrees of Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, and his Scorpio Midheaven, all align with the T-cross in fixed signs in the USA's Scorpionic America chart. Obama's Sun at 12° Leo is square the Sun at 12° Scorpio on Nov. 4, and conjunct the Moon's South Node, with the predictable effects of these transits on both his health and vitality, and his relationships. He'll do his best to campaign and speak compellingly even as he finds it nearly impossible to stay awake. This health-endangering exhaustion -- Leos do not welcome restraint -- is aggravated by Mercury in Libra on election day square Obama's Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn in late Capricorn. This is very likely a sign that the well-oiled machinery of his eloquence will not hum on election day as smoothly as it has so far.
The South Node, the "splitting force" that tends to strain relationships and even break them, is the hardest-working troublemaker for Obama on election day. His Sun and Midheaven (MC) in Leo, both conjunct the South Node on Nov. 4, suggest that even if Mr. Obama wins, he suffers the breakage of important relationships. While the Sun on the MC is often found in the charts of political leaders and aspirants to political power, the South Node's position on election day certainly suggests that while Obama may gain very high office at some time in his life, Nov. 4, 2008 appears for him to be a day of losing power, not winning it. As if this were not enough, the election day South Node is also square (at about 90°) to his 12th-house Neptune in Scorpio, the latter carrying more than just a hint that on this day he may be subjected to deception, fraud and psychic undermining that will be extraordinary even by the standards of an American presidential campaign.
Are there any bright spots, then, for Barack Obama on election day? Yes. There's a mildly beneficial sextile (60° angle) between transiting Mercury in late Libra and Obama's North Moon's Node, the "uniting force" that attracts and reinforces relationship. And more to the point for a man seeking supreme power, Pluto on Nov. 4 in late Sagittarius is trine, at 120°, to Obama's North Node, suggesting that powerful support, and perhaps power itself, comes to him in 2008. As the two Moon's Nodes are sending such mixed messages, then, are there any other clues about how Mr. Obama fares on election day?
Yes, and disturbingly so. A few astrologers have begun to write publicly about what many are communicating privately about the "dangerous" astral conditions that affect Obama this year, and that become more acute as the year goes along. Some writers have called for people to hold this year the collective intention of Mr. Obama's safety. Why do they and others fear that he may be in danger? Because the grating friction of the Saturn-Uranus opposition on election day, though it affects John McCain even more strongly, does still bear on Obama too. On Nov. 4 Saturn in Virgo conjoins Obama's Mars, and Uranus opposes it. Venus in Sagittarius also squares Obama's Mars. Afflictive links among Mars, Saturn and Uranus tend to manifest as anger and frustration at best. Disadvantageous placements of Mars and Uranus are often associated with mechanical trouble and problems with transportation, which is why an astrologer will normally advise you not to travel when these two planets are not well angled to you. At worst, aggressive hostility may manifest as well when Mars, Saturn and Uranus are in unfriendly positions.
Fortunately, no one is yet predicting publicly that any harm may come to Obama this year. Those who are irresponsible enough to consider actually forecasting such an outcome might want to explore their chances for more gainful and exciting employment in a government agency or media firm that is actively stirring fear for the purpose of keeping heavily armed people firmly in control. Such power-pandering is already underway, in fact, though the men engaged in it are likely unaware that they are playing with and in a scenario of high risk to others, and to themselves. It is well known by now that at one of Obama's campaign events before the Texas primary, FBI agents ordered the Dallas police to suspend their normal weapons-check procedures, allegedly for the sake of getting the audience into the hall more quickly. And the local police, instead of telling the FBI to go frisk themselves . . . actually complied! Thus the dangerous conditions that apply for Obama this year could come down to the reality that he has been exposed to unnecessary peril once by the stupidity or calculation of a national police agency in the budding American police state of 2008. He could be placed in jeopardy again, especially in Dallas, his least advantageous location in America, as we see from his USA Astrocartograph. We naturally pray and intend, as do all people of love, that Obama will be safe. But the fact remains that the terrain is hazardous for him until and through election day.
All in all, again only on the subjective basis of how the candidates feel on election day, it's likely that the eventual "winner" will be too exhausted by Nov. 4 to feel notably upbeat and gratified even though he's won. A few additional factors, as cited by astrologer Cheryl Niggle, can be cited, though, to show why Obama will probably be happier with the election result than his opponent will. They have to do with aspects of the Moon, significator of feeling; Jupiter, the bringer of joy and abundance; and the Ascendant, which relates to the "rising" qualities a person projects into his "outer" environments, and therefore indicates the times and situations in which he or she is likeliest to rise. On Nov. 4, the Moon crosses Obama's natal Jupiter at 0° Aquarius. This means that the Moon on election day will be trine, at 120°, to her position at 3° Gemini in Obama's natal chart, and that the result for him will be happiness shared with those who are closest to him, as his natal Moon is in the 4th house of the home.
Finally, Obama's Aquarius Ascendant is powerfully aspected on election day. Neptune at 21° Aquarius 28 is close enough to Obama's Ascendant that most astrologers will consider the two to be conjunct, even if slightly beyond the 3° of "orb" that the strictest standards require. But no matter how precisely or generously we define the range of a conjunction or any other aspect, it's still evident that on Nov. 4 Neptune is in the position of Obama's "rising planet" -- that is, placed in his first house closest to the Ascendant line. How to read this? It's always tricky with Neptune. It could mean than the election brings forth a higher spirituality and compassion in both Obama and his country as a whole, so that he evokes in them a powerful impulse to rise above petty squabbles and lies, and perceive the universal heart that connects them with one another, and with all the other people on the planet. It may also mean that Obama has deluded himself about his prospects for leadership in a country that may still carry too much residual racism to elect and support an African-American president. And it can certainly mean, as we've seen amply demonstrated so far, that partly by design and partly not, Obama has aroused such compelling messianic delusions and dreams among so many who are so giddy with fervor and fantasy that they can actually believe that having a handsome, charismatic, sexy new president will somehow make everything all better all by itself.
It certainly will not. If Obama becomes president, then a dreary interval of Neptune withdrawal -- that is, the period of recovery after one's fondest wishes have collided painfully with what is really possible -- will be dreary, and many of the most disappointed will blame Obama, rather than their own expectations, for the shortfall between what they thought was coming, and what they actually get. But we're jumping ahead of ourselves here, well into 2009. Where election day is concerned, one sharp contrast between the two candidates is that John McCain's natal Ascendant is not well aspected at all to planet positions on election day, while Obama's, linked in a conjunction with Neptune, certainly is. When we consider Ascendant positions, it is clear that Obama, not McCain, is the man in the rising position on election day.
So . . . Who Wins?
Obama does. If the Republicans do not steal the 2008 election or intervene to block a legitimate win by the Democratic ticket, Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States. On what evidence? There is some, and it's persuasive. The simple stress test we've run here does not identify a clear winner, but other factors do:
A comparison of Obama's and McCain's Astrocartographs -- they're in the Universal Festival Calendar preludes from July through September, 2008 -- is telling. While McCain and Obama both have powerful ACG lines passing near Washington, DC, McCain's lines suggest that in the nation's capital, and through the connections he makes there, McCain acquires wealth and social status. But Obama, with his powerful Sun and Moon lines crossing each other close to Washington DC, is more likely to be the man who wins power.
Obama is a much better match than McCain for the Chiron-Neptune Conjunction that rules the years 2008 through early 2012 -- that is, most of the coming presidential term. The key point in this alignment is 26° Aquarius, where Chiron and Neptune meet for three years of teaching and healing. Obama's Moon's Nodes at 27° of the Leo-Aquarius axis are only one degree away from being on or opposite to this 26° Aquarius point. His natal Uranus in Leo closely opposes it, and his Scorpio Midheaven squares it. There are many planet aspects between Obama's chart and the Chiron-Neptune conjunction point at 26° Aquarius. John McCain, on the other hand, has no natal planets, not one, forming angles to this key Aquarius point. We may infer, then, that Obama is the man who is meant to be in office when Chiron and Neptune meet and work together -- and with him -- over the next few years.
Obama is also the most challenging match for the Scorpionic America chart at this moment of sweeping change that will be uncomfortable for many. In this chart, drawn by astrologer David Solte for America's birth in November 1777 -- not July, 1776 -- the Aquarius Ascendant opposes Jupiter in Leo, and both these points square the Sun in Scorpio, forming a T-cross that is likely to be triggered by both the Chiron-Neptune conjunction and the Aquarius-Leo axis in Obama's chart. This is to say that the common feature of Barack Obama, Scorpionic America and Chiron conjunct Neptune is that they all intersect at 26° - 27° Aquarius, and their meeting is likely to bring about overdue changes, fiercely resisted changes, improbable changes that seem to pop out of nowhere, as though change itself has now acquired the power to reproduce.
Obama is also far more deeply affected than McCain is by planet positions in the year 2012, and by planet transits in the years ahead that are empowering and challenging, sometimes both at the same time. In 2011 Obama turns 50 in the year of his Chiron return, when the healing issues in his life come up for clearing, and he is best able to carry out his mission of healing others. As Neptune moves from Aquarius to Pisces in 2011, he will cross Obama's own natal Chiron position and form happy, productive trines with Obama's Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Scorpio. Other news that is closer to hand is that December 2008 and January 2009, at the time Obama is forming his administration and getting ready for inauguration, Jupiter crosses Obama's natal Saturn in Capricorn and his Jupiter in Aquarius, thus bringing some happiness, productivity, success and contentment to the interval between election and inauguration day. More on this as the year turns, and the cycles are better understood.
For Obama, though late 2008 and the top of next year do have their bright features, the burden of the presidency is likely to feel even heavier than he expected, from the moment he picks it up in January. That's when he understands, much better than he did before, that the most fateful decision the American people will ever have made -- to reaffirm constitutional liberty or to accept control by a military security state -- will come during his watch.
As of Nov. 3, 2008
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